Friday, October 19, 2018


Do you know Hannah?
Here is how I came to know of her.

One Friday, I came home from work and kicked off my shoes. One landed face down - did not care.
Then threw the bag and purse on the couch. While the chicken pilaf was warming in the microwave, I got out of my work clothes, and threw them in the laundry basket, more or less.



Carrying my dinner plate in one hand, the glass of water in the other, and cellphone tucked tightly under my arm, I walked into the living room. I turned on the television and settled comfortably on the couch. Life was good!



Pressed and Trimmed
Then I said to the blue button on the remote - Netflix.  I clicked on the very first suggestion. It looked like a stand-up comedy show by a woman who spoke with an accent.  I am a woman with an accent and I can be funny, especially when I am not trying (according to Paul).

No Blues

Between mouthfuls of spicy chicken and hot rice, I watched and listened and laughed. Once I laughed so loudly that I woke Paul from his nap.

Design Wall
He ambled into the living room, kissed the top of my head and walked away.  By then I had finished my dinner. I continued watching.

But I had stopped laughing. After a few minutes of sadness, I had started sobbing softly. Since Paul was now awake, he heard my sobs. He walked into the living room, sat beside me on the couch and held me as I cried, sobs rocking my body.

Almost there

I felt her angst and her humiliation, while I was completely floored by her talent and delivery.

Pieced Backing
Next morning, I pulled out yellow, green, pink and purple fabrics - anything but blue.
And made a stack and whack quilt.

Yellow, Pink and Green
When the flimsy was finished, I was somewhat disappointed. No, I did not hate it. I just wanted to continue working on it. So I made a pieced backing.


The backing and binding fabrics are very similar.
The quilt finished at 45" by 53".  I have decided to call her Hannah.

Machine Binding

If you wish to better understand what happened to me, look for Hannah Gadsby (Nanette) on Netflix. 

She is amazing and she is powerful. She completely destroyed my happy Friday mood in an hour. 
And I have no regrets. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. 


If you don't already know the brilliant and incisive Hannah Gadsby, I want to grab you and tell you - please watch Hannah Gadsby.  If you can watch just one thing this weekend, make it Hannah.

Purple Pops
There are many comedians - funny, scathing and brilliant.  But Hannah makes you think and feel and hurt, while making you laugh.


That is me with Hannah

If you have thoughts about Hannah - the quilt or Hannah Gadsby - the comedian, I'd love to hear them. Yes, your comments make me happy and also because I am nothing without this community.

Fake grass - real quilt

See you around, Hannah!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Lo and Behold

It started here, when Julie mentioned my name on her blog in the same sentence with Scrap Vortex quilts.  It was official.
Hi, I am Preeti and I am a scrap vortex addict. And here is my latest - meet Lo and Behold.

Lo and Behold


I wanted to quilt a spiral in true scrap vortex spirit.
I found the center and started to quilt - p a i n f u l l y   s l o w l y.
And then I came to the horror of my horrors conclusion - I cannot quilt a tight circle/spiral with my walking foot.

Painstakingly stitches were removed. But I was not going to give up.
Just because I couldn't do a spiral in the beginning does not mean that I won't do a spiral at all.

Modification Quilting - I started with a triangle and echo quilted it till it was large enough and then started the circular spiral quilting.

Somewhat Spiral

Now, it is possible that the quilting spiral flattened out as it reached the edges. But you are ok with that, right?

Triangle in a Spiral

Let me show the back? Oh my quiltyness, you gotta see the back. I used the scrappy triangles leftover from Fire Pit to make the pieced backing.

Pieced Backing

From Scraps to Scrumptious

Princess Bonniebella's little lamb was missing.  Oh no.

Princess Bonniebella

May be the birds saw him scamper off.
Did you see my little lamb, she asked.

Guiding Birds

The birds chirped and turned their heads left. Bonniebella followed them. But she was so engrossed in looking at the birds that she stepped on a crab.

Crabby Crabs

Bitten by the crab, she cried out in pain. The lazy turtles opened their droopy eyes.
The fox jumped over the bush.

Jumpy Fox

Charlie Brown heard her scream. What happened he asked.
The dancing elves explained.
Charlie rushed to help the princess get rid of the crab claw. Snoopy followed - this was a new adventure.

Charlie Brown & Snoopy

As the pain eased, Bonniebella noticed Snoopy. Oh that is an adorable puppy, she said.
Snoopy smiled a big floppy smile and scampered away.
They ran after him. Over the fields and flowers, past the foxes and the penguins.
Let me chase those pink and purple cats, thought Snoopy, and he switched direction.

Colorful Cats enticed Snoopy

The princess and Charlie followed.
The colorful turtles just nodded with amusement - Why the fuss, they thought?
When Snoopy saw the fierce monsters, he froze.

Fierce Monsters

Finally, Charlie and the princess caught up with him.
Charlie scolded him but the princess held him. And Snoopy was calm.

I am hungry, said Charlie. I am exhausted, said the princess.
Oh look there is a cup cake and candy too.

Cake but it is Fake

But it was just a picture. No real cake.
The elves whispered - you can make your own cake.

Dancing Elves

Here are the ingredients - eggs, butter, milk and flour.

Eggs and Milk

Look, I found a whisk.

See the whisk? Next to the crabs.

But how will we cook it. We have no oven.
May be the fire-breathing dragons can help with that, winked the elves.

Fire breathing dragons

The wafting smell from the baking was an invitation to all the creatures - crabs, cats, birds, turtles, and penguins.
Dancing (on the ice) Penguins

Foxes and owls came too. Lo and Behold there was a party and everyone enjoyed the cake.

Foxes and Owls

And although you can buy and eat readymade cupcake isn't it sweeter when you make your own - be it a quilt or a cupcake?
This is my story. What is yours?

P.S. Charlie asked the princess - why did you leave the safety of your palace?
I lost my little lamb and went looking for him.

Can you find the lamb? Do you see him now?

Do you know why the lights on the Christmas tree shine so bright?  Because they are plugged into the sunflower which draws its energy from the sun. :-D

Plugged in to the Sunflower :-)
Lo and Behold finished at about 57" by 58.5". this is my 18th finish of the year and I am loving it.

Hi, my dear!

You look lovely

and so calm...



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