Saturday, April 27, 2024

Peach on Earth

Although I had completed Blush, I had plenty of strips left over. It was time to play improv. 

Strips and Scraps

Pop of Green

As I pieced strips of varying lengths together, I added a skinny strip of green fabric to add a pop of contrast! What do you think?

Peach, Coral, Gold and Green :-)

Here is the finished quilt. I have named it "Peach on Earth". 

Peach on Earth, 42" by 45"

Giraffes on the Backing

Finishing at 42" by 45", "Peach on Earth" will be making an appearance in the Quilts (Throw or Larger) category. 

Here are a few closeups. 

Walking Foot Quilting

Pink Lions and Peachy Giraffes

White Binding


There was just one more thing. I wanted a picture with a Pink Dogwood in Bloom. I scouted our neighborhood, knocked on doors, asking for permission to take pictures, promising no harm shall befall the blooms. I was lucky. Here are the best three (of 27) shots.

I will be sharing with the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2024 Linky Party hosted by Sarah Ruiz Quilts and Quilting Jetgirl's Favorite Finish for April

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Feeling Peachy - Mica in Island Batik Fabrics

I wanted to make at least one quilt using Island Batik Fabrics, for the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2024.  

There are so many beautiful peachy hues to choose from.

Island Batik Fabrics

Cantaloupe (Island Batik Basic) from the Opulent Oranges was the closest match for Peach Fuzz.



So many ideas and so little time. I wanted to create something simple and minimalist different from Blush (a Colorwash inspired quilt top), and Peach on Earth (improv pieced quilt).

After playing with shapes, fabrics and layouts in EQ8, I chose this design.

EQ8 Mock-Up

First Block

The design took a week, while the actual making of the quilt took but one weekend.

All the blocks


And here is the finished quilt. I have named it Mica.

Mica finished at 26" by 28" and will be entered in the Mini/Wall category.

Mica, 26" by 28"

I will be sharing with the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2024 Linky Party hosted by Sarah Ruiz Quilts.

I will also be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.  


In other news, I completed my yellow hexie blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Sharing with Angela's Linky Party.

As usual, I look forward to your thoughts. 

Feeling Peachy - Blush

Few weeks ago, I had just completed a project for publication. And I had yet to begin my Funky Friends Toy. This in-between-projects time when I was particularly vulnerable, I came across the Pantone Quilt Challenge Announcement and I fell for it. HARD.

Paul: How hard?
Me: So hard that I have an entry in EVERY category.

One thing was certain. I was NOT going to buy any fabric for the challenge. I would only use my stash. It turns out I had plenty of peachy goodness, in the entire spectrum of values, in yardage, precuts and scraps. 




I got to work or I started to play :-D

Peachy all the way

I cut squares and rectangles and made blocks. I arranged and rearranged. 

Ready to sew

On the design wall

I took a walk and saw peachy goodness everywhere.

On my walk

I checked my email and saw peachy yumminess.

Passionfruit Tea

I went shopping and was surrounded by peachy vibes.

Fashion forward kidswear

I woke up peachy. I ate peachy. I slept peachy and even dreamt in peachy hues.

My Salmon is Peachy :-D

Peachful Dreams

As I came close to completing the top, I thought about a suitable name. I should call it "A Peachful Demonstration", I reasoned. It had so many peachy fabrics.

But once I took the pictures, I decided against it. 

Finished Flimsy




I am going with "Blush". What do you think?

Finally, my favorite picture!

She is peachy, alright!!!

Blush measures 60" square. 
I am entering Blush in the "Just the Top" category. 

Make sure you check out all the entries at the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2024 Linky Party hosted by Sarah Ruiz Quilts.

I will also be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.  

Monday, April 8, 2024

Bluey Boy - Funky Friends Factory Challenge

It was a beautiful day and I took Bluey Boy for a walk. 

Bluey posing for the camera

The April challenge is sponsored by Funky Friends Factory, who provided each of the Island Batik ambassadors a free pattern of their choice.  

It was a difficult choice because all of these patterns are so cute. I chose the Digger/Dixie Dachshund. The difference in two options was the tail. I could choose a short upright tail or a longer downward one.

I chose the short tail version, because it would be easier to photograph. Besides I can just picture the cute little tail wagging for me :-)

Let's start at the beginning. I chose Aqua Blender for the body and a dark blue contrasting fabric for tails, ears and footpads.

The head and the ears

Although the pattern may seem intimidating, Pauline provides step by step detailed instructions with pictures for every step. 

The tail

Coming together

I used Schmetz Microtex 80/12 needle in my machine. Lots of pins were a must to keep little pieces in their proper place. 

Pins and Needles

It was joyful to see the little guy come together, bit by bit. 

Button eyes

I used charcoal buttons for eyes. I added the nose in advance, deviating from the pattern.
I used Crafter's Choice Polyfil to stuff this baby. If practice makes you perfect, I am only one step away from completely imperfect. Because I've done this only once before when I made Gertie Gecko

Almost there!

And here he is - meet Bluey Boy!

The tail!!!

Imperfectly Perfect

My stitching is far from neat and the project is not perfect. 
But Bluey is an entirely different story. He is absolutely perfect and I love him.

I immediately took a few pictures.

Bluey at the door

Guarding the Door or Asking to go out?

Next morning, it was time for a proper photoshoot.  Paul served as not only the photographer but also the Creative Director behind these pictures. 

Using Island Batik Ribbon as a leash

Well Done!

Bluey examining the output

Ok, you have done the deed. Are you done sniffing? Good. No need to taste it.
The leash and the poop (Twix) were Paul's ideas. But that is where he drew the line. 
Bluey is my dog and I had to clean up after him.

Yes, I clean up after my dog

Do you see his ear flapping in the breeze? Oh my goodness, so stinking cute :-D

Who is a good boy?

Such a good dog! I am so proud of you, Bluey Boy!

Good Bluey Boy!

This was such a fun project. Thanks to Funky Friends Factory, Bluey has brought me joy and I would have never attempted it if it wasn't for the challenge. I highly recommend that you consider making a toy from Funky Friends Factory.

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar. 


Angela has announced the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for April - Yellow. Looks like nature agrees.

Forsythias in Bloom

Here are my yellow scraps, all Island Batik. I will be working on my Hexie blocks. 

Island Batik Scraps :-)

I will be sharing with Angela's Linky Party on Saturday. But you don't have to wait to share your thoughts with me.