Tuesday, July 14, 2015


If you know me you also know that I am a fan of Bollywood music. The poetry-rich meaningful songs don't quite make a splash as much as the peppy foot-tapping numbers.  And while the peppy songs make me smile, it is the poetic songs that will often hit me hard.

There is the title song from the Hindi movie Fiza, which has the following line...
Maine tinke uthaye hue hain paron par, aashiyana nahin hai mera.

Translation - I am carrying twigs on my wings, I do not have a nest.
It is a poetic way of saying, I am wandering. I have no home. It is not that she is homeless. It is symbolic of her yearning and her rootless state.

Fabric Audition
For many years I felt that way too.  And whenever I heard the song, it struck a chord with me, so much so that I felt tears streaming down my cheeks.
When I walked out of my troubled marriage many years ago, I felt uprooted.  I went to school here in the US and changed jobs a few times. Felt independent and free but there was no place to call Home. I did not belong.  I just longed...for home.

A few at a time...
Meeting and marrying Paul was one of the best things that happened to me. Yet, I felt that I was still carrying the twigs on my wings. Only after we bought a house, with our savings, with both our names on the deed, and our stuff/junk in every room, do I feel like I have come home...my home.

Pink and Purple Houses
The messier it is, the greater the sense of ownership. (Yes, that is why I don't clean...but that is another story). Now that I feel grounded (in a good way), I can listen to the song without tearing up.

To celebrate this feeling, I wanted to make a quilt with houses. And I did. A few blocks at a time.
Some purple and pink, some blue and yellow, and the neighborhood seemed to come together.  Then I thought, this neighborhood needs trees. A treeless neighborhood would be sad. So I made some trees.

Fabric Scraps - Transformed
Won't it be nice if someone was waiting for you when you returned home? And that special someone would also keep an eye on your neighborhood. That is when I made this block.

My favorite house
I created these blocks a few at a time, using scraps, fat quarters and bindings leftovers. Bit by bit I built my neighborhood. The blocks added up and they waited, and waited some more.

Lots of Trees
Larger Trees - Assembly Line
Just like your home (and your puppy) waits for you and is there for you when you return, so also these blocks waited for me to come around and make them into a quilt!!!

The quilt is entirely scrappy. The gingham fabrics came from my mother-in-law's stash. The tree fabrics were remnants. Some of them were in fabric basket won at a guild meeting.  And when I wanted a specific color, I bought a few fat quarters.

Finished Top
The making of this quilt has been a journey just like buying our house.  Among other things, I wanted a north-facing entrance to the house, because it is considered auspicious in Indian culture. Paul wanted a house with a yard and without any Home Owners Association (HOA). Fortunately, we found a house that met both our requirements.

We are homeowners
However, unlike the house that belongs to both of us, the quilt is all mine!!!

Puppies and Angels

My favorite house and the tall trees
It is mine for so many reasons. It is wonky. The roofs are made with HSTs, that were all cut on the bias (wonky), squaring was optional (wonkier), and the overall quilt is not square (wonkiest).

Some houses had their rooftop points clipped in piecing.  I am sure no one will want that :-D
The backing is an old sheet bought from a Goodwill Store.

Wonky, mismatched fabrics, scrappy, crooked, tucks in quilting, haphazard, very colorful, eye-popping bright = Preeti's Quilt.

There are a total of 71 houses in 10 rows and about 46 trees. The finished quilt is about 70" by 90".

I am in love...
Paul: That house looks a bit crooked.
Preeti: Remember, there is no HOA.
Paul: Looks like there are no regulations.
Preeti: You are not invited to this neighborhood party.

Basting, in process
Used my favorite batting - Warm & Natural. I quilted it using curvy lines, after I used a decorative stitch to secure the rows together.

White Backing (Sheet from Goodwill)

Paul, the model :-)

The binding is leftover from a pillowcase I made for Divik, my nephew.
With the white backing and the very Christmas-y binding, I think I just gave myself a Christmas present.
Striped Binding
Christmas in July - how appropriate. Oh no, did I do something appropriate???
That is so unlike me, tch, tch, tch...

Here are few more pictures of the finished quilt.
Yes, Paul is on a chair!!!

Thank you, Paul
This block is for Jonesie, our cat
See the Angel?

Blue House and Yellow Dog

Here is the label.  I decided to call it "Homeful".  Yes, it is like Hopeful but it is also the opposite of Homeless. I have laid down roots...

Floral Door, Doors with Disco Lights - My Neighborhood, No HOA, No Rules!!!

Lots of Trees!

Did you miss me?

Lighting up my backyard

Puppy Love

Merry Christmas (in July) to Me!!!
Homeful is on my bed and this is the one I will be sleeping under every night.  I might even take it with me on car trips. Just like a favorite/familiar song that you want to hum on all trips, I want to make sure that I have my favorite comforting quilt with me at all times.

Right here, wagging for you!!!
Creating this quilt has made me so happy that I might just wag my tail!!!
If you were a puppy, what would make you wag your tail?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.