Sunday, September 20, 2020

Nine Lives

Nine Lives finished at 46" by 56"

Paul the model

Nine Lives - 46" by 56"

Of course I have Jonesie (he passed away last month) on my mind and this quilt has become of a reflection of my emotions.

A Sloth and a Cat with Fiery Red Eyes

An Owl and Smiley Cats

Black & White Cats from Bernie

A Llama, a Turtle and Purple Cats too

There are at least nine different cat fabrics and hence the name.
Can you find them all?

There is more than one here

Cattily Yours

Purrfectly Poised

Peeking Panda and Cats Packed Tight

My favorite cat

I am sure this cat is so happy because he is about to pounce on the duck next door.  Oh yum!

It may be a cat party but the quilt (not our house) has an open door policy for all other animals. 

Raccoons and a tiny horse

Can you find the baby monkeys?  Do you see the toucan?

Happy Memories

The pieced backing is reminiscent of an old world television set, complete with quaint shutters.  Of course, there is no show. Just static - another reflection of my inability to process these horrible times.

Future is Blurry


A dark blue binding matches the fabrics and the current times.

Paul: Dark AND Blue. Very sad and intense feelings, babe.
Me: I can eat my feelings or quilt my feelings.
Paul (eyes twinkling): I got you a bottle of water. It goes well with both.
Me (smiling): Thank you and I love you
Paul: Love you too.

Dark & Blue

Wish you were here

And one last one...cause we miss you so much.


And one more because it is impossible to let go.

Good bye Jonesie

In other news, I am reviewing "Diamond Star Quilts" by Barbara Cline for an upcoming blog tour
The flimsy is finished and basted. The binding is made, ironed and rolled. But I could not find the will to quilt. Also my eyes hurt too much from all the onions I have been chopping.

Blogpost coming on October 1, 2020

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on Friday. Her frail body could not take it any more. Even as her strength waned her thoughts remained on the future of our country. Her last message read "My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed."

Now if only I could find the mountain of chopped onions, I will make some soup for my soul...
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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Sisters without Borders

My purple blocks for August were completed at the very last minute. Tch Tch Tch.
September is Red.

September Completed

And my red blocks are all done. Happily sharing at Angela's Linky Party.

Floral Red

Fluorescent Red

Dark & Light

Sparkling Red

Poppies & Daisies

Celestial & Wine

Yes, I am overcompensating for a tardy August.

Happiness is Red

Red is Joyful

I also have red on my mind - for another reason.

Canadian Quilter Magazine - Autumn 2020

I am thinking of Canada and the Canadian Quilter magazine. I was featured in the Autumn 2020 issue. Specifically the International Sister Block was featured (you don't have to be Canadian or in Canada to subscribe). Quilters are making and sharing the International Sister Quilt Block to turn it into quilts for shelters and charities. To know that I am a small part of this noble endeavor warms my heart and moistens my eyes.


I brought home a Strawberry Shortcake to celebrate...

Also White & Red :-)

Paul: What are we celebrating?

I showed him the article.

Paul: You are in a magazine!!!
Me: Yes, I am.
Paul: Does that mean you are famous?
Me: The International Sister Quilt Block is very popular. I am just lucky.
Paul: They all have different outfits, don't they?
Me (beaming with pride): Yes, no repeats.
Paul (mocking): Two women wearing the same thing? Never.
Me: Well, American films definitely enforce that stereotype.
Paul: How many different fabrics?
Me: Fifty in the big quilt. 32 in the smaller one.
Paul: That is a lot. What if someone wanted to make this quilt but they don't have as much variety?
Me: Quilters do block swaps all the time.
Paul: How would you arrange that?
Me: Quilt guild meetings have block swaps.
Paul: All your meetings are suspended.
Me: Like-minded quilters can coordinate and mail blocks to each other.

Paul's phone buzzed and the discussion ended.
But it got me thinking - could I use a layer cake square (10" square) to make the block?

International Sister Quilt Block from a 10" Square

10" Square - Cut Up

The Complete Outfit

Me: I believe I have addressed your concern about someone not having 50 different fabrics.
Paul: How so?
Me: The outfits can be made from a 10" square and one can buy a packet of 40 squares, instead of 40 different fabrics purchased individually.
Paul: That is cool. 

The thought process continued. Can I use 5" squares? How?
Here is a how you can use two 5" squares to make a modified block (7.5" finished).
One square makes the skirt and the other square provides the sleeves and the headdress.  

Petite International Sister Quilt Block from a 5" Square
5" Square Cut up

The Total Outfit for Petite Sister

Paul: Preeti, when are we leaving?
Me: In five minutes. I'll be ready shortly.
Paul (teasing): You do everything shortly.

I am 5'3" which is petite by American standards.  An average Indian woman is 5'1".
Paul is 5'11" which isn't exactly tall but he won't let that come in the way of a good-natured teasing. 
He can tease me all he wants but no one will tease my petite sisters.

Here are the fabric measurements to make a Petite Sister Block.

Two rectangles - 2.75" by 5"
Two rectangles 1.25" by 3"

One square 2.25"  (face)
Two squares 1.25" (Palms)

Focus Fabric/Outfit
One Square 5" (Skirt - Use one charm square)
One Rectangle 2.25" by 1.75" (Headdress - see diagram above)
One Rectangle 3.5" by 1.75" (Headdress - see diagram above)
Two Rectangles 1.25" by 2.5" (Sleeves - see diagram above)

One Tall Sister + Three Newly Made Petite Sisters :-)

Please use the International Sister Quilt Block tutorial for detailed instructions.

The Petite Sister Block is 8" square (7.5" finished) compared to the 10.5" square (10" finished) for the International Sister Block.

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.
Please tell me how you feel about the petite sisters (or the tall one). I am dying to know.