Friday, November 15, 2019

Rough & Tumble

In summer I was working on a scrap vortex quilt.  

Scrappy Goodness

Green chair fabric came from Mell

Wonkiness Galore

Finished Flimsy

Pieced Backing

Turquoise Binding

Here is the finished quilt. I named it - "Rough & Tumble"
Bright & Happy

Does it have a story?
Hmmm... it has poem :-)

I dived into my pile of scraps - old and new
long strips, odd shapes and pieces askew
There were some cute scraps from Mell
I chased after them as they tried to escape and fell 
Some fabrics scream and others just mumble
But they all fit happily in this Rough & Tumble

Art Imitates Nature 

Rough & Tumble finished at 43" by 45".  After the photoshoot, the quilt was put away.
Who will get it? Where will it go? I did not know.
Other quilts (Socorro Foundation Quilts) and other blogposts (Kinda Brave) took priority.


Pieced Backing

Time passed.

Welcome Display at the Delhi Airport

Last month I traveled to India to celebrate Diwali (the festival of lights) with my mom and brother.
One day we visited my cousin sister, who lives about an hour away. Her daughter-in-law had recently given birth to an adorable baby boy, named Harsh (meaning happiness). I held him and enjoyed the new baby smell till it was time for us to leave.

My cousin is a grandma and that means I am a grandma too. Yes, the baby will address me by the same title as he does my cousin.

In the car ride back home, I chided (gently) my mom.  Only if she had told me about the new baby, I could have brought a quilt. You know we have an abundance of quilts in my house. May be I should just carry a couple of quilts with me, whenever I travel to India again.

My Henna :-)

Rangoli at a Friend's House

With a Friend = Total Goofiness

Paneer Bhurji (Cooking for Mom)

Once I returned, I sent Rough & Tumble to India on its way to Harsh.
Rough & Tumble makes me very happy and I believe it is perfect gift for a boy whose name means happiness. There is lots of color and interesting things in the quilt which I hope will provide lots of visual stimulation for the baby.

Giraffe & Cat

Ninja Baby!!!

No-Stings Friendly Jellyfish 

And just one last look...
Makes me so Happy
I will be sharing with all of my favorite linky parties (see full list on the sidebar).  But I'd love it if you shared your thoughts.

When Julie mentioned that she was changing her ironing board cover, I asked if I may get the discarded fabric. She agreed to send it to me.
But by the time the package got to me, it had magically acquired an additional 10+ yards of fabric.  Looks like the Christmas season has already begun. Thank you Julie!!!

Pre-Christmas Miracle

This is one of the fabrics in the package I received from Julie.  Oh I cannot cut it up soon enough to include it in the next scrap vortex quilt.

Cute Elephants

There may not be more grand babies in my future but rest assured that there will be plenty of scrap vortex quilts in my future. And if the past is any indication, when I make them (quilts), they (babies) will come!!!