Monday, May 11, 2015

Plus Quilt

It was the firm's holiday party. Most folks gravitated to those they already knew, from their offices.  I wanted to introduce Paul to one of the senior managers, who was talking to an Indian couple (let's call them the Kumars, although that is not their real name).  I recognized Mr. Kumar. He was from the other office. We had exchanged emails once but had not met. I also noticed that his wife was pregnant. Just then the senior manager noticed me. I greeted him and introduced him to Paul. Others standing in the circle followed suit. In the next few minutes, the senior manager was pulled in a different direction and we were left chatting with the Kumars.

Plus Quilt in the Morning Light

Paul is such a hit with Indian folks. Because he knows a few sentences in Hindi and he watches Hindi movies and he has been to India twice. For all those reasons and his generally charming personality, most Indians find him endearing as he relates his experiences about his visit to India and his favorite  Bollywood movies. There have been times when he has made recommendations about what movie they should watch! Paul even has a couple of favorite Indian actresses. I think it is Anushka Sharma these days. Naturally the Kumars were amused and intrigued and we ended up sitting at the same table chatting the whole evening.

Bright, Bright and more Bright!!!

Imagine my surprise when a few weeks into the new year I received an invitation to the Kumar's baby shower. We had met just once on the night of the holiday party and I was touched that they had remembered. The shower was in April.  I decided to make a quilt for the baby shower. I chose a simple Plus pattern for the top and a cute baby fabric for the backing.

Plus Block 3" grid

Inspired by Jasmine of QuiltKisses, I had wanted to make a Plus Quilt for a while now. But I wanted it super simple too. Instead of having interlocked pluses (which relies on exact placement of squares), I chose free standing plus signs in rainbow colors. Each block is made up of four white squares, 3.5", 2 colored squares, 3.5" and one rectangle of color 3.5" by 9.5". The block is 9.5" square, finishing at 9". The blocks are separated by a white strip 3.5" by 9.5". Then I staggered the blocks in alternating rows. The quilt top measures 39" by 45".

13 full and 4 partial squares

As I was putting the top together, I said to Paul.

Me: Do you know what I want to write on the card attached to the the quilt?
Paul: No, I don't.
Me: Congratulations on the new "ADDITION" to your family. Get it?
Paul: You are so punny!!!


The baby shower never happened. The baby came a few days before the shower. The invitation was cancelled. I sent a congratulatory email, hoping all was well with the mom and the new baby. The quilt was almost complete. But with the shower cancelled, I had little inclination to finish it. Other projects beckoned. I put away the plus quilt.

Isn't this super cute?


I started work on a Rainbow quilt (that is the next post). I finished the Rainbow Quilt last week.  No, I did not blog about it because I do not want the recipient to see it here before they receive it. Riding on the high of a finish, I pulled out the Plus quilt and finished it too.  It was Saturday morning. Time to go to Curves. I took the finished Plus quilt with me to show to Nancy, my Curves instructor. She is such a cheerleader. As expected, she gushed over it and her enthusiasm warmed my heart. Let me display it here, she said, where everyone can see it. Then she draped the quilt on the front desk.

Quilted with zig zag lines, using the walking foot

Dark Brown Binding to match the Backing

In walked Mrs. D and oohed and aahed over the quilt. Before she could ask, Nancy pointed in my direction and yelled - She made that!!! Mrs. D was very interested in the quilt and asked me if I would part with it. Her granddaughter, Riley would love it, she added. Of course, I would. I was happy that the quilt was going to a good home.
But, I want to take a few pictures first for my blog. I can add a label too, if you want, I said.  She agreed.
I brought the quilt home, took pictures, added a label with Riley's name on it and gave it to her two days ago. This is quilt #8 for 2015 and I am very happy with the way it turned out. I hope that this quilt brings smile to Riley's face.

Elephants too!!!

There is a saying in Hindi which roughly translated means - Every grain has the eater's name written on it. It relates to having unexpected (not unwelcome) guests. So you share your meal with those guests and say something like - You know, your name was written on this meal!
I have a feeling that the same can be said about fabric. Every fibre has the user's name written it.

Did that ever happen to you? Made it for one and gave it to another?
I'd love to hear from you, as always.


  1. A beautiful finish! I love the layout of your plus quilt, and think I may do a similar one sometime. :) Plus quilts are so much fun. A great addition.

  2. Is the original recipient okay? I hope so. Love the coloful quilt! I've never not given a quilt to the one I made it for, but then I haven't been quilting all that long nor have I made as many as you have. I like this layout with the pluses on display!

  3. I'm glad you were able to find a use for the quilt. (I think I understand why you didn't give it to the "Kumars" -- you weren't that close to them and you really don't have contact with them.) The plus pun is very clever!....And, yes, I've had some pleasant coincidences with fabric (and with food). Thanks for sharing the Hindi saying.

  4. Another wonderful quilt with a lovely story attached to it. I so look forward to both seeing the quilts and hearing the stories. You're so inventive and brave!
    Thanks so much.

  5. I love the "new addition" quilt. The story makes me smile and I love "Punny" gifts. Nice work. Thanks for sharing. I love it when a project started finds just the right home.

  6. Beautiful quilt. Love the colours in the pluses. Great backing fabric as well. Well done.

  7. I love this entire story! I was thinking, "Bet Mrs. Kumar is a quilter" at the beginning. Loved how you created the suspense (English teacher in me rears her bespectacled head once again) and love the unexpected but happy ending! Your conversation with your husband is hilarious, and I like that he watches Bollywood! Love it--used to houseclean to a terrific Indian TV station that played Hindi music videos on Saturday mornings...ya I often got sucked in, watching the videos instead of dusting. (it's highly overrated anyhow, dusting, that is) But I LOVE that Hindi saying. Think I will use it as food for thought in my next yoga class, as I like to give them inspiration while they hold swan for 5 minutes, lol. Oh, and yes (sorry for this lengthy comment!) just this past January I was making a Scrap-a-Palooza quilt as a charity quilt for the seniors' residence, when I heard that my uncle was freezing in his seniors' extended care I continued making the quilt, finished it, even bought suitable backing in flannel for my Uncle Bob, and mailed it off to him! :-)

  8. I love your Riley quilt, keep quilting!

  9. Such an interesting post and I love your plus quilt.

  10. Great quilt and I love the zig zag quilting!

  11. I love the simplicity and the bright colors. I also like the staggered plus signs, it gives it more visual interest than if they were in straight columns. Great finish, I'm glad it found a good home. :)

  12. I like the free standing setting, it is a lot less busy.

  13. Well, I wrote a comment using my IPad when you first posted this, but I see that it idn't "take." That happens sometimes when I try to comment elsewhere, too. Hmmm.

    Anyway, I love the birght plus signs against the pure white.
    I love that you had no trouble finding a happy home for it after Plan A didn't transpire. (I'm assuming you lost touch with the Kumars?)
    And, of course, your corny "new ADDITION" comment endears me to you.

    Good job. Keep up the fun work!

  14. hi Preeti, just checking in to see what new pretty quilt you've made. Great work! (you get an A PLUS!
    The QU show is coming up, don't forget we need to meet there!

  15. I was googling for plus quilts, clicked on this image and was so happy to see your name on it!! My reason for a Plus, which I have also been wanting to make for awhile, is an upcoming Summer rather than a new "addition", it is "Lee + Heidi", you know, = True Love :) Yay for another happy visit to your blog, and thank you for including the dimensions you used for your Plus Block!!!