Monday, November 27, 2017

So many reasons to be thankful...

I was not going to write about it because this is a quilting blog and not an everyday life kinda blog. But it is my quilter friends that I am thankful for and it is the everyday life that inspires my quilting.

with Sylvia in Reading Mall

Earlier this month, I drove to PA to meet with my quilty buddies.  Sylvia and I met up for lunch. She brought me this gorgeous Kaffe fabric. Not a FQ or a sliver but 3+ yards of it.

I love you!!!
Thank you, Sylvia.
How did she know I am having an affair with Kaffe Fassett fabric? Well, I am but that is another blogpost.

Next stop was Mari. We had so much to talk about that I forgot to take pictures - tch tch tch.  I showed her my WIPs. We exchanged ideas, lots of laughter and some yummy food. Yes, of course she showered me with fabric too.

You make me happy!

This is so me!!!
But this is not all. I received more fabric, but that is yet another blogpost. Thank you, Mari.

I have not met Bubby, but I know her from the M* forum.  I was tickled when I received this lovely card and this adorable turkey coaster from her.

Cuteness Overload
And I love the coaster. Thank you, Bubby.

Two weeks ago, Paul had to go to work really early. He had to be there at 3:00AM (yes, it is insane) to coordinate with team members in Australia.
Would I pack him a few sandwiches?
Of course. As I placed the sandwiches in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, I noticed that there were several plastic bags (with leftovers) in the fridge.
Since I would not be up at 2:45AM to hand him the correct bag (and he may be too sleepy/groggy to pick the right one), I placed a note on the sandwich bag saying "THIS IS THE ONE".
Made sure that it was front and center in the fridge and went to sleep.
Later in the day, Paul sent me the following picture.
Melts my heart

The original from February 2008
Of all the joys and blessings in my life, Paul tops the list. Thank you, Paul.

Every year we go to Paul's parents for Thanksgiving but this year Paul had to work on both days.  I assured him that I would prepare the turkey and all fixings.  When my sister asked about our holiday plans I told her that I am staying put to make sure that the hardworking man got a home-cooked meal on the holiday.

Can we come, she asked.
Yes, of course, I answered.

My sister is vegetarian and my niece is allergic to nuts. Paul loves turkey and stuffing etc. We sisters find that food bland and blah. I needed a game plan and an elaborate one to please everyone and kill no one.

When my sister arrived on Wednesday with her 2+1 (my nephew, my niece, and the exchange student from Guatemala) kids, the Indian lunch and the no-nut banana muffins were ready.

I had also prepared the dough for making thumbprint cookies. The kids gleefully made the depressions and messily filled them with jam and marmalade.

Making cookies - making memories
Can you see them smiling?   They were being so goofy!!!  Look at the picture below - everyone is so involved. And my sister took the perfect shot.

My favorite picture
Twenty minutes to heavenly bliss.

Strawberry Preserves & Orange Marmalade Thumbprints

We went out for a Mexican dinner, courtesy my sis :-D Thank you, Sis!!!

Mexican Dinner

Good times

In addition to turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy, I chose to make roasted butternut squash soup, spaghetti squash fritters, roasted root vegetables, roasted broccoli, and an apple spinach salad.

Butternut Squash - cleaned

Seasoned with salt, pepper and cinnamon

Caramelized Sweetness
 Roasted the squash on Tuesday. The soup was made on Wednesday, while muffins were in the oven.
Can you see the silky smoothness?
I have made spaghetti squash before but this time, I wanted to do something special with it.  After roasting and scraping the strands, I added spices, boiled and grated potato, egg and breadcrumbs.

Spaghetti Squash - Roasted and Scraped
Shaped them into patties and refrigerated till an hour before dinner time.
 Deep fried in hot oil till golden brown.
Deep Fried to Golden Brown

I don't think I would have tried these new recipes, if it was just Paul and me. I am glad that my sister came over. I had been wanting to cook squash and this was the perfect opportunity to show off my skills :-)
Cubed Sweet Potatoes

Red Beets


Root Vegetables in an olive oil bath

Roasted and Yummy

Roasted Broccoli

Mashed Potatoes - A little Forkplay

Buttered and Broiled Sexiness
Oh yes, I did make the turkey. Just one breast - in the slow cooker.

Sow Cooker Turkey Breast
Shredded and served.

Paul was happy with his regular Thanksgiving food and my sister was impressed by all the non-traditional items. Even the kids had seconds.

Our Table
It was my first time hosting and it was a hit. Here is my colorful plate.

My plate

I am so happy. I need to write down that squash fritters recipe before I forget it. Did you want it too?

A clean house, a refrigerator full of food, and a happy family. Could I ask for more?
Ah yes, fabric. Well, I took care of that this weekend. Here is a glimpse of my loot.

Yes, I bought the bolt

Saved 134, spent 81

Floral Magic

Perfect Backing for Baby Quilts

Look at those rich colors

And here is a glimpse of the works in progress, which were put aside for the last three days but are now back on the machine, the design wall and everywhere else.

My favorite bag - Becca
Making these for an upcoming art/craft fair. If you are interested in making these bags/pods, I suggest the Craftsy class by Joan Hawley.

A few of the Sweet Pea Pods
Here is another work in progress. The plan (hope) is to have it done by the end of the year. Therefore I am making it my OMG for December.

WIP - December OMG

So much is happening. I have four holiday parties to attend. Cards to write and gifts to pack. Trying to squeeze sewing in between. It is pure chaos and I love it.  So, what is up with you? I'd love to hear from you.

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties - see sidebar.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Somethings are just better together like turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls and butter.  (Clearly, I have Thanksgiving on my mind.)

Here is my latest finish - two quilts that are just meant to be together. Because they are for twins.

Scrappy One

Scrappy Two

A dear friend is going to be a grandma. She gleefully shared the news and her delight was supreme as she said - TWINS!!!

Candy & Cupcake

Monkey - ready to jump off the edge!

Since the twins are due by the end of the month, it was absolutely essential for me to drop everything and finish these.  Sharing with Sandra's Dreami Linky.

Black/White does not have to mean boring

How can a fire breathing dragon be adorable?
I am calling them Happy and Lucky.  They are different but have several similar fabrics, just like siblings have similar characteristics. So, how can I tell them apart? Happy has orange/black Halloween binding and Lucky has orange binding.

Lucky and Happy

They also have different backings. Happy has a pieced backing, Lucky has a floral backing.

Here are a few more pictures.

Lucky labelled

Happy Labelled

Sheep & Dog

Fox and Owls
I am thrilled with these two finishes. Hope the mom-to-be likes them too.

Lucky and Happy
These are finishes 17 and 18 for this year.   I will be happily sharing with all my favorite linky parties. - see the links on the sidebar. I'd be so lucky to hear from you.

Bright and Cheerful

There is lots going on in the Sew Preeti Quilts workshop. I am making sweet pea pods for an upcoming holiday bazar.

Sweet Pea Pod in the making

Here is a completed flat Becca bag. This penguins on ice skates fabric screamed my name and I had to not only get it but use it to make something darling.

Flat Becca Bag
I first saw this mermaid fabric on Janine's blog - Quilts from the Little House. I found this at Joann Fabrics and these mermaids happily hopped into my cart.  Looks like it will become another Becca bag.

Mermaids Fabric from Joann

Recently got this 60" wide fabric from Ikea. Wish they had more choices.

60" wide backing from Ikea

I had used this fabric in Clay's quilt and I absolutely loved working with it. Therefore, I decided to buy the bolt - 12 yards at $4.99 is a steal. What do you think?

Mook Fabrics Steal

I have managed to resist all the pre-Black Friday sales so far.  But I will peek on Friday, for sure.  I know Craftsy will have something yummy.  I have my eyes on this Andover Chroma pre-cut.

I missed the wide backing sale on Connecting Threads last week. And I am resisting their 50% stash builders sale, but if the wide backing is on the Black Friday sale, I'd be sure to buy some.

My sister's family will be here for Thanksgiving.  I have lots to do. Cheese and sour cream do not like Paul, my niece is allergic to nuts, and my sister is vegetarian.  And I am busy planning, shopping and prepping to please everyone.

Have a safe and a happy Thanksgiving
(Translation - Don't bring up politics, don't rise to the bait, even if you have to pretend to choke on an olive.)

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