Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Positivity QAL 2022 - Sponsors and Prizes

I am thrilled to announce the generous sponsors for the Positivity 2022 Quilt Along to make Mercyful Quilts. There is a lot of information here, so you may want to bookmark this page.

If you are new to the Positivity QAL or have not heard of Mercyful Quilts, you may have some questions. Well, I have answers :-)

What is a Mercyful Quilt?
The Palliative Care Unit in the Mercy Hospital gives quilts to their terminally ill patients to bring some measure of comfort to the person and their family as they go through the difficult process of dying. The family then keeps the quilt in the memory of the deceased. The need for such quilts is never ending. With a raging pandemic and limited family visits, these quilts have become even more meaningful for a sense of home and peace.
  • Suggested size - 60" by 80"
  • Suggested Colors - Gender Neutral colors (avoid/limit pink)
  • Quilting - Avoid dense quilting
  • Fabrics - 100% Cotton (avoid/limit juvenile fabrics) 

What is the purpose of the QAL?
To make Mercyful Quilts because the need is ongoing. If you have wanted to make a Mercyful Quilt but life got in the way, here is an opportunity to participate and stitch some love, along with others. 

The Beginning of Mercyful Quilts Initiative

Thank you from Mercy Hospital

Mercyful Quilts Update

Wrapped with Kindness (may need tissues)

A Note from Mercy Hospital

What does it cost?
There is no cost to participate. The block pattern, the layout options and the fabric requirements are provided free of charge. 

How much fabric do I need? 
I am using a precut (a pack of 40 squares of 10" side) plus 3 yards for background.  If you wish to use your stash, I suggest 10 different fabrics, 10" by width of fabric each, plus 3 yards of background. If you wish to use fat quarters, you will need 14 fat quarters, plus 3 yards of background fabric.
The backing and binding will be extra. 

What is the QAL schedule?
The QAL will begin on Sunday, May 29, 2022 (Memorial Day Weekend) and will end on Sunday, September 4, 2022 (Labor Day Weekend). 

Where do I send the completed quilt? 
Once you have completed the quilt, please send me an email at with a picture of the completed quilt, requesting the mailing address. I will email the address to you. Since there is no sign-up or registration, this is the only way we can keep track of the quilts, while protecting Patty's (the Mercyful Quilts collector) privacy.

Ask away and I will respond in the comments.

Here are the gifts/prizes we have gleefully secured for the Positivity 2022 QAL. Kudos to the sponsors!!!

LEVEL 1 (Flimsy)
All QAL participants (anywhere in the world) who link up their finished flimsies will be entered to win one of the following Level 1 prizes
1. One Gift card worth $12 from Yvonne of Quilting JetGirl so you may pick a pattern of your choice from her store.
2. One PDF pattern of your choice from Jayne of Twiggy and Opal
3. One PDF pattern of your choice from Vasudha of Storied Quilts
4. One PDF pattern of your choice from Vicki of Patterns by Vicki
5. One PDF pattern of your choice from Kelly of My Quilt Infatuation
6. One PDF pattern from Sally Manke, the fibre artist. Check out her shop.

One grand prize is "Quilting by Joy".  This is a special prize open to those US residents who are comfortable with piecing and wish to participate in the QAL but do not (or cannot) quilt.  The winner will send the finished flimsy (plus backing and binding) to Joy for quilting. 

Joy will provide the batting and has generously agreed to bind it too, in order to save on time and shipping costs. 

If you are a piecer but not a quilter, and do not win the grand prize, Alycia is offering a discount on quilting services, for the Positivity 2022 QAL.  Please contact her directly for pricing and turnaround times. You will still be responsible for binding and shipping.

LEVEL 2 (Quilt)
All QAL participants (in the US) who send their completed quilts to Patty will be entered to win one of the Level 2 prizes
1. One fabric bundle from from Art Gallery Fabrics
2. One fabric bundle from Island Batik
3. One fabric pre-cut from Benartex
4. One fabric bundle from Benartex
5. One fabric bundle from Benartex

If you wish to participate in the QAL, but live outside the US, you are welcome. We are thrilled that you are joining us.  We urge that you find a worthy cause locally. Please do not ship internationally. It is expensive and there is no guarantee when or whether it will reach its intended destination.  Although you will not be eligible for the  Level 2 Prizes, you can still win one of the Level 1 Prizes.

If you have questions, please ask and I will respond in the comments.


  1. Thanks for offering another QAL! I have contributed to Mercyful Quilts for several years now. SEW happy to be able to help with Positivity 2022, Preeti!

  2. Sew excited to join in this year. Thank you for organizing this sew along.

  3. I'm ready, I'm ready!! Let's get started. ;-)

  4. I am excited to participate again!!! THanks for all the hard work in hosting this!

  5. Thank you for hosting us and getting us organized. It's a great cause and I look forward to making a quilt for Mercyful Quilts again this year.

  6. Thank you for organizing this sew along. It's a wonderful cause. I see you have posted a block tutorial, is there an image of the finished quilt? I am a fairly new quilter, and very quickly learned I do much better in the creative process when I have a good idea what the finished product is supposed to look like.

    1. Check this link, Traycee

  7. Just ordered some background fabric to compliment my layer cake.