Friday, July 28, 2023

Accuquilt: Covering the World

Covering the World: One Quilt at a Time

Beginning in June 2023, AccuQuilt is partnering up with Island Batik in a pay-it-forward campaign called “Covering the World: One Quilt at a Time.” If you wish to participate in this effort, you can find the details here.

I chose to make two quilts - Sea Salt and Rainbow Kiss.

Sea Salt is a baby sized version based on my Masala Box pattern. I picked out bright blues and greens from the Island Batik Basics (these are available all year round) and paired them with Island Batik solid white background.

Sea Salt

Quilted using my walking foot, this cute baby quilt came together in just one weekend.  The binding is Island Batik Solid Light Grey.

Baby ready!

Sea Salt finished at 36" square and will join other quilts (from my quilt guild) going to the Inova Fair Oaks Hospital's Premie Graduation. These quilts accompany the premie babies when they "graduate" from NICU to go home.  


I will be handing Sea Salt over to Jeanne in my quilt guild who takes them to the Fair Oaks Hospital.

I made Rainbow Kiss for GSAFE. GSAFE increases the capacity of LGBTQ youth and students, educational staff, and families to create school environments where all LGBTQ youth and students thrive.

Image Courtesy - GSAFE

Using Fabrics from Island Batiks Blenders (available all year round), I pieced the strips in a rainbow-ish order. 

Island Batik Blenders

Stitched Strips

Then I cross cut the strip set into strips and arranged and rearranged them till I was happy with it.

Design Wall

Everyone is welcome!

I quilted, following the seams with my walking foot.  The binding is Sprinkles (Island Batik Neutral). Rainbow Kiss finished at 42" by 46" and will join other quilts in Wisconsin for the annual GSAFE auction later this year. 

Here they are both - Sea Salt and Rainbow Kiss, my contribution to the Accuquilt's Cover the World event.

Off we go!

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Saturday, July 22, 2023

Soha and Frogkisser

Me: I avoid cleaning and organizing.  
Paul: Of course, I clean only when it is absolutely essential. 
Me: I am glad you agree. 
Paul: Let sleeping critters lie
Me: Exactly. When I do clean/organize, I get attacked by squirrels.  

At this moment, Paul lost the thread of conversation.

In anticipation of the second shipment of Island Batik Ambassador boxes, I had to clean house, get rid of some scraps and make room for the new supplies. 

In doing so, I came across some star blocks, that date back to 2015, I think. Who knows? It was so long ago. Seven blocks were made. I dropped everything and whipped up two more and completed the flimsy.

Lost and Found

Meet Soha.  Soha is an Arabic name meaning Star of a hidden constellation. These stars were in hiding for long but now they have found their purpose. 


I received this backing fabric from Julie, when she was destashing.  Love the tightly packed houses. 


I have been tempted to color some of these houses using fabric pens, but that is a separate post/project!

Color me, please!

Soha finished at about 40" square, and will join other quilts (from my quilt guild) going to the Inova Fair Oaks Hospital's Premie Graduation. These quilts accompany the premie babies when they "graduate" from NICU to go home.  

Stars on a Cloudy Day - Oh Yes :-)

Light-hearted star centers radiate color outwards.  All colors except yellow. Yellow does not show up well against a white background and I wanted each of these stars to pop!

Green & Glowing

Radiant Rainbow Colors


I will be sharing with Angela's Linky party.


I made the next quilt for my former boss' handyman's apprentice's two-year old son, named Leo. I was visiting my former boss, when she mentioned the hardworking men in the front yard.  She also mentioned how Claudio, her trusted handyman of many years had taken the young apprentice under his wing. "He has a two-year old son," she added.

Well, then he needs a quilt. Doesn't he?

Do you remember Meanwhile? Scroll down to the second quilt in that post. Since Meanwhile was such a fun modern take on a scrappy concept, I had saved some flannel strips for making a quickie quilt.

Flannel Strips

Right after I completed Soha, I dived into my bag of flannel strips and started sttiching.

Flannel is stretchy, so precision was too lofty an idea to pursue. I just stitched strips and soon enough there was a flimsy.

Frogs Live Long & Prosper!

For the backing I pieced a transportation themed fabric with yellow borders. No-fuss quilting with squiggles and binding with some newsprint fabric left over from Aurora

Planes, Trains & Automobiles


It finished at about 44" by 52" and I have named it Frogkisser. Because I may have kissed (or lovingly caressed) the cute frogs.  No, I don't mind being a Frogkisser because it is a magical ability to turn random scraps into cozy and snuggle-worthy quilts :-D

I kiss Frogs :-)


Love it!!!

Have Quilt, Will Travel

When Frogkisser was gifted to Leo's dad, he beamed with delight and I was just glad that some scraps found their purpose.  I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.

For Leo

Here are my two Dreami (Drop everything and make it) projects.  Will be sharing on Sandra's blog when she posts the next Dreami Linky Party.

I have two more fun quilts ready for prime time and I am dying to show them to you but must wait till July 28 for my turn on the "Covering the World - One Quilt at a Time" event co-sponsored by Accuquilt and Island Batik.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Island Batik Ambassador Boxes

It is hot and humid. Fortunately I am well-prepared to stay (and entertain myself) indoors.  That is where Island Batik's second shipment of goodies is supremely helpful :-D

Here is the "Set" of Unboxing Video showing Nihal on the left and Wednesday on the right.

Unboxing Video - Set up

It is good to be an ambassador!  Here is the link to the Unboxing video.  There is an oops in there and I left it as such. We are only human!

I start with the generous box of batting provided by Hobbs.

Thermore Batting - Light and Very Thin

Premium Wool - High Loft and Warm

Cotton Batting - New Look!

Cotton & Wool Blend

Aurifil Threads - We received some interesting new threads this time.  The red spools are cotton/wool blend used for embroidery.  The white spool is monofilament (invisible thread) for applique or anywhere you don't want the stitching to show, like a multicolored binding, or hanging sleeves, especially if you don't want to painstakingly hand-stitch the long sleeve on a large quilt. 

The two smaller spools are Cotton Floss (thick threads), best for embroidery or accent stitches.

Cotton/Wool, Monofilament (Invisible), and Cotton Floss

Island Batik Precuts - We received the following Island Batik Gradations precuts.

Precious Pinks (10" squares) and Glorious Greens (2.5" Strips)

Also received this Spring collection with matching yardage. Designed by Kathy Engle, Blushing Garden will be available in stores in September 2023.

Blushing Garden - 10" Squares

Light & Dark Yardage

In September we will be participating in a Blog Hop. The challenge is "Pieced to Perfection".  I will be using the Spring collection called  Chromatic. It is an original collection designed by Deb Tucker of Studio 180 Design, which should be available in stores in September 2023.

Half-Yard Bundle

22 Fabrics

Matching Yardage

In October, we will be using the Accuquilt die - North Carolina Star. This is a complicated block with many pieces. Fortunately, all pieces can be cut with a single slide under the cutter with this block on board.

Bags by Annie - The November Challenge and Blog Hop requires us to make a bag (or a set of bags, if you are ambitious), using Patterns by Annie.  I chose Room with a View in three sizes. I will be using a Summer Collection called Morris Mist. It is a Signature Collection designed by Kathy Engle for Sherry Shish of Powered by Quilting.

Hardware and Supplies

Since the Morris Mist collection won't be available in stores till November 2023, the fabrics will remain a secret for now.

We also received six yards of Neutral and the Foundations Bundle - 12 Fabrics, 0.5 yard each

Blenders, Solids and Basics

Six yards of Neutral - Flour

Some supplies like Black, White and Light Grey Solid fabrics and stash builders are running late. I will happily let them in when they get here. After all, everyone is invited to the party. I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties, see full list on the sidebar.

Disclosure: The fabrics, dies, bag-making supplies, thread and batting were generously supplied by the following companies: