Quilts 2019


  1. Looked through all of your quilt endeavors/successes and could not find a quilt I did not love! So beautiful from the very first one! I have a love of turquoise, aqua, and gee, blues of all shades. So the quilts in blues will always be my favorites. However, you are fantastic for the variety and wonderful ability you have and have utilized to its fullest for you many friends and family.
    I am still waiting for your first book! All the stories, musings and quotes are so extremely descriptive and well written. They need to be shared with more than just the quilt community! Your quilts make a wonderful back drop for your writings. The fabric of your life has touched so many others.
    On a personal note of only mine: I truly wish I had an MIL at least half as loving and kind as yours. What treasures you both are! Not only are you a winner, but so are Paul and your MIL. You have been blessed, and so have they with you.

  2. Preeti, I just LOVE all of your creations and conversations with Paul. Thank you for sharing ll of them with us. I love seeing another quilter’s journey, from the struggles to the triumphs. Keep going, you’re doing great!

  3. I love all of your creations along with you hummus jokes.I was very lucky to meet you."Friendship is essential for the Soul"
    I am very very grateful for you making your first "SISTERHOOD QUIT" for Evaline. With this design you now have (Claim to Fame) as we would say.