Monday, November 20, 2023

Nilsa - New Quilt Pattern & Sale

Meet Nilsa. She is my newest finish and a pattern is available now.

At 60" by 83", Nilsa can be a Mercyful Quilt. The pattern can also be used to make a Quilt of Valor.

Nilsa, 60" by 83"

I used the Island Batik collection - Blushing Garden to make Nilsa. 

Have you seen Blushing Garden? It is a beautiful collection with my favorite colors - red, pink and gold. Even a bit of teal to brighten things up. They are beautiful and sunny!

Nilsa Quilt Pattern is now listed in my Etsy Store. 

It is Layer-Cake Friendly. If you have been just petting a layer cake for a while because there wasn't a suitable pattern for it, this is your chance. All you need is about 4 1/4 yards of background fabric. That will take care of all the background, borders and binding. 

Here I go again!

If you wish to use Blushing Garden, you are in luck. It is available in stores right now.  For background, I recommend Egg White from the Island Batik Foundations.

If you'd rather use fabrics from your stash, that works perfectly too. 

The Signature Shot!

Nilsa Quilt Pattern has eight pages of detailed instructions complete with colored graphics, and a full-page Coloring Sheet.  I have also provided step-by-step guidance for on-point setting, showing diagonal columns and how to attach setting triangles.

Love these colors!

Finally, the pattern is 25% off from Monday, 11/20/23 through Sunday, 11/26/23. 

Separately, there will be a storewide sale beginning on Thanksgiving, 11/23/23. 

But wait, there is more. For a chance to win a free copy of Nilsa PDF Pattern (or any pattern of your choice from my Etsy Shop), please let me know in the comments - what is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? If you are Anonymous or No-Reply, please include your email.

I will pick one lucky winner on Monday, 11/27/23.   
UPDATE - The two lucky winners are Elana and Frederique. Emails have been sent.
Till then, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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Thursday, November 9, 2023

Rooms with a View (PHEW)!

Island Batik's November Challenge and Blog Hop is sponsored by ByAnnie

I chose the project - Room with a View.  I chose to make all three sizes. 

The pattern and all supplies including vinyl, mesh, Soft and Stable, zippers etc. were provided, thanks to our generous industry partners at ByAnnie.


I received fabrics from the Morris Mist collection. 

Morris Mist is a signature collection by Kathy Engle for Sherry Shish of Powered by Quilting. 

It should be shipping to a quilt stores in November 2023.

The Fabrics

ByAnnie patterns are very detailed with excellent step-by-step directions.  Once you make a bag/project using these directions, you are kinda spoiled.  They also come with additional videos to guide you through tricky/difficult steps.

Getting Started

The very first thing to do (even before reading the pattern very carefully) was to buy 100 clips. No, this is not an exaggeration :-D You will see. 

Secondly, I changed the needle. A Schmetz Microtex 90/14 Needle is an absolute must to sew through multiple thick layers.

I quilted the fabrics with Soft and Stable. I made bias binding. I made handles - top and sides.


Bias Binding


Zipper Loops

Yes, the project was challenging. I struggled with vinyl and zipper interface. The vinyl is sticky and the zipper tape is wobbly. It was not as neat as I'd hoped. There was cursing and whining. 

I could not listen to a book/podcast/music during this time. This project required my complete attention.

Mesh Pocket inside the Lid and lots of clips

Each bag has three bindings, one on the lid, second where the lid connects with the body and the third on the base. I am NOT a hand sewing person. Seriously, by the time I get to the binding (for a quilt), I am already thinking about the next project and cannot finish the current one soon enough. So machine binding is my default method. 

But in the case of ByAnnie patterns, I have accepted that it is impossible to maneuver the thick layers under the needle. I can stitch the binding by machine but must finish it by hand. This view is corroborated by other Island Batik ambassadors. After I completed the hand sewing of first three bindings, I was in a foul mood. My thumb and forefinger felt raw and painful.

The fact that there were two more bindings to stitch per bag, six in all brought out the worst in me. I was beyond hating this project. I didn't care about neatness any more. I had a deadline approaching and I was frustrated and stressed.

So I did something that I had never done before. I finished the second binding by machine. PHEW.

It isn't neat but it is done. 

Getting close

My thumb and forefinger thanked me. It was time to attach the base. Could I finish the last binding by machine? I had to try. I started with the small bag. I machine stitched the binding, folded it over and "tried" to finish it by machine stitching it from the front using stitch in the ditch method. I missed the binding around the corners. Removed a few stitches, smoothened the fabric, glued it in place and FINISHED it by machine stitching. 

Small Bag's Base - Kinda Ugly

Of course it is ugly. A war is ugly. In the end the only thing that matters is that I won! No PTSD for my thumb and forefinger. 

The second bag went smoother, slightly. Still missed a couple of places and had to redo.

Medium Bag's Base - Missed a Spot

The last bag went much better; no missed spots. After machine-stitching the binding, I folded it over and glued the entire thing, and then clipped it using about 40 clips (told ya). 

About 40 clips on the base

Then I turned it over and machine marched victoriously (but slowly), needle in the ditch. More or less, you know.  Since I was killing it, neatness be damned.

Finishing Binding by Machine - Stitching in the Ditch

Large Bag's Base - Not Too Ugly, Not Perfect.

The binding is far from neat or uniform. I am sharing this with only you (so don't tell anyone else). If I can manage it, you can too :-) Besides this would be on the bottom of the bag.

There was just one last step - adding zipper pulls. I don't like the fabric pulls. So I found these little beauties for the final flourish in my conquest.

Fancy Zipper Pulls

One more challenge conquered! 

Once the war is over and debris is cleared, there comes the photo shoot and glorious celebrations.

Happy Fall!

Small, Medium and Large

All Lined up!

The Small bag is perfect to store Island Batik stash builders. The fat quarter bundles fit neatly inside the Medium bag. The Large bag is tailor-made for 10" Squares (Layer Cakes). See for yourself.

What is inside?

I am Small & Cute

I am Medium & Pretty

I am Large & Spacious

Rooms With a View

Fabulous Finish!

Paul: Do you still hate this project?
Me (suspiciously): WHYYYYY?
Paul: We are going to see Mom for Thanksgiving. She'd appreciate them, you know.
Me: No, I love these beauties and they are perfect for my storage needs.
Paul (eyes twinkling): That's what I thought.

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