Thursday, July 28, 2016

Something Old, Something New

I am happy to report that Side Effects is complete.  Read about the process here.

Paul, the model

Even though I had (still do) at least two other projects that are urgent, this is the one that I wanted to finish.

For Sandra, who loves this shot of quilts (see the cute elephant in the corner)

Feathers, Beads and Cupcakes

May be because these scraps helped me through my doldrums.
I see Fish. Can you find the rabbit?

Chose a Christmas backing.  Quilted with gentle curves. Red binding makes it pop.
Red Binding on a Christmasy Backing = Christmas in July

I am happy about the side effects of quilting - Scraps to make more quilts!
Color me Happy

Am I happy about the side effects of marriage - Fighting?  Not directly.

But, indirectly speaking - "make-up sex is worth fighting for", said Nick (Dermot Mulroney) in the movie - The Wedding Date, 2005

And, I would never argue with Dermot Mulroney.  Paul knows :-)

Side Effects

Once we had made peace, it was perfectly logical for Paul to ask for food, dates and other favors.
He asked for a zippered pouch.

Me: What? Really?
Paul: Yeah.
Me: Whatever for?
Paul: To keep stuff in when I am traveling
Me: OK. Do you know how big?
Paul: Awkward silence
Me: Do you want to pick out fabric?

He picked the stamps fabric (thanks to Jake) and also chose a peachy zipper to match.
Fabric from a dear friend Jake :-)

Me: What about the design?
Paul: What do you mean?
Me: Stiff or Soft, 3-D or flat, handle or not
Paul: 3-D is good, don't really need a handle.
Me: OK, stiff or soft?
Paul: Soft. You know I like soft things...

the tall & short of it

(The twinkle in his eyes met with a glare in mine.)
Me: Are we still talking about fabric bags?

Green Lining, Peach Zipper

What did I do?  Well, since I am the ideal, loving wife, I not only honored his request, I made him a set of coordinated travel pouches.

Only batting, no interfacing for soft bags

Between the Side effects and many pouches and baskets, I had used up a lot of scraps.  Time for something new :-D

Let's go shopping.

These are a few things that caught my eye for obvious reasons and that they are on clearance!!! Like 40 - 50% off. YAY!!!

1. Marcus Fabrics Intrigue Pink

2. Anthology Shibori Fat Quarter - Imagine skinny strips of this gorgeous fabrics between wide black/charcoal strips

3. Moda Tucker Prairie Fat Quarter Bundle - You will not get this FQ bundle at this ridiculous price anywhere else.  Guaranteed.

4. Andover Sun Print Precuts - Love these colors - so rich and so versatile. Must for every stash.

I know, I know you are on a fabric diet because you are oh so swimming in fabric.  Well then, may be you would consider one of these classes, all of them are just $19.99

I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties as well as One Monthly Goal.

Which fabric caught your eye and why?  Please let me know cause I love hearing from you.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Side Effects of Marriage (and quilting)

We had a fight!!!


He got angry ( I am sure I provoked the saint of a man.)
And said things that were hurtful.  ( I am sure I deserved it.)
And then he stormed out of the house. (What else could he do?)

Where is the broom?

Needless to say, I went to my sewing machine while tears streamed down my cheeks and sobs convulsed my body.

What a mess!

What shall I work on, I tried to think.

Design Wall to the Rescue

There are bags and baskets to make.  About three dozen of them are still unfinished.

Basketful of Pouches

I could quilt any one of the four quilt tops.  I believe they look at me with such neediness as the cat begging for a sliver of turkey lunchmeat.

Completed KISS flimsy (from Craftsy Blog Hop)

There are at least five new quilts that have to be made for specific recipients - my brother, my friend in India, my high school friend also in India, one of my teachers in India, one of my sister's friends, and her sister-in-law.

Blue Strips for a Future Quilt

No. No. No.
Look at yourself.  You are more pathetic than a pile of ugly scraps.
Sobbing and Crying - you will just ruin fabric and thread.

Some order from chaos

So, I did the only sane thing I could do.  I opened my bag of scraps and went to town.
Who cares if I ruin them, I thought, still sobbing.

I am liking this!!!

Being married, fighting with your spouse is inevitable, in my opinion.
As a quilter, it is inevitable that you will have scraps.

Three Columns of Blocks

So when one side effect threatened to ruin my day, I turned to another.

Finished Flimsy

So will I cook for Paul?
Sure, if he asks nicely, I will.  He still has not.
Guess that means I have more time to myself :-D

So bright and cheerful

Now, that is a good side effect (time for quilting) of a bad side effect (fighting).
Trust me to always see the bright side of things.
And speaking of bright side, this flimsy is not too shabby either.


What do you think?  I am going got call this one Side Effects :-D

Now, that adds another flimsy to my to-be quilted list.  Shall I add this to my one monthly goal?
Why not?

Not sure it will get done.
Because, now that Paul and I have made up, I am feeling sane enough to dive into a new project.

Here is a sneak peek at the auditioned fabrics.

For Angel's quilt

I will be linking with Scraptastic Tuesday and One Monthly Goal, along with all my other favorite linky parties.

And please, please share your thoughts about fighting, coping and making-up too!!!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that Craftsy is having a 50% off sale on their top classes.

And while I was browsing, I could not but notice that this very yummy Free Spirit by Tula Pink fabric was a whopping 40% off.  No, that is not sale. That is a steal!!!

Free Spirit by Tula Pink

This blogpost contains affiliate links.