Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Smiles and Sniffles

It is a busy time in the Sew Preeti Quilts studio but cannot show anything much yet. So here is a catch up post. Hope you are handling the heat well so far. It is only going to get worse :-(

All Island Batik ambassadors were invited to become affiliates for the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and I was accepted :-) 

This means that if you order over $50 from Missouri Star, you will get 20% off your order and I will receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!

Here is what I got.

Steam a Seam 2 Stabilizer and Rotary Blades

Later this year, we have to make an Applique project and Steam-A-Seam 2 works best for me. 

Rotating Mat

I like that this rotating mat has 1/4" markings.


Rainbow Scrap Challenge - I have completed all my Pink blocks for May. All fabric scraps came from Island Batik :-)

Light Pink

Dark Pink

June is Blue, said Angela. I am gathering all my Island Batik blue scraps.


June Challenge - Island Batik June Challenge is sponsored by Studio 180 Designs. We are required to create a fun, simple quilt that falls in the size range for donation to Sleep in Heavenly Peace (50" to 60" wide, 75" to 90" long) using a tool that we received in your January box!

I received the Corner Beam Ruler. 

I am making a scrappy quilt and I will be sharing with you next week. Stay tuned. Here is a sneak peek.

Corner Beam Blocks in process


The Etsy Shop Sale ends on May 31, 2024.  All patterns are 25% off.
New pattern coming next month.


I rarely give book/movie recommendations. This one is worth it!

Laapataa Ladies is an Indian movie set in rural India in the year 2001. It is wedding season and several newly-weds are on their way home in a crowded train, to begin a new life with their new partners. Two brides, similarly attired, their faces covered with red veils are mistakenly interchanged. Finding their way home, they discover more than they ever expected. 

I have watched it thrice. I smiled, laughed and cried every time.  

What is making you smile today? Are you feeling sniffly? I'd love to know.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Everything is coming up Rosy!

There is a beautiful Hindi song - Gulabi. 

Although Gulab (in Hindi language) means rose, the word Gulabi can mean rosy or pink. Watch this video and notice all the pinks. It is a visual delight. Lyrics Translated in English here.

That is how I feel today. Everything is rosy.


The nature is bursting with gorgeous pink blooms.



There is a new season of Bridgerton, celebrating all things romantic.

Close-up of a White Peony with Fuchsia Center

I am working on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks for May. 

All fabrics are Island Batik. It is good to be an ambassador!

Light, Medium and Dark

And most important of all, Diva, made using Island Batik Fabrics (Solids and Vintage Charm collection), is featured on the cover of Make Modern Issue 58.

Please note the glove covered hands of the quilt model. Paul, the model, has since hiked his modeling fees. I tried to negotiate but he threatens to unionize :-D

But then, I am in such a good mood that he can ask for anything and get it too ;-)

Paul, the model. Wind plays the Brat!

Hope your world view is so bright! I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties, including Angela's. See full list on the sidebar. 

I am sharing the joy with a 25% off sale on all listed items in my Etsy Shop, till 5/31/24.

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Island Batik May Challenge and Blog Hop

Whoever said "Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road" wasn't making this pattern.

But let's start at the beginning.

For Island Batik's May Challenge and Blog Hop, we were required to use our assigned Winter 2024 collection, transforming fabric into a visual ode to joy and festivity.

I received Fire and Ice. This is an original collection designed by Claudia Pfeil.  It should be available in fabric stores now.

With my favorite pinks and oranges, this is a beautiful collection and I created about six paper-pieced designs in EQ8 that would be perfect for celebration/festive quilts.  

As I struggled to pick one, I came across an email from my quilt guild, announcing an Ultraviolet Radial workshop with Audrey Esarey of Cotton and Bourbon. Of Quiltcon fame, I have admired her work and seen it in person in Austin (2020) and Raleigh (2024).  

Easily seduced, I bought the pattern and signed up for the workshop. I downloaded the pattern and went to the Print Shop to get the templates printed on 24" by 36" paper to avoid taping the paper together. I promise I did everything to ensure accuracy.

And yet, it was a struggle.

The paper-pieced wedges were simple enough to make. My Oliso Iron was a huge help. But 22 pieces per arc made it stretchy and prone to distortion. 

The trickiest part was the outermost concave piece. It was so skinny (1/2") at the two ends that instead of maintaining the curvature, it just straightened as I tried to align and stitch the two pieces.

Distortion at the Skinny Ends

Half inch width means that the two seams will completely eat the skinny edge so that the fabric tapers into nothingness. It has extraordinary visual appeal, but from the construction viewpoint, it is a nightmare.

Very Slightly Off

Prior to piecing the quarter circle block, I measured and noted that it was very slightly off, but there is no room for error. The circle would get cut off if I straightened it. 


Trimmed and Marked seam line


I had to redo almost every block.  It was an agonizing two weeks. The skill level associated with this pattern is "Confident Beginner". 
Either I am a complete novice, or this pattern is for advanced/experienced quilters.

First Circle - Will it fit?

Once all blocks were made and four circles completed, it was time to decide the layout. 

Black Center

Yellow Center

I decided to go with the bright center.  The original pattern is 60" square. I reduced the border widths so that I could use the Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Blend Batting in Throw Size.

Throw Size 60" by 60"

I used 14 of the 20 fabrics in the Fire and Ice collection.
I used two background fabrics - Solid Black and Bumblebee (Opulent Oranges).
I used Aurifil 50wt thread for piecing. I used 80/12 Microtex Needle by Schmetz.

I marked the entire quilt top with a 2" grid and used my trusted walking foot and squiggly stitch. 
The backing is Valentino (Precious Pinks). 

Valentino Backing, Black Binding

I used Aurifil 40wt thread and 90/14 Microtex Schmetz Needle for quilting.
The Binding is Solid Black.

Wagon by Ikea, 56" square

Me: What do you think?
Paul: Impressive!
Me: What would you name it?
Paul: Hmmm...
Me: I was thinking Wheelin' and Dealin'. It sure took a lot of coaxing and fudging.
Paul: Wagon from Ikea?
Me: Some Assembly Required?

Then we both had a hearty laugh. 

I am beyond thrilled that this quilt is complete. PHEW!!!
Wagon by Ikea finished at 56" square. 

Quilting Detail

Almost Matched!

Transparency Effect :-)

With the transparency effect, it gives the impression of a Giant Ferris Wheel, reminiscent of a County Fair.  My fellow ambassador Brenda (also posting today) said that it reminded her of Halloween Hayrides. 

Hayrides and Ferris Wheels - that sounds like a celebration!

For a chance to win a scrap pack of Island Batik fabrics, please leave a comment on this post, letting me know your favorite memory of a county/state fair or a hayride.

I will pick two winners on May 17, 2024. If you show up as Anonymous/No-Reply, please include your email so that I can reach you.

Giveaway Update - The lucky winners are Pamela (#33) and Diptee (#49). Emails have been sent.


In other news, all Island Batik Ambassadors were invited to become partners with the Missouri Star Quilt Company. And I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve been accepted!

This means that when YOU order over $50 from Missouri Star Quilt and you use my Affiliate link: you will get 20% off your order and I will receive a small commission.

Enjoy receiving 20% off all of your orders! You can use my link over and over and over!!! It’s permanently on the sidebar of my blog so you won’t need to always search for it!

Happy Shopping!


The BlogHop Continues. Make sure to visit the Island Batik Blog for exciting prizes every week.