Friday, March 11, 2016

A Tale of Two Minis

When you are a newbie, there will be a lot of things that you do for the first time. Participating in a mini quilt swap on an online forum is one of them.
Fairly simple rules - under 24" square and  anything goes. Full freedom.

After making Sun City that took forever I wanted something simple.  Meet Rainbow Bites.
Rainbow Bites - Sashing in progress
Rainbow Bites is a simple concept.  Nine squares made up of 16 squares.  The essence lies in having enough variety and contrast among those 16 squares.

Gather all your red scraps and pick out 16 fabrics. Cut them into 2" squares. Arrange and rearrange till you are pleased with the arrangement.  Stitch them together, square and put aside.

It sure was fun to pick out and fussy cut fabrics. 

Some of you may think that this would be a great stash buster.   Let me warn you, that this little thing will NOT make a dent in your stash.  Hardly anything. Here is why. For each block, you need 16 squares 2" side.  So, what you will do is empty your monochromatic scrap bin (let's just do one color at a time) and find 16 different fabrics.

Bee Crabby :-D

Do not, please, do not open scraps for more than one color at a time. Only after you finish one color block and put away all those scraps, should you open the scrap bag for next color.  Ask me how I know.

A little birdie fishing for a compliment?

You will have major tidying up to do after you make each block.  I spent a LOT of time picking out the colors and tidying up. Since I did not tidy up after each color, I had a MAJOR mess and had to redo major sorting as well. UGH!!!

Ok, Pumpkin!

Yes, it is worth it. 

Matching sashing lines

Pinned carefully

Checked twice

How can something so small inspire so much joy?


Quilted simply in wavy lines, and used a  rather boring fabric for the backing, since it will be up on the wall, where it won't be seen.

Used dark navy solid for binding. 
Rainbow Bites

I love this little gem so much, I have decided to not part with it.   In fact, I have registered this little beauty for the quilt show in June!!!

So here is the quilt I made for the swap.

Ocean Crossing

Quilt Swap Mini
Of course there is more to Ocean Crossing and the Mini Quilt Swap process.  However, somethings are best left unsaid.  I won't be participating in any more swaps. 

Honestly, I am happy to make charity quilts.  The expectation of receiving something in return (which is the essence of a swap), is not for me.

I'd like to hear from you. Did you participate in a swap? What was your experience? 

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Ready for some excitement?
I do have a few things to share with you.

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  1. I don't think I could part with Rainbow Bites either. It's so pretty with all those bright colors. It's a piece that brings a smile. Ocean Crossing is very pretty as well. I'm sure it's new home will give it much love. I've never participated in a swap. I think I would crack under the pressure of making something for someone I didn't know.

  2. I love both of your minis. I participated in one swap. It made me a bit nervous - would mine be "good enough" for the recipient? Would they even like it? I didn't love it like many people love swaps. I doubt I would do another one. Who knows? I did receive a gorgeous mini in return. I love donating quilts to charity, giving them as gifts, and keeping them!

  3. Such pretty quilts - it's so good to keep one now and then!

  4. Both minis are love the Rainbow Bites, and can easily see why it stayed home :) I have not swapped...I love seeing what others have exchanged...but I would vapor lock, I know myself well enough to be sure of that, lol!!!

  5. Love your rainbow mini! I participated in only 1 swap and I don't think I'll take part in any others. Not because I wasn't happy with what I received, but because I much prefer sewing and gifting quilts to people close to me and seeing their reaction face to face when they see it. Purely selfish of me I know. :-). Thank you for linking up at TGIFF!

  6. Your Rainbow Bites mini is so pretty Preeti! You did a wonderful job and I like the advice you added on fabric pulling. You were wise to keep this little beauty. Ocean Crossing is lovely too, but a better swap candidate because it probably wasn't labor intensive.
    I used to regularly participate in a swap. I found that I like it much better to make mini quilts for people that I know, trust, and like. That way when you pour your heart and time into something, you knwo it was worth it. Swaps with strangers have so many pitfalls.

  7. I can see why you wouldn't want to give away the rainbow quilt. It is beautiful. I have a hard time swapping for that same reason - giving away something I made, so I have to make two which is more pressure. I have a feeling you didn't get a return quilt. Did you talk to the swap hostess? Is it is still lost in the mail?

  8. Rainbow Bites is lovely. Of course the thing about using so many scraps is they all have such memories you don't want to part with. Never mind, your Ocean Crossing is just as lovely, I'm sure your swap partner will be just as pleased with it. I only did a swap once, a quilted postcard, with someone I had been in an online Bee with. Unfortunately she was under a lot of work pressure at the time and now I think she has forgot. Never mind, I still had much pleasure making it and it was my first (and only) postcard so I learned a new technique.

  9. Wow! Both minis are really super! The Rainbow Bites is so cute with the little fussy cut squares! Just so fun!!! The Ocean Crossing is very stunning! Pretty colors! Jobs well,done!!

  10. Gorgeous I love Rainbow Bites. You've inspired me. I've looking for an idea to use up a bunch of scraps I can't part with!

  11. I love your Rainbow Bites! Thanks too for the advice about how to create it one block at a time...

  12. Oh I need to make one of these. I love color and this wall hanging makes me happy. As for the boring backing, I would have taken it off your hands. I bought a yard of that fabric and wished I had bought more. Have not been able to find it. If you have more to get rid of I will gladly buy it from you. I have not participated in a block swap, it doesn't sound appealing to me either. Debbie

  13. I sure like your Rainbow Bites, and the clever (no surprise there) names of some of the blocks. As for the mini woes, love Ocean Crossing, almost as much as the one you sent me, which I see all day long as I sew. :-) I have participated in one swap (on purpose, ha) and the one made for me is on its way, and the one I sent was much loved. Fingers crossed for good vibes continuing; I've been in swaps with not so happy outcomes.

  14. both quilts are lovely. I did a swap with Anja...just arranged over her blog. It was fun making something for her and receiving a mini mini in the mail.

  15. Rainbow Bites is very cute!
    I don't do swaps either, for the same reason. Maybe I'm too picky, but I'd rather make something to my taste and standards to keep. And if I'm going to make something to give away, I'd rather give to a charity.

  16. little gems of color strung together like a bracelet. Glad you kept it. LeeAnna

  17. Oh, that little quilt is wonderful! I keep cutting little squares: 1 1/2", 2" and 2 1/2". I bet I could make this one without any further cutting but probably with a lot of sorting! Thanks for sharing this one.

  18. Love your Rainbow Bites! I read it as 'bites' as in sucks to make, but I was wrong! It's super cute and yea...scraps never go away!

  19. Both are very cute. I would have kept Rainbow Bites also. I arranged with a guild to do a pillow swap and it was fun. We sent 15 pillows and got 15 in return. I have not done a mini or mini mini swap and sure I probably will not.

  20. Rainbow brights turned out beautifully, I don't blame you for keeping it. Ocean Crossings is very pretty too. I've done one semi-swap (people made a block out of fabric you supplied, while you made one for them out of their fabric). It wasn't a good experience, so I don't think I'll ever do another swap.

  21. Very cute mini's, I am partial to your rainbow bites! No matter how many scraps we use, it seems there are always more!

  22. Lovely quilt! Guess I'll have to start sorting. I just throw all scraps into one bag - lazy I guess!

  23. Both mini quilts are darling, but I'm glad you kept the first one. I bet it was a little trip down memory lane remembering where the scraps came from.

  24. That rainbow one is brilliant, I can see why you kept it! And I'm totally yoinking the idea to apply to my scrap bin. :) Regarding swaps, I'm in my first ever quilt block swap right now, and so far it's been positive. I asked the other four group members to make a block of my own design and I've received two sets so far. Both ladies have done a really super job on them and I'm well chuffed! Most of my anxiety is over whether they'll like their blocks, but I only sent them recently so no news yet. From an organisation POV, it's run on a forum that runs a lot of swaps of all kinds of crafts and they have strict rules and deadlines. I like that because there's more structure to the swap and you know where you are with it. This is my second swap on the forum (the other was for Christmas ornaments).

  25. Both minis are lovely but I really like the rainbow scrappy one. I have no desire to participate in a formal swap but I do enjoy sending off special gifts and minis to my online friends. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!