Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Too beautiful for a placemat...

Two things just go together - scraps and improv blocks. In fact, when you have scraps and are not sure of how to put them together , you just start with one and watch the design evolve as you add each scrap. That is exactly what I started doing after I finished Bear Hugs.

I had scraps leftover from strip tube blocks - the triangles left over at the edges, some left over binding and scraps of batting.

Step 1 - I joined batting scraps together, using a zigzag stitch. There is a tutorial here

Step 2 - Cut the pieced batting to a size of a placemat - 18 by 22 inches.

Step 3 - Add a backing and spray basted in place. This is the fabric I used. Love the rich dark colors.

Step 4 - Pull out the scraps and start playing. See the pictures below. I started with two leftover triangles and placed them in the center, RST. Stitched, flipped and ironed.

Triangles placed RST

Stitched with a scant 1/4" seam
Flipped and Ironed. Looking good, already!

Now, I had the center established. I kept adding strips and flipping and ironing - quilting as I went adding fabric strips. See pictures below.

Once I got to the corners, I added triangles to finish the placemat. Added a black binding - one that would go with both the front and back. After I finished one, I was so hooked, I made three more. It is that addictive. Here are the finished placemats.

And now I have to share with you the biggest problem of this exercise. These placemats are too pretty to be covered by a plate of food. And if I was a world-renowned chef, I would not want these pretty placemats to distract from the gourmet food on the plate.

In my opinion (biased, as it may be) they are stand-alone pieces of art. What do you think? Should I just frame them and use as wall art? Please help.


  1. They are definitely too pretty to be placemats Preeti. I am not very creative, but just saying, can they be decorative pillow covers?

  2. These are so pretty. I would be honored and would feel special to be able to sit at the table with these as the placemats. Or you could just decorate the table with them and remove them during the times you eat. Anything you decide will be perfect. I love your blog!!!

  3. I agree with these previous comment about removing them before serving a meal. I also like the idea of framing them. Can most definitely see them on a wall staggered, squared, lined up, or however you choose to display them. They are wonderful works of art! You are talented! Have been on your blog all night and prob all day tomorrow too! Please do not stop!

  4. They kinda look like a stained glass window, so hang 'em.

  5. Just lovely, and the only new thought that comes to me is, one for a mat to set your sewing machine on and perhaps two to make a sewing machine cover? Or another sewing-related accessory?

  6. This would make a beautiful quilt. I'd hate to use them as placemats too as I'd be afraid that they'd get stained or ruined or something. Thank you for this tutorial.