Positivity 2023 QAL

These links will become live as we proceed through the QAL.

1. Sponsors and Prizes

2. Detailed QAL Schedule - 5/28/23 - 9/3/22

3. Layout Options, Fabric Requirements and Cutting Directions

4. Block Tutorial (1) - May 28, 2023

5. Block Tutorial (2) - June 11, 2023. 

6. Share your Progress Linky Party - June 25, 2023.

7. Finished Flimsy Linky Party - July 16, 2023.

8. Level 1 Prizes Announcement - July 23, 2023.

9. Completed Quilt Linky Party - August 20, 2023.

10. Level 2 Prizes Announcement - September 3, 2023.


  1. I've never done one of those (even tho I've been quilting since 1980!), But I'd like to join in, I believe. Is there someplace that explains the rules of the road? I make LOTS of pro bono quilts so this would be a good way to make another one! Thanks in advance!

    1. Rebecca, the detailed schedule will be published this week. Next week, I will share the two layouts, fabric requirements and cutting directions. I will share the block tutorial on Sunday, May 28, 2023. You can sew and quilt along according to the schedule. There will be three linky parties - one to share your progress, second to share your completed top, and the last one to share your completed quilt. If we receive your completed quilt you will be entered to win a prize. You can read more about the prizes in the first link in this blogpost. If you live outside of the US you are welcome to join, although we suggest that you choose a local charity of your choice.