Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Unnamed but Not Unloved

I made a quilt with no name...

Yes, it is unlike me.

The focus fabric - pink and brown floral - was in random pieces, left abandoned at the free table on the guild meeting.
I knew it had potential.

I picked them up and brought them home.

Trying to make the best of the random pieces, I cut them into 6.5" squares.  Some squares had to be pieced.

Found some pinks, yellows and browns to match.
Decided on  large Disappearing Nine Patch.

Felt unsure about the green border but admonished myself - Do not overthink. Finish it.

But I did not have to think too hard about the backing.  This lovely pink fabric just jumped out at me.

Quilted simply with a decorative stitch, using my walking foot, this was a quick and a gratifying finish.

This will go to charity.  I won't put my formal label on it.  I will put a simple handmade label.

I hope that the recipient will choose a name.

At this time, I am busy working on a quilt for my Mom.  Cannot share it with you. Not yet.

But I can share with you this fabulous sale from Craftsy.

Craftsy is continuing its birthday festivities with 50% off member-favorite classes. Grab a class before the deal expires on Saturday!

There are over one hundred classes on sale right now.  It is difficult to pick one.
Here are my recommendations

Debbie Caffrey's class is a must for all quilters.  Learn her efficient techniques for using a rotary cutter and streamlining your cutting process.  And it is half off right now!!!

There are two reasons that I recommend this class.
1. Jacquie is an excellent teacher.  2. There are very few good classes that teach you Modern Quilting. That it is one sale is just an added benefit.

Elizabeth Hartmann is a an accomplished quilter and designer.  I like her because she is very methodical.  Her techniques are precise. That is very valuable to me because it simplifies Modern Quilt Making.  

If you are unsure of this class, I HIGHLY recommend you try her free class - Creative Quilt Backs.

What is your favorite class on Craftsy? And why?  As usual, your comments brighten my day.

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  1. Yes, you were so right to pick up those pieces and you put together such a lovely quilt using those scraps. I love the green border and the decorative quilting. Beautiful job!

  2. The floral fabric is what makes the quilt, good choice of secondary fabrics too. To top it all you had the perfect backing, great job. Some lucky person will live it dearly.
    Crafts class? I love all mine, but the one I have used most to date is Jacquie Gering, only I have all three and they are ALL excellent. If I have to chose it would be Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot, but if you already have it definitely go for the second one, Next StepsWith Your Walking Foot, it is a fantastic follow on. Jacquie has a great way of teaching, it's like she is there with you joking on, can you tell I'm a fan?
    The one I would like is Wild Quilting, but I just spent my birthday money, twice.

  3. It's very pretty. Your solids complement the focus fabric so well. I like that the flowers are random and not all fussy cut. The recipient will adore it and give it a name, if none other than "Mine." :)

  4. I really like the way those flowers peek in and out of the blocks--great use of fabrics...hugs, Julierose

  5. What a great use of a large floral. Poor unloved fabric piece, but it was waiting just for you to make it pretty. I have only taken a few Craftsy classes. My first was Creative Quilt Backs by Elizabeth Hartman. I think it still influences my work. I'm working my way (slowly!) through Jacquie Gering's Creative Quilting with Your Walking Foot. There was also a free lecture from the Modern Quilt Guild that I really enjoyed. There are so many I'd like to take--I really am attracted to the recent FMQ classes.

  6. You made a great quilt with those leftover pieces. You picked the perfect fabrics to help bring the floral to life. Wonderful backing choice as well.

  7. Such a pretty quilt! How about "Peek a Boo" since some of the flowers are peeking out and some are whole in the block!? Just an idea! The colors are great and the backing is perfect! Someone is going to love this quilt!!!

  8. What a fun quilt! It can be so joyful using fabrics just because you can!!! I love it!

  9. You gave the random pink and brown fabric a lovely new home in this quilt. It will make a lovely quilt for a wee one in need. I kind of like that it doesn't have a name.

  10. Wonderful way to use the floral pieces - I'm very impressed! The other fabrics work so great Preeti - especially love the backing!

  11. You worked magic with those random pieces! I have pieced smaller pieces sometimes too when I need a larger square or whatever. Love the backing choice too. As for classes, my faves are my Angela ones although I'm dying to find some time to watch Christina's latest.

  12. What a great way to make use of those left over pieces. A very pretty quilt.

  13. What a great way to use up those pieces! It turned out great.
    I have yet to take a Craftsy class. I need to do that soon. :)

  14. Oh what a lovely quilt - that fabric definitely deserved not to be orphaned! It reminds me of Queen Mary's Rose Garden at the Inner Circle in Regents Park in London - I don't exactly know why, that's just what came to mind!

  15. This quilt is darling! I love how you made use of the floral print. I wish our local guild had a table like that. They just have a yard sale once a year.

  16. That focus fabric does shine!! This quilt is going to be cherished by the recipient!