Monday, August 20, 2018

Icecream with Sprinkles

Sex is like food, but different.

Beauty and the Beach

You imagine it to be sweet and smooth like ice-cream.
In reality it is like barbeque ribs - sticky and messy.

Ice-cream with Sprinkles

You picture it will be a neat little cup with a small spoon.  You daintily take a bite, close your eyes and enjoy the gentle melting of the ice-cream on your tongue. You take a deep breath of extreme satisfaction as the coolness travels down your throat, while the sweetness lingers in your mouth. Pure bliss.

Barbecue Ribs

In reality, the barbeque ribs are rather large and unwieldy. You go to pick it up and it is hot and it slips out of your fingers and as you try to catch it, the sauce splatters all over you. You manage to catch it but you are up to your elbows in brown goopy mess. It is spicy and smoky. It is sweet and salty. It is juicy but also burns. Pure disaster, but worth it.


Such is this quilt. It looks innocent - like a cup of ice-cream (with sprinkles) but making it has been a long drawn out process - like smoky ribs.

Kaffe Fassett

There were some scraps leftover from Clay's quilt other than the HSTs (that became Parikrama and the squares that went to the Little One).  Some were really skinny slivers.  I devised a simple plan to use up those skinny slivers.

Slivers - Composite and Simple
Make composite slivers!!!  Sew them along the length and cross cut into slivers, resulting in a mix of simple and composite slivers.
Are you still reading? Oh my goodness, thank you for your support and patience.

Cut and Insert

To give maximum focus to these slivers , I stitched background fabric on either sides to make a 6" square block.  Once I had 64 blocks, I would sew them in a layout of 8 by 8 and call it a flimsy.

Changed orientation to avoid bulky seams

Just when I got close to 60 blocks, I found a ziplock bag with slivers left over from Angel's Midnight Garden.  (Does that ever happen to you?)
Oh my goodness, more Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Was that a sign?
Of course it was a sign. More background fabric was cut, slivers were inserted and more 6" squares were churned out.

Contrast Borders

I was now up to 144 blocks.  Some slivers were still left over. What if I make the second cut/insert?
Some squares were inserted with sliver #2.

Light YellowBacking

Green Binding

144 blocks. Arranged 12 by 12 would yield a square lap size quilt of 66" sides.
I was already dreaming of snuggling with it, when I spoke aloud.

Sun shining through...

Me: Lap size goodness infused with magnificent slivers of Kaffe. So snuggly!!!
Paul: Lap size? Who is it for?
Me: Me, myself and I
Paul: What if someone else wants to snuggle with you?
Me: Who would that be (I asked innocently)
Paul: Brat, who else?
Me: Oh you?
Paul: Yes, me. Such a pretty quilt and none for me.
Me: So you really want to snuggle with the quilt, not me.
Paul: It can be both, you know.

Time for design modifications. At current layout, the quilt would be 66" square. I needed it to be 66" by 88". Meaning I needed a layout of 12 blocks by 16 blocks. That is a total of 192 blocks. I needed 48 more blocks. And all slivers were gone.

Brightness = Happiness

Finished at 72" by 94"
I cannot possibly put into words the mental calisthenics, the scribblings and scrawls that led to the final design and layout.

Hello Beautiful!

In the end, I decided on a layout of 165 blocks, arranged 11 by 15. Plus 5.5" borders.


I am calling this one Moonbeams. Because those colorful slivers - simple and composite - beam against the white/off-white/silvery moon-like background.
Slivers on Silver - say that five times fast :-D


Celebrating Color

My love affair with Kaffe continues...

Ready to Snuggle

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How is your summer - like ice-cream or smoky ribs? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Motivated by Mari

Mari made a quilt - Misfit Toys.

Misfit Toys is now going to AQS Quilt Show in Virginia Beach!!!  Mari shared this fantastic news with me on Friday. I jumped with joy for her.

With Mari

She gushed, I listened.
And in that moment, I knew I had to drop everything and make a quilt using up my leftovers - bee blocks (Honey Pot Bee) and orphan blocks and audition blocks.

Sandra and Elizabeth

I met Elizabeth in Buffalo. She mentioned a quilty term that I had not hear before - Coping Strips.
When the blocks are of varying sizes, she adds strips to the smaller blocks to bring them to the requisite size. These strips are aptly named coping strips.

Now, some folks call them sashing but I believe sashing is used with uniformly sized blocks.
See you can use sashing strips after you have used coping strips to make all blocks uniform :-D

I needed coping something but I chose to use coping blocks (also used coping strips in two places). Or you could call them filler blocks. The Charlie Brown+Snoopy block is a coping block. The improv slab next to it was leftover from Fire Pit, used also as a coping block.

Coping Blocks - Charlie Brown, Cool Leftover Slab from Fire Pit, Warm QSTs

I made coping blocks from leftover triangles discarded from Curry Favor (picture above) and from those leftover from making Doggone Cute blocks for KaHolly

Yellow Gray QST is a coping block using leftovers from Doggone Cute blocks

The leftover blocks from Charmed Encore worked perfectly as coping blocks.

Coping Blocks - Framed Charm Squares, 4 HSTs, and a house
I also used a coping strip to bring the red tree block to size. See picture above.
Simple 4-patch blocks made perfect coping blocks, sometimes used singly sometimes in a series.

4-patch blocks, used in a series - left corner

There were some composite HSTs leftover from Animal House. They became houses with mix and match roofs. I tried the same pattern in a larger size. Did not work.  Kinda loses its appeal in that size.

Here they are - three modest houses and one Mac-mansion.

Three modest houses and one Mac-Mansion - UGH

I loved the Blended Scraps Block so much that I made a whole quilt - Shadow of Light. The first block from that endeavor is near the top left.

Finished Flimsy

My experiments with paper-piecing are all here - the black/red/yellow star that was a moderate success, the very pointy 1.5 star, the Tall Tales book block which was a huge success, the two mushroom blocks where I used freezer paper and the As-You-Wish block (envelope+letter) which I declined to paper piece.

Paper Piecing Adventures - Star Blocks and Mushroom Blocks

The lattice block next to the tree block also came from the Honey Pot Bee. As did the Pantry Jar block and the Star Kisses block.

Star Kisses block from the Honey Pot Bee

The BHQ Economy Square Block had me whining because it has 81 pieces in just one block.

The 81 piece Economy Square Block

Before I wrote my most popular tutorial, I made an audition block in purple and red. It finally found a place in here.

Audition Block - Purple Red and Cream

I enjoyed making the strawberry block. Made in three colors. You can see the red one below. Saving the pink and orange ones for the Quilt Guild BOM later this year.
Did not enjoy the Echo block. This was a perfect place to get rid of it, but if you love it here is the link to the tutorial.

The Strawberry (love) and Echo (hate) blocks

This flimsy also has one of the discarded blocks from The Queen's Necklace (top row), next to the leaf block, which I loved so much that I have made several. Yes, they will make a quilt - just not yet.

Leaf, Kaleidoscope and Tall Tales Blocks. Pantry Jar, As You Wish and Tree Blocks
In the picture above, there is a coping strip (with a snail) next to the leaf block. I recently got that sliver of a fabric in the scrap bag that Sandra brought for me when we met in Buffalo!!!

This is one quilt with so many stories!!!

Some posts are laden with pictures. This one is definitely laden with links. I am trying to give credit where credit is due. It is possible that I missed some. If so, please ask and I will supply the link/inspiration in the comments.

Thank you Mari - I started because of you.

Thank you Sandra - I completed it because of you. So that I could make it to this Dreami party.

Lots of color = One Happy Quilt

Who has inspired you lately? I'd love to hear from you. 
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I almost forgot. Here are the winners from the giveaway.

1. Solids Kona FQ Bundle to Dottie Bishaw (#30) and Gran Chris (#52)
2. Four warm prints FQs to Kristin (#74) and four cool prints FQs to Frederique (#5)
3. Pink/red scraps to Lisa Marie (#10) and Blue/green scraps to Clare M(#80)

Emails will be sent to the winners later today, unless you are a no-reply blogger, in which case please send me an email. If I do not hear from you in a week, you will forfeit your prize and I will pick someone else.

Thank you so much for celebrating with me. Big hugs to you!!!