Saturday, March 30, 2019

Celebrating women

My mom was just 14 when she was married off (nobody asked her). Of course she was not "sent" to her husband's house for another year (she was too young).
My dad encouraged her to continue her education. She completed high school and received a BA in Geography. I was born.
She furthered her education and received an MA in Economics. My sister was born.
My dad encouraged her to get a job.  She refused flatly.
No, she was determined to be a full time mother and a homemaker.
And that was that.

My sister, mom and me

Some 20 years later, when I got married (arranged), my husband expected me to be a homemaker.
No, I said. We (He and I) both went to school for Architecture and got the same degree.
Why should I stay at home, I argued.
He replied that I should be like my mother, who sacrificed her career for the sake of her family.
You miss the point, I retorted.  She had a choice and she chose to be a homemaker.
I should have the same choice.

Of course, he did not see my point. I left.

Mom and me in 2007
Mom approved of Paul (Her looks says it all)

We live in a world where many women have no choices and no voices.
So when I came across this fabric at Joann's, it made me sing and dance with joy. I had to drop everything and make (something with) it.


Me: Look. look, Paul. I love this fabric.
Paul: It is nifty.
Me: It is more than nifty. It is both aspirational and a reflection of our times. It not only shows women in science. It shows diverse women in science.
Paul: Is that so?
Me: See there are five of them and each one has a different hair color.
Paul: What are you going to make with it?
Me: Everything.
Paul: Everything?
Me: Yes. Sheets, bed-covers, pillow-covers, curtains, may be a dress and...
Paul: Start with a pencil case.

Gotta love this man. He knows how to push my buttons and rein me in - all at the same time.
So I started with a pencil case. But made two.

Zippered Pouch

Two Pouches

Loving it :-)

The sliver leftover became part of a mug rug.  I purposely offset the scientist gal to the the side so that even when you place a coffee mug and a cookie on the rug, you can still see her.

Mug Rug

And then inspiration struck...

Fussy cut girls, each in her own place doing what she loves.

Celebrating Women

Small Finish - Big Smile

Love this fabric

Is it still a Dreami if it is a fabric that sparks the process?
I am sure Sandra will agree.

Is it a coincidence that I came across this fabric this month - Women's History Month?
Possibly. But I do believe that the Universe works in magical ways.

I have named each one of these wonder women.

This is Sveta, named after Svitlana Mayoboroda, a mathematician from Ukraine.

I am calling her Taywa, after Taiwo Olayemi Elufioye who is a Nigerian pharmacologist and researcher.

Her name is Eve, after Eva Maria Neher who is a German scientist doing research in biochemistry and microbiology.

And she is named Myla, after Mayly Sanchez who is a Venezuela-born particle physicist.

The names of my quilty gals are inspired by these women in science today.  I have included links to their wikipedia pages because I can use a shot of positivity to conquer whatever obstacle lies in my path today.

So I may not have made everything from key-fob to curtains from this fabric but I can definitely be inspired from here to far and beyond. What will you conquer today?

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Party On

This is what was advertised

And this is what I received

Same ingredients but a vast difference in appearance. It seems that the avocado slices were tortured and squished into submission before they made it to my plate :-D
Fortunately it was just as tasty as advertised.

Party 1
The Alison Glass Trinket Sew-Along is well underway.  All Lines blocks are completed.  As I work on the Shapes blocks I wonder how will my finish compare with the advertised look.

I am sure it will look nothing like the picture-perfect, glamorized version on the pattern booklet.  That look was so captivating that I am sure there are thousands of quilters (new and old) who purchased the pattern and joined in the sew-along.  Love the pictures on IG. Everyone else's work looks so crisp with bright colors and sharp pictures.

Is it still inspiration if it makes you feel inadequate?

There are 40 unique blocks in the pattern, 10 each of Lines, Shapes, Things and Life; each finishing at a small 4" square. To be able to participate in the final giveaway your flimsy must have at least one of each of the 40 blocks. That would require 41 background blocks, arranged 9 by 9 for a small quilt that would finish at 36" square.

IG inspired do-over of Lines#4

The quilt in the pattern shows 97 blocks with 96 plain charcoal blocks.  So if you want to make a quilt the same size as the pattern you would have to make all blocks at least twice and sometimes  thrice. That is why I chose to use freezer paper.  I can use the same FP template to make a block 3-4 times and it is still usable.

39 blocks

I have "huge" travel plans coming up next month and I will be away from my machine. So I want to make sure that I make the blocks in advance so that I don't miss the block posting dates on Instagram.   Paper piecing is neither fast nor mindless. Feeling pressured to keep up, I realized that I was
devoting too much time to this effort.

Blogging has taken a backseat for that reason.  When Rebecca wrote to me gently enquiring about my absence, it was time to take a break.

Is it still fun when you feel overwhelmed?

Party 2
I saw the block first on Pinterest but there wasn't a pattern or tutorial.  After a few iterations I came up with a design that made me happy. I made a few blocks.

Initial sketch

The first blocks

Won't this be perfect for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge? I had seen many quilters/bloggers participate in the RSC over the past years. With this fun and easy pattern, it was time for me to jump on and join the party.

Yes. So many colors, so many dresses.

January's color was red

We all covet flawless skin but that is so unreal. So my next "lady in red" is rocking freckles :-)

Every freckle has a story
February was yellow.  Here are my ladies in yellow.

Flowery dress


And finally March is green and here are my ladies in green.
Prancing like a peacock

Lounging with Llamas
The more outrageously loud (and busy) the fabric, the better. Hullo Angela, I am late to the RSC 2019 party but then you don't mind.
I will be posting my blocks at least once a month (highlighting the color of the month) to show off a new line of dresses and headwear. Check out what others have been up to this month at the linky party here.

No-longer a Party
I miss Sunday Stash linky parties.
No, I do not buy (or acquire) fabric every week but when I do I want to show it off.   Look, look what I got.  The Winter Flurries fabric line which not only caught my attention but held it firm.

Gorgeous Blues

Deep Turquoise

Midnight Blue
Circles and Diamonds

At 30% off, it teased and taunted me from the shopping cart but when Connecting Threads announced an additional 20% sale, it was time to say yes to it all.

The Real Party
There is no party like an Indian wedding and I was fortunate enough to attend one last week.

The ceremony

The lovely couple
As much as I wanted to make them a quilt, I did not. I understand that most couples these days prefer non-boxed gifts. And this was one day when it was not about me. But you can still see my lovely green bangles in the picture below :-)

Wedding Program

We had a great time with mouth-watering food, lively music, and spirited dancing while surrounded in an ocean of colors, perfume, silk and glittering jewelry.

Lisa and I
Lisa chose to go the more traditional route in a saree complete with matching blouse, jewelry and a bindi (forehead dot).  I chose the easy way out in a salwar kameez outfit.

Selfie before Reception

I am still recovering from all the merriment as I pick out tiny bits of sequins from my underwear. I have no idea how it got there.

What would you want - Single minded devotion to a single party (or project) or balance?
I choose single minded devotion to multiple projects - but one at a time.
For now I must make some chili for hubby dearest. And you can be sure I will give it my undivided attention.

How is your weekend progressing? Do let me know.
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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Raspberry Swirl and Trinket SAL

It is said that every end is a new beginning. Well, I have both a finish and a start to share with you. Plus a bit of bragging :-)

1. Raspberry Swirl
2. Trinket SAL
3. Meet Cute is on QI

First the finish.  Meet Raspberry Swirl.

Raspberry Swirl

Raspberry Swirl is the finished quilt resulting from my workshop with Debby Kratovil.
First quadrant

Two done, Two to go

Completed center

This was my first workshop and first time working with my Dresden ruler.  I am sure the ruler was feeling bereft and was thrilled to come out and play :-)  I completed the four quadrants in class.

Corner Squares pinned

Finished Top


The center circle is a bit wonky but I still love it.

Faux Piped Binding


I used invisible thread for appliqué and quilting in the dresden blades. In the corner triangles with paisley fabric, I switched to my normal ivory thread for quilting.

Hearts Backing

The red of the paisley corner triangles matches the red solid perfectly.
And the faux piped binding adds a nice touch.

Yes, I am happy :-)

 And one last look...because it looks like a spiral but it is really a circle!!!
Hello Wonky - I love you!!!

Since I am no longer a Dresden virgin, I will try more Dresden blocks/patterns.
What is your Dresden experience?


I have decided to join the Trinket Sew Along with Alison Glass.

Pattern Booklet



I bought the pattern from Fat Quarter Shop.  There are 97 blocks and each one of them is paper-pieced. I know I know, paper-piecing is not my thing, but I am sure this is the only way to get rid of my PP fears. One small block a day, progressing from the simplest to complex.

Suggested Fabrics 
Although the sample quilt uses Alison Glass' Kaleidoscope fabrics, we can use fabrics of our choice.
There are prizes to be won and the sew-along suggests that blocks are made (and posted to IG) every day. Yes, Every. Single. Day.  I plan to.

Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons

Here is my fabric pull.
I had bought these Kaffe Fassett shot cottons in 2014 and I am thrilled that this TrinketSAL will be the perfect way to use them and show them off.  They do not match exactly with Kaleidoscope fabrics, but I am sure we will do just fine.

Can I really cut you up?

Too lovely to use?

Oh but I must...
I know I got a little too carried away with photographing my fabric pull.   But then there is no such thing as too many photographs, especially when it comes to pretty pet-worthy fabric :-D

40 Fat Quarters
Which picture should go on Instagram?
All of them :-D

Pattern - check
Fabrics - check
It is time to print the templates.  Nope

I am going rogue..FP rogue!
I have chosen to go the freezer paper route. No sewing on paper, no pulling paper, no mess and no waste. The reusability of FP templates is a huge plus for me.

The sew along begins March 10 and ends on May 20, 2019. I will be posting regular updates.

Promise, this is the last one!

Are you sewing along?


Meet Cute was one of the several patterns mentioned on Quilt Inspiration's Jelly Roll Quilts.
That my pattern is on Quilt Inspiration makes me want to rock and roll. Pun intended :-D
The complete tutorial is on Moda Bake Shop.

And with that I complete my bit of bragging.

Hope you are staying warm and keeping busy. As usual, I'd love to hear from you.