Saturday, August 29, 2020

Bruised August

August is almost over and I am relieved.  It has been difficult and yet I feel guilty dwelling upon my insignificant issues when the country is aflame, while some of us look away and others fan the flames of unrest.

Fabric Selection

I feel beaten and bruised even when I have no visible scars.
The color for Rainbow Scrap Challenge August 2020 is reminiscent of just that - a bruise.

In progress

Here are my completed Picket Star Quilt Blocks for August 2020.

Java Plum
Paul: Purple?
Me: I call it Plum. Java Plum to be exact.


Paul: This has to be purple?
Me: No it is Eggplant.

Paul: Is this purple?
Me: Geranium is a better description.
Paul: I didn't know Geranium was a color.
Me: That is Kona for you.
Paul: What is Kona?
Me: Kona is a manufacturer of solid fabrics.

I showed him the shade card booklet.

Paul: So all these names are coming from the shade card?
Me: No, they don't have all the colors.
Paul: Are you claiming that you know more than them?
Me: I grew up eating Java plums (jamuns).  They didn't.

Paul: What about this?
Me: Periwinkle.
Paul (mildly shocked): That is not even in the shade card!
Me (mildly amused): I know. It is exasperating. I have to do their work for them.


Paul: What are you calling this one?
Me: I am calling it Mauve.
Paul: According to the shade card it is half dahlia and half magenta.
Me: Um Hm. Should I call it Dagenta or Maglia?


RSC Blocks for August 2020

Paul: What do you have against purple?
Me: It is the color of a bruise. And I feel bruised and sad.

Old Picture of Jonesie and Paul = Perfect Harmony

Paul hugged me. He understood.
We are mourning the passing of our cat Jonesie and his absence hurts like a bruise.

Here are the blocks for Project 2 of the RSC 2020.

For RSC 2020 Project #2

Such fun blocks

Cute Owl

Do you see the Geranium now?

Thank you for all of your kind comments on the Sisterhood quilt.  The random number generator chose #45. Roseanne of Home Sewn With Us is the winner. An email is on its way.  I am sure that the six sisters will be welcomed in her studio.

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Thursday, August 13, 2020


I used the International Sister Quilt Block to make the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks in 2019.

Ladies in Red

It was a year of ups and downs.

Feeling (Dark) Blue
You sent me hugs when I was feeling blue

Light Blue

Women of Color
You celebrated with Women of Color

It is Easy being Green

And you were with me when the sisters went to the dark side.

To the Dark Side
I shared new blocks month after month.

Shining Sisters

The Sisters were received with so much joy, it warmed my heart.

Passionately Purple

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge of 2019 resulted in enough blocks to make two quilts.
The first I made for Eva.

32 Sister for Eva

The second one was made for the Quilt Show.  All quilts bound for the show must be labelled, with a prescribed sleeve including the name, address, phone number and guild chapter name. After an online registration process, each quilt (accompanied with the print-out of the registration form) must be brought to the photo session for a professional photoshoot before they make it to the show.  Yes it is big to-do and I did all that.

Piecing in Progress

Piecing Diagonal Rows

Enjoying the Process

The corner blocks

In my mind, I had pictured myself at the quilt show, standing next to my quilt, with 50 gorgeous sisters. I would use that picture in the blogpost that I would write about the quilt - Sisterhood.

Finished Flimsy

Of course the quilt show was cancelled. The picture did not happen and the blogpost seemed too tedious to write.

On Monday I received an email from EJI. It was the receipt for the donation.

A few distracted clicks later I was reading about Julia Tutwiler Women's Prison in Alabama.  EJI investigated and exposed the widespread sexual abuse of women in this prison leading to a federal investigation. Although the Department of Justice found evidence of abuse there has been no meaningful reform.

Pieced Backing

On February 2, 2016, Alabama Governor Robert J. Bentley announced in his State of the State speech that Tutwiler prison would be closed as a part of a "complete transformation of the prison system," which would include the construction of new facilities. "The process" was due to start within the 2016 calendar year but, as of 2020, the prison remains open.


Finished at 71" by 85"

Sexual abuse is disgusting and dehumanizing. It is particularly heinous when it is perpetrated by those who are meant to protect. Discussing sexual abuse is uncomfortable and unpleasant. I have struggled to write this post. Some of you may say "just stick to quilting"

Celebrating Sisterhood

I wish I could. I cannot unread. I cannot unsee.  Our ignorance bolsters the perpetrators and our silence further hurts the victims.

You are beautiful

Even if I could keep quiet, these fifty sisters will not be silenced.  How can I celebrate these gorgeous sisters while ignoring those who languish in prison - abused and unheard.
It was time to write this blogpost.

Walking Foot Quilting


Orange Binding

To those who want me to stick to "just quilting" I say - just look at the quilt pictures.
To those who ask - how can I help/what can I do, I say - check this link.

Sisters Forever

Six sisters remain with me. Please let me know if you want them to come to your home/studio.
I will pick a winner on August 29, 2020.

Ready to Travel

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Tony Ray

I have a new finish - Tony Ray.

A new finish!!!

The purpose was to utilize 4-patch blocks and make a Mercyful Quilt.
The inspiration is Anthony Ray Hinton.

Fabric Pull

Star Legs

The framework

One by One

Building up
Anthony Ray Hinton spent almost 30 years of his life on death row for a crime that he did not commit. After his release, he was asked in an interview - "I don't sense any bitterness. Why is that?" Anthony Ray Hinton replied, "Bitterness kills the soul. They took away my thirties, my forties and my fifties but they cannot take away my joy."

And so it comes together...

Finished Flimsy

The bright interlocking stars are a nod to Anthony Ray Hinton's joy that his thirty gray years behind bars could not diminish. I chose the name Tony Ray to signify the indomitable spirit of a man who was condemned but who refused to be bitter.


Finished 64" by 80"
Pieced Backing

Bryan Stevenson is the lawyer whose relentless efforts over several years led to Anthony Ray Hinton's exoneration. Bryan Stevenson's book "Just Mercy - A Story of Justice and Redemption" won the 2015 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Nonfiction and the 2015 Dayton Literary Peace Prize for Nonfiction. The book was adapted into a movie starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx.

Starry Star

Blue & Yellow

One Gray - Many Blues

Contrast is Everything


Tony Ray is headed west to Bernie as a Mercyful Quilt.  The quilt measures about 64" by 80".

Although the Supreme Court unanimously overturned Hinton's conviction in 2015, the state of Alabama has yet to honor his claim of compensation. The fact that the US justice system failed Anthony Ray Hinton and continues to do so is a stark reminder that much work needs to be done for racial justice in America.


Red Hot Binding

Bryan Stevenson is dedicated to fighting racial injustice through his Equal Justice Initiative.
Sharing Anthony Ray Hinton's story and dedicating a Mercyful Quilt in his name is my way of supporting their work.

The picture below shows the Reston Town Center. This used to be crowded pre-Covid and now it is the perfect spot for quilt photshoots.  So I took a few more pictures of Tony Ray, the quilt.
The popsicle cutouts hanging from above matched perfectly with the blues and yellows in the quilt.

Covid Times

So Inviting

Add a book and a drink for bliss

A perfect spot

Paul: That blue chair is the perfect place to drape that quilt...
Me: I am thrilled that I did not have to jostle with a 100 people to take pictures.
Paul: The upside of Covid, I guess.
Me: Will you be my quilt model?
Paul: Sure
Me: I just need one vertical picture of the quilt.
Paul: Where do you want me to stand?
Me: In the middle of the road
Paul: With my back to the traffic???
Me: Just for a minute.

You may think I am obsessed with matching the colors of the quilt with the surrounding objects. Dunno. I try. Sometimes I get lucky :-)

It is just coincidence that the gray background of the quilt is echoed in the asphalt of the road and the red fire hydrant stands ready to douse the red hot binding.

Cloudy Skies - Fiery Binding

And one last I say goodbye

The gray fabric (which I absolutely love) came from Connecting Threads.  I used it as a backing for Eric's Quilt. The remainder was used in Tony Ray.  Don't worry, I have already replenished my stash. I had to.

If you wish to make this quilt, please use the Neel Quilt Tutorial.

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As usual I look forward to your thoughts.


Angela announced the RSC color for August - Purple.

Here are my fabric picks for Picket Star Quilt Blocks.

Purples for August 2020

 Be safe and stay cool.