Sunday, February 19, 2023


I have a new finish to share. Meet Paroma.  Although the quilt was completed in August 2022
(hence the lush green backdrop), I had to sit tight till now. 

Paroma. 56" by 68"

Paroma is a Fat quarter friendly quilt published in Quilt Patterns - Fun Fat Quarter Quilts for Spring (  With 22 FQ projects for just under $10, this is a steal.

Paroma uses 20 FQs and was fun to make. 

In process

20 FQs make 20 stars and yield enough fabric to make a scrappy happy border.  Paroma finished at 56" by 68" and it just sparkles.


It Sparkles!

Happy & Bright

Mari, the photographer

Initially I was going to post on Saturday, 2/18 but then Mari stopped by and everything else was set aside. We ate lunch, went fabric shopping, took some quilt pictures, ate some mango ice-cream and ended the day with out feet propped up while we watched a movie. 

Since I was so busy having fun, the blogpost was delayed. Hope you can understand my priorities :-D
The winners of the giveaway are Diann (#11) and Peggy (#25). Emails have been sent. 


The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for February is pink. Here are my blocks.  Linking with Angela's Linky Party

I am keeping them in deconstructed quarters to allow room for layout flexibility later. 

The March challenge for Island Batik is Ambassador's Choice. This means I can make pretty much whatever I want, in whatever size I desire, with whatever fabrics (a few exceptions) I fancy. So what do you think I will make? That blogpost is coming soon.

I will be at Quiltcon on Sunday, 2/26/23. I am looking forward to seeing Mell and Vasudha. If you are going to be there, find me. I am a hugger :-)

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Puff Quilt - Trevor

Welcome to the first Island Batik challenge and blog hop of the year 2023. 

The first challenge of the year is to make a cozy, squishy Puff (Bubble) quilt using the fabric from your assigned Fall’22 collection 0.5 yard bundle!! 

I received Exuberance collection. This is an original collection by Deb Tucker of Studio 180 Designs.

Like most of the ambassadors, I had the same question - what is a puff quilt and how do I make it? I watched about half a dozen videos on the YouTube and made a list.

A list of all the things I disliked about making a Puff Quilt. Here they are:

1. Do not like the pleated squares.  Quilters and tucks don't go together. Generally, we hate them and painstakingly unravel stitches to smoothen them.  Accepting those tucks was a departure for a quilter's soul. It was also extra work - work I wanted to avoid. 

2. Do not wish to buy polyfill when I am rolling in batting. Although I had a small bag of polyfill left over from Gertie the Gecko, the puff quilt would need more. But I have plenty of batting which could be used directly (or cut up in bits), to make the puffy squares.

3. Do not like the idea that I will need a separate backing, in addition to the top and bottom fabric of the squares. This just seemed like extra work and extra fabric for no good reason. There has to be a better way to make this puff quilt.  At least, a different way.

4. The puff quilt would be too thick to machine quilt and must be hand-tied.  Tying the quilt would be slower and less secure than machine quilting.  It might also require special needle and wool.

Paul: You did not get any cheese?
Me: Cheese? You are allergic to cheese.
Paul: Yes, but you need a lot of cheese to go with all that whine (wine).
Me (eye rolling): Everything about this Puff Quilt is a challenge. 
Paul: When do you shy away from a challenge?
Me: I am going to try and come up with a way to make a Puff Quilt that eliminates these issues. 
Paul: Go, Preeti, Go!

Concept - Make the quilt top. Place batting behind each square and secure it in place. Add backing and stitch over the seams, in the channels between batting mounds. 

Making the Puffs

Trial/Audition Puff Quilt

I chose 16 fabrics from the collection to make 16 four-patch blocks.  Arranged so that the lightest and darkest fabrics crossed diagonally in the middle.  I used Schmetz Microtex (80/20) needle for piecing and quilting. I used Aurifil Thread for both piecing and quilting.

Quilt Top

I cut the batting squares 4.5". This would allow some room for the foot to move between the two puffed squares, thereby allowing me to machine quilt.

I used three layers of batting for each square. At a loft of about 1.5", it would provide a decent amount of puffiness.

3 Layers of Batting - About 1.5" high

Adding batting, one row at a time

I placed and pinned batting stack for one row at a time. Took it to the machine and stitched one/two Asterisk marks in the middle of each square in that row. Repeat for the next row.

Two done, six to go

Puffiness in Progress

Although this was a time-consuming process, it went smoothly.  Bollywood music was a big help :-)

All Puffed up

Layered on top of Backing

Since the flimsy was 44.5" wide, I could not use a regular (44" wide) fabric for backing.  I also had to account for added width to accommodate the puffiness. 

I quilted on my machine, using the regular foot. Technically speaking, quilting is stitching three layers (top, batting and backing) together.  Honestly speaking, quilting is a loose term here because I was stitching the backing to the flimsy, moving in the channels between the puff mounds.  I used the regular foot because it is not as wide as the walking foot. 

Quilting in process

Channel Quilted

Quilting was complete. No, I would not need to tie this quilt. PHEW!!!  
The last challenge was binding. 

Several of the YouTube Puff Quilts were turned inside out and then hand-tied. This eliminated the need for binding. But since mine was done differently, it needed a binding. Also, binding gives a neat finish :-) What do you think?

Ready to Bind

To make binding easier, I needed enough room (non-puffy flat surface) along the edge of the quilt.  To achieve this, I moved my needle as far left as possible and quilted/stitched down the edges.  Still, it would be impossible to completely machine stitch the binding. I machine-stitched the binding to the front, folded it to the back and hand-stitched it. 


Although this method eliminated each of my peeves (tucks, need for polyfill, separate backing, and hand-tying), it is not as puffy or biscuit-y as those YouTube quilts. 

I like the understated puffiness. It is similar to a goose down comforter in puffiness.

Paul: This is finished!
Me: Yup.
Paul: What about all those challenges you were whining about?
Me: Killed each one of them.
Paul: Impressive! Did you name it?
Me: Yes. Trevor.
Paul: Trevor? Like Trevor Noah?
Me: Yes, because it is has dimples and it is cute :-D

Cloudy Day - Bright Quilt

Trevor by the Lake


Bye Bob, till next quilt.

In my continued effort to manage my stash, I am offering two prizes - scrap packs of batiks from my pre-ambassador days. As these are mystery prizes I won't be showing pictures of the scraps. However, if you are the winner, I will reach out to you to ask for your favorite colors, before creating the scrap pack just for you.

To enter the giveaway, please visit the Island Batik blog, and leave me a comment letting me know which collection is your favorite. If you show up as Anonymous (or a no-reply-blogger), make sure that you provide your email.

I will announce the winners on Saturday, 2/18/23. 

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