Monday, January 29, 2018



I decided to do my part towards the effort of making relief quilts for those affected by the Thomas Fire in California.  The Perkiomen Valley Block pattern was suggested by the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild.

Perkiomen Valley Block
I wanted a soothing (but not dull) color palette.  I chose green for dark and white/neutrals for the light.

How green is my stash?

Once I dived into my stash, I realized that I had plenty of fabric to make not just a few blocks, but a whole quilt.

Design Wall

And why not? I had made one block and I really like it. I needed 42 blocks for a quilt measuring 72" by 84".

Piecing in Process

If thoughts on a single subject were a ball of yarn, my brain was playing with several different strands.
1. My thoughts kept drifting to those who lost their homes to the fire and were then devastated by the mudslides that followed. The mudslides would not have happened if the fire did not happen or if it was not as widespread.
2. What caused the fire? Can it be prevented? What can we do now to prevent these fires in the future or at least reduce their impact?
3. If I had to evacuate what items would I take with me?
4. What should I name this quilt?

Green and Greener

Naming the quilt yarn rose to the top.  Well, it is very green. California is famous for avocadoes. Should I call it Guacamole & Chips?
No, that sounds so cheesy.

Birds and Cactus

Cannot call it Greener Pastures. That name is already taken.
What else would you call a pasture? A meadow? A veld? Savanna?
Yes, Savanna sounds like a good name.
That yarn ball was now rolled and put away.

Sheep & Ladybugs

I was still thinking about the fires.  When I was in gradschool, we went on a site visit to the Tall Timbers facility. I remembered the discussion on Prescribed Burning that not only helped manage the undergrowth but also maintained the ecological balance of the system.
Why would California not follow these practices?

Sand Dollar Fabric
Enough mulling already.

I turned on the NPR radio. It was Reveal - the story of a Mountain Jane Doe.  I was so fascinated and gripped by this story, I decided to look up other episodes from the Reveal podcast. 
My eyes landed on an episode called America's Ring of Fire from October 2016.
How is it possible? Just when I am consumed by this very topic, I came across this podcast!!!


I listened to every word as if it was a raindrop on parched earth. When the presenter/interviewee said that a landscape like a Savanna is fire-safe, I almost dropped the ruler.
My choice of the name came from the green color, but the Savanna like landscape is also fire-safe???
Once again the universe communicates...are we listening.

Pop of Purple 

Please please please just listen to it. The Savanna is mentioned 40 minutes into the podcast.

Amish Village

I found the perfect fabric for backing. There was but one problem.  Since the fabric is directional, it would require five yards and I had just four.  And although I could make the backing from just four yards, the village would appear to be lying on its side. No, no, no - that is not a good metaphor. Not when I am trying to send a message of hope and life and revitalization.

Love Grows!!!

I auditioned other fabrics. My stash includes a few 4-yard cuts which are not directional and would work just fine. But but but I really want the village scene.   A few scribblings later, the design was finalized.

Backing Designed

What do you think?

Finished Back

Now the Amish village is framed by a florescent green (near) solid and then the "Love Grows" leafy green fabric. It is not be what I first intended. But that is fine.

"There is a divinity that shapes our ends. Rough hew them or how we will."  Shakespeare.

I chose a purple binding because it makes a nice contrast with the green.

Purple & Green - So bright

And a few more pictures...just because.

Wishing you comfort

and Joy

May this family have peace

and a bright future

Ooh Purple

Rolled Up

Ready to go places

One last look at the backyard

I have also urged my Quilt Guild members to contribute to the effort. I will be coordinating and sending all items to Superbuzzy in Ventura, California.

I wish I did not have to make this quilt.  I wish I never have to make a relief quilt again. I wish we can learn from our past and invest in more resilient and sustainable communities. I look forward to your thoughts.

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I had plenty of temptations but I forced myself to focus on Savanna and make her first.

Update 3/19/18 - Savanna reached its destination and Annie of Annie's Quilt Orts was on the lookout for it. She then posed with it and posted a picture on her blog. Made me so happy. Take a look.

Monday, January 15, 2018


Do you remember your first kiss?  I can close my eyes and not just picture it, I can relive it.
The moment when every fiber of my being was fully focused on the kiss. That was a lifetime ago.

Completed KISS

The KISS (Keep it Simply Strippy) Quilt that started two years ago is finally complete. I know I should have waited till Valentine's Day to share it...but I could not keep my lips compressed any longer :-D

Vibrant Kaffe Fassett

The pattern uses 6" strips

Alphabet Soup BAcking

This simple pattern became popular, in part, due to the Craftsy Blog Hop. Kat Scribner of Scrapbox Quilts also played a part in directing readers to the tutorial, every single time she made a quilt/flimsy with this pattern.


I chose a black border and black binding.  Sewing the black binding using back thread really did a number only eyes. I need to get them tested. Maybe I am getting old.

Black Binding+Black Thread

The finished quilt measures 43" by 52". Now that it is finished. I am relieved.


Kid Appropriate


It was time to celebrate my first finish of the year.

And celebrate I did with a piece of good news.
The quilt I made for Paul - Paulitiks - was featured in Top 100 Projects on Fave Quilts website.

Paul with his quilt - Paulitiks

And I am on Cloud Nine that Sew Preeti Quilts also made it to the Top 25 Blogs.

I feel giddy, maybe like the newbie actress who is nominated to the Golden Globes along with the likes of Judi Dench and Meryl Streep.

While I could lovingly linger over the KISS, there is another project that I must pursue passionately. It is a quilt for the victims of the Thomas Fire in California. Here is a sneak peek.

Perkiomen Valley Block

The block was designed by Scott Griffin of Ventura Modern Quilt Guild to make as relief quilts for the Thomas Fire Victims.  I have made 27 so far. 15 to go.

Design Wall
42 blocks will be arranged 6 by 7 to make a quilt measuring 72" by 84".
Here is the backing I have chosen. What do you think?

Backing - Amish Village
The goal is to complete it by the end of the month.  I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties, see sidebar. I'd love to hear from you.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

What a Year!!!

It has been a rollercoaster of a year for me in so many ways.  Paul and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.

As my surprise gift, we went i-flying.

That was an exhilarating experience which I happily repeated.

Quilting wise, if there was an overall theme running through 2017, it had to be scrap vortex.  I completed four of them, including Happy and Lucky.

Lucky and Happy

The Honey Pot Bee blocks were a mixed bag.  Here are a couple of my favorites - the Stripey Stripe Block.

Stripey Stripe Block 
And this leaf block by Intrepid Thread is so striking, I am sure I will revisit and make a whole quilt out of it. 

Feather Leaf Block

I really enjoyed making some of the blocks. Others failed to excite me. It will be a long time before anything can become of those diverse blocks.

I dipped my toes into paper piecing. I definitely prefer the freezer paper method, which I used to make these mushroom blocks.

So cute
Magic Mushrooms

I met quilty buddies from Pennsylvania, Delaware and Germany!!!
with Sylvia in Pennsylvania

with Mari (at the Lancaster Quilt Show)

With Melanie (visiting from Germany)

And I met Bonnie Hunter.

Here are my top five quilt picks of the year.

The most popular quilt was My Twitter Feed.  If I had to describe it in one word it would be Joyful.
My Twitter Feed 
Joyful Birds
It received such rave reviews at the 2017 Quilt Show, I glow with joy every time I think about it.

My entry to the Moda Bake Shop was very well-received. Esmeralda is the most ambitious quilt, I have made so far.

Esmeralda - A queen-size princess of a quilt

A queen-size, kaleidoscope quilt with a thousand pieces, completed in one month (with the tutorial and pictures) is a major accomplishment.

Esmeralda - Close-up
Being published in the Moda Bake Shop was definitely something to dance about.

The Shadow of Light is a small quilt but it packs a punch. The inspiration came from the Honey Pot Bee - the Blended Scraps block. The process included many love hate moments.

Shadow of Light
In the end, I love it so much that I am sure that I will be revisiting this pattern.

The surprise pick of the year is the Playing Footsie Quilt. The quilt design is simple but it is the story of loving and longing that received such an extraordinary response from you.

Playing Footsie
If I had to describe it in one word it would be Soul-soothing or Comforting.

My Parikrama quilt is the last finish of the year. When I was piecing this quilt, it reminded me of spices, Bollywood dance/song numbers, or the hustle and bustle of a busy open air market.

The process was almost effortless, like I was being guided by an external force, where each step just came to me naturally. When it finished it was evocative of the Temple and the Goddess. It was Mystical.

For a year that had no plans, no goals and absolutely no to-do lists, it is remarkable that it brought me Joy, Accomplishment, Love, Comfort, and Mysticism.

Having no deadline/goals allowed me to make fun blocks like these bikini ladies from Sew Fresh Quilts.

Lorna's Lovely Ladies

Made these house blocks for the victims of the Quebec Mosque shooting, requested by the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild.

House Blocks for the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild

And these Doggone Cute blocks for KaHolly.

Love these puppies

I have plenty of deadlines at work, which I consistently meet or exceed every month. Therefore I am going to keep my creative pursuits free-flowing and spontaneous. It worked for 2017. Why not do the same for 2018?
What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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