Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Window Dressing & Pattern Release

Window Dressing was published in March 2023 in Make Modern Issue #51, in the category of Prints Charming! I smile every time I read that :-)

Made with Ruby Star Society Fabrics (Reverie by Melody Miller) provided by Moda, it is a simple design that exploits the value gradations for maximum effect. Put another way, the Prints Charming did the heavy lifting and I gathered the compliments :-)

Cold Day, Warm Quilt

For some reason, the blog publication of this quilt slipped through the cracks. But here we are now.  

Window Dressing finished at 60" by 80", making it a perfect size for lap/throw/picnic and even Mercyful Quilts. The simple pattern uses black and white solids in alternating blocks, highlighting the changing values. 

Gradations Galore

As a model-photographer team, our roles are reversible.  If it is a larger quilt, it is practical for Paul to be the model and if it is a smaller quilt, I like to smile from behind it, while he takes the pictures.

I took Window Dressing to Berlin, MD for our Christmas mini vacation. On a particularly cold morning, as Paul wanted to sleep in and I was itching to get out and take pictures, this happened.  

Paul, the reluctant model

There is more than one way to model a quilt :-D  

The low sun lit our room beautifully, with ample opportunities for indoor pictures. 

Window Dressing

Sunlit Room

No, I do not belong in the closet!

There was a a small reading nook/snack area just outside our room. It provided a perfect staging area for the quilt. 

So Cozy

All these pictures were taken at the Inn Berlin in Berlin, MD. It is an upscale Bed and Breakfast place that is also completely gluten-free. No, we do not have such dietary restrictions but I love it, all the same.

I love it here!

Window Dressing Quilt Pattern is now available in my Etsy Shop for an introductory price of $8, till July 4, 2023. 

I can get used to this!

In other news, Angela has announced that July is Red. I am ahead of the game, at least this time :-)

July is Red 

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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Two For One!

I have lots to share today. 

Let's start with Positivity Grows! Some of you may have seen this finish on Instagram but here it is for the first time on my blog - the Positivity 2023 Finished Quilt.  I have named her Vrinda, which is one of the names of the Holy Basil. 


Vrinda is green and glowing. 
The blocks are sometimes wonky, but you know that straight is overrated :-D
Happy Pride Month! 

Speaking of happiness, I like to celebrate every finish and Paul captured that emotion perfectly.

Happiness is a Quilt

Since I will be sending Vrinda to Mercyful Quilts, it is all the more important to document these happy pictures.  I will be sharing with the Positivity Linky Party on Bernie's blog on June 25, 2023.

Making me Happy

Did you see the pieced backing? Purple and Green, it works well with the front of the quilt.

Pieced Backing

Leaves Grow in Sunshine

The jelly roll strips leftover from making the leaf blocks were used to make the scrappy binding. 

Scrappy Binding


Purple and Green = Winning Combination

This post won't be complete without the signature reflection-in-the-water shot.  So here it is - thanks to Paul!

Breezy Day

Although Vrinda will be heading west I will get to keep a piece of the Positivity with me.  That brings me to the Bonus Project.  If you have been wondering what happens to the leftover squares from making the Leaf Blocks, here is the  answer.

Four bonus squares = One New Block

And then there were two

A total of 64 bonus squares were combined (very simply) to make this fun baby quilt. I have named her Jade. The triangles come together like gemstones and she really does glow!


Using my walking foot I followed the horizontal/vertical seams and the diagonal folds to quilt a grid. 



The binding is the same charcoal fabric as the backing. But there is a special twist. Since Jade finished at about 48" square, I needed to piece the backing. 

Smile for the Camera

The Pieced Backing is inspired by KellyYoung's new book Perfectly Pieced Quilt Backs.

With 152 pages including a total of 30 pieced quilt backing designs, this must-have quilt book is an excellent source of inspiration for quilters of all skill levels. A bonus of 18 downloadable quilt front patterns are also included. You don't want to miss it.

My Pieced Backing

Love you so much!

You are mine!


Hope you are participating the Positivity QAL. The first linky party is on Sunday, 6/25/23 to share our progress. I will also be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.

This post also serves as my entry to the Perfectly Pieced Quilt Backs Blog Tour.  Here is a list of the other bloggers that are posting today with their “Perfectly Pieced Backs.” Hope you will visit each blog and see what they made!

Friday, June 9, 2023


Mirabelle was published in Annie's Two Block Quilt Patterns.

Mirabelle in Wild Blooms

Can you spot Mirabelle

I used the collection Wild Blooms, which should be available in quilt stores now.  It is a gorgeous collection with a complete range of values from light to dark, providing the entire spectrum of shades to create a gorgeous quilt.

I don't say this for every collection but I love every fabric in the Wild Blooms collection!!! I used Wild Blooms to make Mardi Gras Magic and Wednesday. I am sure I will be making more :-) 

20 Gorgeous Fabrics

Mirabelle has traveled a long journey. I designed Mirabelle in August 2022 in two different block sizes (8" for Minnie and 10" for Mommy) and submitted for publication.  Sadly, Mommy and Minnie were turned away.


They came back to me. I hugged them hard and gave them fresh new clothes.  Submitted to Annie's in November 2022 for their Special Publication - Two Block Quilts. I was thrilled when I received the Acceptance Letter. It was stressful because they wanted the completed quilt in their office in about five weeks. I spent my Christmas break with Mirabelle, giving her my all and put her in the mail on the first working day of the year!

These pictures were taken the day before she left.

Mirabelle in the Sun

I have been waiting (?)patiently to share Mirabelle with you. You can buy the magazine at Annie's website, but I have the best pictures right here :-)

Mirabelle Steps Up!

January 2, 2023 was a bitterly cold morning when I dragged Paul out to take these pictures, promising him a big hearty breakfast for all his labors.  I must say that Paul did not disappoint. The low January sun and the perfectly still waters did not hurt either.  

Mirabelle looks in the Mirror

You take my breath away!

Since we were shooting in an office/commercial/retail area right after Christmas, we were greeted with some holiday decorations that served as the perfect props for the photoshoot.

Mirabelle Glows

Mirabelle in the Morning

Mirabelle rides the Reindeer

Mirabelle gets her due!

Following the publication, Mirabelle is reunited with me and we are very happy together.  May be we will make a threesome with Paul but no pictures will be provided :-D

Mirabelle is mine!

But here is some veggie-inspired porn for you. This ACTUALLY happened!!!

Me: Come here. I want to ravish you.
Paul: You want to radish me?
Me (trying to keep up): Why yes. I will radish you.
Paul: I am glad you don't want to beet me.

A few days later, both of us working from home.

Paul (yelling from the living room): I LOVE you!
Me (finally caught up): I know, but will you radish me?
Paul: Don't have thyme for that right now.

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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Fly Away Challenge

The Island Batik June Challenge reads as follows:

Use one of your precut bundles and play with the versatile Flying Geese blocks to create a fun quilt or table runner! Your project must use Flying Geese blocks as the focus but you can combine other blocks to enhance the project. 

Now, I am not a fan of Flying Geese Blocks. The construction is a fiddly multi-step process, regardless of the method you choose.  Even when the method works for you, you need a specialty ruler for precision points. In my opinion a flying goose block is made up of two half square triangles with several construction methods and no need for special rulers. 

Therefore I had never considered a project with Flying Geese. And when I looked for inspiration, everything seemed dated. So what does an Island Batik Ambassador do - Highlight the fabric!!!

Project # 1 - I chose a super simple pattern that would show off the fabric. I used the Celebrate Stack (10" squares) to make tiny roofs.  

I used my Accuquilt 8" Go QUBE to cut flying goose triangles from the Celebrate Stack and the sky triangles from Solid Black.

Accuquilt Cut Triangles

The flying geese units finish at 4" by 2" and the house/wall units are 4" squares.  I used 17 out of 20 fabrics. It is a simple design but it shows off the Celebrate collection perfectly! 

Be My Neighbor

The backing is Fondant and I love its subtle blue-gray color. The background and binding is Solid Black. I used Hobbs Black Batting and Schmetz 80/12 Microtex Needle. I quilted with my walking foot using Aurifil 40wt thread and a squiggly stitch with horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. My little houses mini quilt finished at 24" square and I have named it "Be My Neighbor". 


I showed my bright mini quilt to Paul. 

Me: Look at my bright and happy homes.
Paul: Are they homes?
Me: Yes, why?
Paul: They look like pencils or crayons to me.
Me: I'd think the pencils would be more pointy.
Paul: Houses would have doors or windows.

He had a point.

That is when I made Project # 2, using the 2.5" Strip Pack of Juicy Mosaics.

For background I chose Island Batik Neutral Egg White.

Row Houses

I chose those fabrics that had bricks/tiles pattern to reinforce the house effect. Paul agreed that these looked like houses.  I happily fashioned them into a cute zippered pouch :-)

Love this!

I live here :-)

With these two projects, I had completed the requirements of this challenge. I was done. Officially! 

But these Juicy Mosaics are so gorgeous that I wanted to continue playing with them. After I spent few hours of playing in EQ8, I didn't know whether I was coming or going.

Yellow Won this round!

For this design, I needed one other color in addition to the black background.  With a choice between sunny yellow and lime green, I chose yellow.

Once again, I used Accuquilt to get precise flying goose units. It is good to be an Ambassador :-D

In process

Ooh Shiny!

And here is my fabulous, flying goose-focused finish!!! Ta Da!!!

Coming or Going?

Do you see fish? How many?  

Finishing at 28" square, I have named this fishy finish - "Fishful Thinking" :-D

The backing is pieced from leftover backings of larger quilts made earlier.  The binding is Solid Black.  I used Hobbs Black Batting and Schmetz 80/12 Microtex Needle. I quilted with my walking foot using Aurifil 40wt thread and a squiggly stitch (my default style).  

Wonky Pieced Backing :-P


Of course I love quilting. I love playing with fabrics and colors and trying new things. But if it was not for Island Batik's Challenge, I would have never come up with this design.  

So even though I began this post whining, I am grateful to Island Batik for pushing my buttons, month after month. Thank you Island Batik (hope you can overlook the whining).

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For some reason, I want salmon for lunch. What is on your plate (food or quilt)? Do let me know.