Tuesday, November 23, 2021

From Miamas with Love

I have a new finish, a giveaway and an announcement. But first I must tell you about this book - "My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell you She is Sorry" by Frederik Backman.

My favorite!!!

Full of heart, hope and more...

Elsa, who is seven, (almost eight) had a bad day at school.  Three older girls tore her Gryffindor scarf and threw it in the toilet. The very same day, Elsa's Granny breaks into a zoo and throws turds at the police when approached.  The following conversation happens.

“I didn’t want you to remember this day because of the scarf. So I thought instead you could remember it as the day your Granny broke into a zoo—”

“And escaped from a hospital,” Elsa says with a grin.
“And escaped from a hospital,” says Granny with a grin.
“And threw turds at the police.”
“Actually, it was soil! Or mainly soil, anyway.”
“Changing memories is a good superpower, I suppose.”
Granny shrugs.
“If you can’t get rid of the bad, you have to top it up with more goody stuff.”
“That’s not a word.”
“I know.”
“Thanks, Granny,” says Elsa and leans her head against her arm.
And then Granny just nods and whispers: “We’re knights of the kingdom of Miamas, we have to do our duty.”
Because all seven-year-olds deserve superheroes.
And anyone who doesn’t agree needs their head examined.

(This is an excerpt from "My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell you She is Sorry" taken From Simon and Schuster website).

From Miamas with Love!!!

Miamas is a kingdom in the Land of Almost Awake and that is where all the stories come from. And that is exactly where this quilt comes from. I have named it "From Miamas with Love". 

Shall we count the sheep?

Penguins and Puppies

The Birds whispered to the Llama...

How many cats does it take to make a quilt?

A Monkey and a Panda walk into a quilt...

I heart you

Kitty with a Ball of Yarn :-)

Sunny Days


Scientifically Speaking

It is a zoo in here...

Scraps from Bernie - Put to use

Scrappy & Happy

Pieced over many months, I sewed scraps in between projects. As the year draws to an end it was time to wrap up this storybook of a quilt.  It isn't easy to put together blocks of varying shapes and sizes. But that is exactly my superpower :-) 


Purple Backing + Turquoise Binding

Walking Foot Quilting - Squiggly Lines

Pieced Backing

Clearly I am in love with this book - "My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell you She is Sorry" by Frederik Backman. I cannot recommend it enough. After I had listened to the audiobook thrice, I bought the physical book. It has made me think and laugh and cry - often at the same time. 

Paul: So you are a quiltmaker from Miamas?
Me: No, I am a knight from Miamas. Quilting is my superpower :-D My quilts tell my stories.
Paul: How big is your quilt?
Me: It is multi-dimensional.
Paul: Multi-dimensional? How?
Me: It has four sides and all four sides have different lengths.
Paul: Don't you mean crooked?
Me: You could say wonky but I prefer multi-dimensional.

Like Granny said in the book, "You have standards and I have double standards. So I win."

Paul: Who is getting this multicolored and multi-dimensional quilt?
Me: Mom. I am taking it to India with me.
Paul: I am sure she will love it.
Me: Also she can show it off to others and she won't even have to say - "my daughter is so talented"
Paul: That is what others will say...
Me: Exactly!!! You are so smart :-D 

I love this shot!!!

I love this model!!!

"With Love from Miamas" finished at about 68" by about 77", but let's not quibble about exactness here.  Its multi-dimensional aspects are perfect for family snuggles :-D  
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I am thankful for your love and support.  But when you leave me a comment, oh my goodness, you make me giddy with gratitude.

To celebrate Thanksgiving and promote my giddiness, here is a giveaway for you. Two FQ bundles (5 fat quarters each) from Island Batik's Bellingham Bay Collection, designed by Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design.

Prize Bundle 1

Prize Bundle 2

To qualify for a prize, please leave me a comment, telling me your favorite book this year.  I will announce the winners on December 5, 2021.


RSC Progress - The flimsy is completed and basted. 

Basting my Lovely

As I am quilting it now, I am also thinking about binding choice. 

Quilting in process

I am thinking turquoise will look lovely with the floral backing. But light or dark? What do you think?

Floral Backing

Binding Choice

I am leaning to the light one, which is so not me. May be I should go with pink instead :-p

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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Mermaid Rides the Elephant

I have a new finish to share but would you, could you wait till I share some news? Pretty, please.

I am in a magazine...well, my work is.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Diptee Raut of Quilt Stories, asking if I'd consider contributing to India's first quilting magazine.  I was so slammed at that time that I told Diptee - Take a look at my blog and use whatever you like. Diptee chose the tutorial for the Picket Star Quilt Block and here is the link to the magazine

Courage uses the Picket Star Quilt Block, quilted by Rebecca Grace Quilting

Quilt Stories is a digital magazine. It is completely free and has no advertisements or promotions. It is 100% quilting with loads of inspiration and amazing quilts from a wide range of quilters/artists.  I am completely floored by the extraordinary talent showcased in the magazine.

With Vasudha at Quiltcon 2020

What tickles me most is that Vasudha's Quilt was featured in Quilt Stories Issue 4. Like I am Vasudha's younger sister, following in her footsteps. Because little sisters try to imitate their big sisters :-)

Vasudha encouraged me to apply for the Island Batik Ambassadorship program and that has been a fantastic experience.  


Speaking of Island Batik, do you remember the quilted tree skirt I made for the Island Batik July Challenge? It has buttons and loops. No finicky strings or messy ties. No miles of bias binding; actually no binding at all. It was simple and easy and looked so chic and modern. 

And some of you asked "how you did that" and many said "buttons and loops are so clever".  Buoyed by all your positive feedback, I wrote a pattern for the Tree Skirt with Buttons & Loops and it is now listed  in my Etsy Shop for a mere $8.00. 

To all those who have supported my foray into pattern writing, I am very grateful!!!  It means so much to me.


Speaking of so much (scrappiness), here is my newest finish - Mermaid Rides the Elephant. 

Paul, the model

Pieced Backing


Bob - Always Happy to see me :-)

On location

Fox + Fish = Fun Fabrics

Black Binding

Mermaid Rides the Elephant finished at 40" by 48".  Are you wondering about the name?
Let me explain.

See the mermaid with pink hair, orange bodice and a star in her headband?  She is the star of this quilt.

Hello Mermaid!!!

And here are the elephants on the backing.

Elephants on the Back
Hence the name - Mermaid Rides the Elephant.

Paul: So there IS a method to your madness?
Me: Mostly madness, sprinkled with a little method.
Paul: How many quilts have you made this year?
Me: This is #35 but that number does not include two table runners and the backpack.
Paul: In any case, you will exceed 40 by the end of the year.
Me: I have three more, at least.
Paul: So complete madness!!!

It is this madness (of sewing two random pieces of fabric together) that has kept me sane. I am sure I am in good company, though. 


Speaking of company, it is time to party. Rainbow Scrap Challenge Linky Party to be exact.  I am ready to piece my Sisters Choice Quilt Blocks into a flimsy.  There are 30 blocks and my design wall can barely hold 20. 

Design Wall overflows...

All walls should be design walls, just like every floor tile pattern is a quilt inspiration. But that is a separate discussion.

And the rest of them...

I will have to piece in two halves - top 15 and bottom 15, each arranged into 5 across by 3 down. And then piece the two halves together. 

Speaking of piecing, Island Batik's December Challenge is English Paper Piecing. Here is a glimpse. 

Island Batik Hexies :-)

In summary, I got published in a magazine, wrote/published a pattern, finished a scrap vortex quilt, and working on a couple of other projects.  I know, I know that this is such a long newsy blogpost, but you are ok with that. Aren't you?  Do let me know in the comments :-)

Monday, November 1, 2021

Island Batik November Challenge & Blog Hop

Welcome to Day One of the Island Batik's November 2021 Blog Hop - Storm at Sea.

The November Challenge for Island Batik required that we make a Storm at Sea quilt, lap size or larger, using the Summer 2021 Fabric bundle. I received the collection Bellingham Bay - designed by Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design.

Bellingham Bay

Those of you who know me know that these are not my favorite colors. I find them dark and depressing.  Guess this was an added dimension to the challenge.  

I turned to EQ8 to mock-up the color combinations to come up with a suitable design. After a few iterations, I chose this one and tried to replicate it. 

I used regular piecing to make the square in square blocks and used freezer paper piecing to make the diamonds.

Practice Blocks

Choosing Fabrics

Choosing Fabrics

Work in Progress

Coming together

Almost there

I received in my Island Batik Box a Cotton Wool blend batting measuring 60" square and it was the perfect size for this quilt.

Hobbs Batting - Cotton Wool Blend

A skinny grey border was added to protect the delicate points. A dark green binding completed the picture.

The quilt finished at 58" square and I took lots of pictures. Here are a few of them.



Almost Perfect Points :-)

Challenge Met

Beautiful Day

Contrast Backdrop

Since it was a beautiful fall day, I tried to capture the bright foliage and the warmth of the autumn sun.
Bright Foliage Backdrop

Quilting Detail

I was surprised when Paul asked for the completed quilt.

Me: You like this?
Paul: Absolutely.
Me: Why?
Paul: It reminds me of one of my  games - The Invisible Sun.
Me: You just named the quilt.
Paul: So may I have it?
Me: Yes, you may.

I am so glad that Paul likes it.  To be honest (and humble), I like it too.  It is not my usual color palette (cheerful, playful, energizing, bright and happy) but it conveys peacefulness and an introspective vibe. 

The Invisible Sun

One thing is certain - If it wasn't for the Island Batik challenge I would not have worked with this palette and would not have discovered the potential of these colors to create an almost meditative quality.  What do you think?

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.

Disclosure: The fabrics, thread, batting and needles were generously supplied by the following companies:

The full list of Ambassadors’ names, collections they will be using in their projects, and their post dates are as follows:

November 1:

Gail Sheppard, Quilting Gail 

Preeti Harris, Sew Preeti Quilts

November 2:

Pamela Boatright, Pamela Quilts

Jane Hauprich, Stitch by Stitch Custom Quilting

November 3:

Denise Looney, For the Love of Geese

Megan Best, Bestquilter

November 4:

Gail Renna, Quilt Haven Threads

Claudia Porter, Create with Claudia

November 5:

Blog Hop Round-Up Week 1 and Giveaway

November 8:

Mania Hatzioannidi, Mania for Quilts

Jennifer Fulton, Inquiring Quilter

November 9:

Joanne Hart, Unicorn Harts

Connie Kauffman, Kauffman Designs

Jennifer Eubank, Archipelago Quilting

November 10:

Jennifer Thomas, Curlicue Creations

Janet Yamamoto, Whispers of Yore

November 11:

Emily Leachman, The Darling Dogwood

Maryellen McAuliffe, Mary Mack Made Mine

November 12:

Blog Hop Round-Up Week 2 and Giveaway

November 15:

Elizabeth DeCroos, Epida Studio

Andi Stanfield, True Blue Quilts

November 16:

Brianna Roberts, Sew Cute and Quirky

Michelle Roberts, Creative Blonde

November 17:

Sally Manke, Sally Manke Fiber Artist

Leah Malasky, Quilted Delights

Suzy Webster, Websterquilt 

November 18:

End of Blog Hop and Total Round-Up

To celebrate the start of Storm at Sea Blog Hop, Island Batik is giving away a 2.5″ Strip Pack and a 10″ Stack of Bellingham Bay – a gorgeous premiere Original Island Batik collection, designed by Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design!