Saturday, August 24, 2019

Feeling Blue

I am not just making quilt blocks I am making friends.

Hmm... try again
That's it!

One fine day I received an email from Gail in which she explained that she was the original designer of the block (Abigail Angel) that eventually became the International Sister Quilt Block. She appreciated the fact that I did not claim the block as my own but had shared the tutorial freely. Gail further wrote that she was pleasantly surprised with the long life and the evolution of the block.
I was thrilled to hear from Gail - the original designer!!!
I asked if we could meet.
She said yes.
We chose Baltimore not only because it is in the middle but also because it is a beautiful city.

Gail & Steve modeling the Abigail Angel blocks

We met at Isabella's which is a tiny shop in Little Italy serving the best sandwiches, salads and pizza.
We chatted about quilts, quilt shows, our individual paths to quilting and agreed to stay in touch.
My suggestion for gelato was met with smiles and approval so we went to Vaccaro's.

Gail with her signature block

For those who may not know, a trip to Baltimore is incomplete without a visit to Little Italy and a visit to Little Italy requires paying a visit to Vaccaro's. It is not just a gelato shop. It is an Italian dessert shop with Italian cookies, cannolis, gelato and more.

It is not sunshine, it is a halo :-)

A pensive expression

Little Italy in Baltimore also holds very special memories for me. The year was 2007.
I was across the street from Vaccaro's when Paul asked me to marry him. I said yes and then we promptly crossed the street to get gelato, because a sweet celebration was in order :-)


Filler Blocks

The panel

For days following the El Paso shootings, I had no desire to sew.
Scraps got sorted and fabric room got organized.
Last Friday, I saw Sarah's post about Socorro Foundation and immediately I had something to do.

Panel Blocks + 9-Patch Block = Layout

Paul: You made a lot of extra blocks.
Me: They will make the second quilt.
Paul: Same as this one?
Me: Hmmm.
Paul: Don't you need more of the animal baby blocks?
Me: I have another panel - just need to cut it up.

A different 9-patch

This "cat on the yarn ball" fabric came from Lara.  I am thinking of you, Lara!!!

Piecing a Disappearing 9-patch

Paul: Oh this looks nice and bright
Me: I wanted happiness
Paul:What are those blocks for?
Another quilt
Paul:So three?
Me: For now. I am sure they need three hundred.
Paul: Who are they?
Me: The Socorro Foundation, a nonprofit organization is opening a Family Shelter and Education Center that receives families released from federal agencies. 
They provide families with a safe place to rest, shower, eat and prepare for the next leg of their journey to their sponsor family. 

Paul: I am sure they need lot more.
Me: They are listed on Amazon and I have added them to my charity of choice.
Paul: Love you babe
Me: Love you too


Completed the blocks for the August RSC 2019.  The International Sisters wore blue. Check other blocks at Angela's linky party here.

Rocket Blue

Fishy Blue

Transitioning to Purple Blue

Sombre Blue

Floral Blue

Orange Flower Blue

A Hint of Blue

Pink and Blue

All of Us

and me...feeling blue

Blue is also how I have felt lately but this cheerful bundle arrived yesterday. With "$20 off of $40" coupon it is a steal.

The Boundless fabrics remind me of Tula Pink and Kaffe Fassett.  What is your opinion?

Boundless Looking Glass - FQ Bundle

May be I will go and make something colorful. As usual, I'd love to hear from you - your comments always lift me up.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Sacred and Abhorrent

Last month I volunteered at the Sacred Threads Quilt Show.
There were two separate exhibits.  The first smaller exhibit was titled - OURstory Quilts - Human Rights Stories in Fabric.

I am sharing a small sample of the quilts from each. The picture of the quilt is followed by the maker's description.

Anne Smyers is in my quilt guild.  I remember when she was working on this quilt and mentioned that the base fabric was just two colors.  That is such an inaccurate representation of us because we are not just black and white. So she dyed the individual faces to create all the complexions. It is like the International Sisters are dancing in the Garden of Humanity.

I do still believe that most people are good at heart.  Only if we listened to our hearts...and not the hate.

If we know now that 1957 was a huge mistake then how can we sit quietly as the current prejudices are perpetrated?

Forgive the poor quality of the pictures. It is difficult to see properly through tears or hold the camera steady while sobbing.

The main exhibit had 240 quilts is six categories - Joy, Grief, Inspiration, Healing, Spirituality, and Peace & Brotherhood.  In addition there was the Eye Contact exhibit. I took several pictures but the link shows a video of the exhibit.

Here is a small sample of quilts from the main exhibit.

Just like Ann Bertorelli, I am horrified by those who perpetrate such torture on innocent children. How is this not a human rights violation? 

This quilter was also inspired by the movie Coco.  Such a fun quilt and so very different from my simple interpretation in Poco Loco.

This must have been such a difficult quilt to make. One does not just remember the abuse one relives it. I find it remarkable also because Arlene Wagner chose to display it not under GRIEF but under HEALING.

Of all the quilts I saw that day this one haunts me the most.

Between the time I saw this quilt and the time I could share these pictures with you, there were mass shootings in El Paso, in Gilroy and in Dayton and we need to make more hearts.

How can we make hearts when our hearts are breaking?

I know how I feel. I feel extremely saddened. I feel angry and I feel violated.
I don't know how to process it all. I don't know how to put it to use.

Paul: You can donate to the cause
Me: Already done
Paul: You can make a quilt
Me: I am thinking about it
Paul: Don't you have to sketch it?
Me: Yes, I will
Paul: You can send it to Sacred Threads next year
Me: I looked up. I stared at Paul.

Yes. Yes, I will.  I need to make a quilt to honor the victims and make sure they are not forgotten.
I will send it to Sacred Threads exhibit.

Quilts have to be made and delivered and there are works in progress.
work in progress

And I will get back to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks.
Blues for RSC 2019 - August

For now, I am tidying up my fabric room. I hope that as I sort fabric and arrange them by color, I'd be able to sort my thoughts too.
I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.
I'd feel so strengthened to hear from you.