Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quilt Layout - Half Log Cabin

Every now and then (often), I will see a block or a quilt and think - ooh that would be nice. How can I make that? Can I use jelly rolls? How big a quilt would that make and how much fabric would that require?
Well, to answer all those questions and more, I open a blank excel page and start filling the boxes with color. And then...

Let me stop rambling and just show you the picture and you will get it.

Here are the step-wise instructions.

I am going to make this using jelly roll strips, so all widths are 2.5" and the lengths are shown above.  I divided the blocks into sub-blocks (A through H) to ease the construction process. For example - B and C sub-blocks are varying lengths of white strip + dark blue strip. So, it makes more sense to stitch first and cut later.

Construction of Blue Block
A - Stitch together a white strip with a light blue strip and cut into 2.5" sections.
B & C - Stitch together a white strip with a dark blue strip and cut into 4.5" section (B) and 6.5" section (C)
D - White strip 8.5" long.

Construction of Yellow-Green Block
E & F - Stitch together a white strip with a yellow strip and cut into 2.5" section (E) and 4.5" section (F).
G - Stitch together a white strip with a green strip and cut into 6.5" sections.
H - Green strip 8.5" long.

You will need one jelly roll of white and one jelly roll of color (trust me I have done the math). Use any colors you like. There are a total of 80 blocks (40 blue, 40 yellow-green) arranged 8 by 10. The finished quilt includes 5" borders and measures 74 by 90 inches, so a twin size.

If you like it, please leave a comment. And if you can think of ways to improve this, please please please leave a comment and tell me how.


  1. HI Preeti - thank you for your well planned tutorial. You do such lovely work.
    Blessings, Blondie

  2. Great tutorial. I am a sucker for log cabin designs. Had no idea you could design in Excel. I'll have to keep that in mind.

    Thanks for leaving me a note. I'm going to check out some of more of your quilts here.

    1. Excel? You designed this in Excel? You mean I don't have to figure out how to use my EQ7? *Does Happy Dance* Yippee! Awesome tutorial, BTW. Love your style.

  3. Awesome tutorial. You're like a quiet Jenny Doan. Thanks.

  4. Dear Marty,
    Of all the comments, your comment is the most special. For two reasons:
    1. I have never been called quiet. Feels wonderful!
    2. And to be like Jenny Doan - I feel like there could be no greater honor for a quilter!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  5. Love this version of the log cabin. Thank you for the tutorial - just found your site.

  6. This is a great way to use up the jelly rolls I'm addicted to buying. Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. I really like the way you use Excel to lay out your blocks. I will give this a try! Thanks for your tutorial.

  8. This is really creative! Great tutorial! Thank you.

  9. Thank you for the idea of using Excel to plan a quilt. After reading your blog, I used Excel to plan a Blue Rail Fence Quilt. Row width = 3; column height = 20. Thank you, Preeti!

  10. I have a black and white Jelly roll and this quilt will look fabulous made up in those colours.

  11. In cleaning up. I saw a picture of a quilt similar to this and wondered just how it was made. thanks for your ideas

  12. think I will try this as a piecing quilt. doesn't look to hard Thank you

  13. I really like the quilt pattern. I'm just a beginner quilter. This pattern looks pretty easy. I may have to try thus pattern.