Friday, July 18, 2014

Coming of Age

Yesterday I turned 21.
I finished my 21st quilt. It is a "Coming of Age" quilt for me.

Here is why...
  • It is my first truly modern quilt
  • It is my own design (the process is documented here)
  • I stepped out of my comfort zone when it came to quilting this baby.
  • It was also the first time I used masking tape to guide my quilt lines.

Quilt Top - White, Charcoal and 16-Patch Blocks
Batting - Warm and White
Backing - Bright Blue Printed Fabric (from
Binding - Charcoal Solid (same as the quilt top)

Backing Fabric

As recommended by my blogging buddy (, I quilted horizontal lines on the white and vertical lines on the charcoal fabric. My usual quilting style is - how soon can I finish this thing - and move on to the next. I usually quilt pseudo-straight lines using "stitch around the ditch method". Therefore, quilting this took a while :-) and more than usual patience.

I quilted the white portions first using horizontal lines. No masking tape used.
By the time that was done, I had developed quilting fatigue. Therefore, the vertical lines on the charcoal portions are much less dense :-) Someday, I will develop a quilter's patience...
Actually, I did it to create difference in textures of the two fabrics (ahem!!!). That is my story and I am sticking to it. Oh, look at the really dense horizontal lines quilting in the right on the white. That is the skinniest stretch of white fabric. It conveys the feeling that the river has to squeeze through that narrow opening. No, it was not intentional. However, I am quite happy with the organic quilting and the resultant texture.

Here it is - quilting completed, trimmed and ready for binding.

Completed quilt pictures follow:
The finished quilt measures 42" by 53"

My eyes are drawn to the dense quilting in the skinny white portion of the quilt, creating a quilt focus!!!

The colors look different in the light of the setting sun and the quilting on white seems subdued but the quilting on charcoal appears more distinct. My tall husband is the model :-)

And some more...

 I think I will keep this one!!!

Thank you to all of you who came along with me on this journey of my first truly modern quilt. Your comments made me smile and gave me support. Thank you for quilting suggestions, tips and tricks!!! With your encouragement (nudges and pushes), I did it!!! 

There is one last thing. What shall I name it? I have a few ideas - Coming of Age, A River's Journey; but I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Bravo, my friend! It looks wonderful and truly modern. I like the striking contrast and love the backing fabric! I think "Coming of Age" is a great name. I also thought of "Density" with the quilting and its watery allusion.

  2. Stunning! This quilt is very beautiful and perfectly modern. Congrats on your 21st as well. I think I like "A Rivers Journey". But I am sure something will sound right to you soon. Please be sure to let us know. See you on the forum.

  3. Oh I think your quilt name is great! Descriptive and personal. Wow! 21. You are really going to make a heck of a quilter. You are so young and have such talent already. You are worlds away from where I was at 21 (um, I never picked up sewing til my late was too "girly" for me)...but I digress, back to you and your quilt. Very nice. And so nice for you to share in the "process pledge" and take the time to share at all!

  4. I am smiling as I type this...I am 43 years old. I am 21 quilts old. I was mentioning my quilt age. Sorry for the confusion :-)

  5. That's a truly preetiful quilt! I adore modern quilts and this is a fantastic example of one! I think it's best to keep the name "Coming of Age", it'll probably always be the name that you'll think of first when seeing this quilt!

    I love the backing fabric you chose BTW!

    Now off you go to create your next masterpiece! :D

  6. Beautiful! I love the contrast and the colors you chose. And the quilting designs are just perfect. Nice work!

  7. Preeti,

    Why you're a baby!!! Bless your heart. Your post share made me smile. Now, as for the quilt, you are a quiling mojo and give me hope because if I remember correctly you haven't been at it a very long time and look at the style and quality of your work!

    I have yet to make a quilt (though I have been "quilting" totes and purses). Your work whets my appetite for when I get going on mine. If only I could quit sewing vintage style clothing long enough to do the bed quilt, sigh. :-)



  8. How did I miss this one before??!! I love it. Happy Belated Birthday.