Friday, October 7, 2016

Hello October!!!

I am thrilled, stoked, tickled pink and on Cloud Nine!!!  For two reasons.

1. Queen's Necklace was placed second in the Bloggers Quilt Festival - Large Category.

2. Sun City was placed second in the Bloggers Quilt Festival - Scrappy Category

For someone who has been quilting for less than four years, this is insanely fortunate.

Thank you to each one of you who voted for me, cheered for me, wished me well and commented on my posts!!!  I have found so much love, support and encouragement in the blogland - my cup overflows...

My first October goal is a visit to the spa.

I received (from Paul) on our anniversary (October 7)) a gift card to a spa  and once the festival is done, I will definitely let others take care of me.  Even the thought is yummy :-D

I am getting ready for Sterling Fest on October 8, 2016.

I have about 100 zippered bags, 20 baskets and 14 baby blanket+burp cloth sets.  Is that enough?

Sweet Pea Pods (before)

Sweet Pea Pods (after)

What I don't have enough of is deep breaths.
Taking a few of those as I write!!! I am a little crazy right now, but I promise to share more pictures after the festival.
You can find Sweet Pea Pods and the Joan Hawley class at Craftsy.


My one quilty October goal is to complete Erica's Quilt.  Here is a glimpse of the fabrics.

Sharing this post with Red Letter Quilts for OMG and all my favorite linky parties.
I promise that I will not look at another zipper or piece of interfacing in a long time.

And to end this blogpost, I am sharing a conversation between Paul and me.

Me: I have a free dessert coupon for Olive Garden.
Paul: We can go to Olive Garden. They brought back my favorite potatoes.
Me: I want Tiramisu.
Paul: Ooh that sounds yummy.
Me: I'll share it with you.
Paul: Well, thank you.
Me (grinning): It has mascarpone cheese in it. (Paul is allergic to cheese)
Paul: You are such a Brat!!!
Me: Mission accomplished. (I love it when he calls me a brat)
Paul: You are so thrilled that you got a brat outta me.
Me: I wish we could get a brat out of me.

Hope your weekend is full of love and joy...with minimal longings. I'd love to hear from you, as always.


  1. Preeti, the Queens Necklace was one of my favorites. I can't wait to see what you do with the fabrics for Erica's quilt, those a yummy. Good Luck with Sterling Fest tomorrow. It looks like you really deserve that spa day. Enjoy it!

  2. Congrats for the second place finishes. Sun City was my favourite. Congrats also on your anniversary. Today is hubby's birthday. Waiting patiently to see Erica's quilt, love the colours. Good luck at the festival.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Preeti! Enjoy the spa experience, ah... And congrats on your places in the Bloggers Quilt Festival! (and keep an eye out for Molly at the Sterling Festival. She's supposed to be there... I told her to watch for you!)

  4. Congratulations on your gorgeous quilts winning second place on the BQF!! Enjoy your spa day and that Tiramisu too :)

  5. They are such beautiful quilts! Congratulations! Are you sure you only just started quilting? :)

  6. Both of your quilts are beauties, especially Sun City! That they placed second is no surprise! Congratulations! Cute little pea pods. Good luck at Fest! You've been busy! And good luck accomplishing your OMG! I absolutely love tiramisu! XO

  7. Congratulations!!! Well deserved:)) GB

  8. Congratulations, now enjoy your spa day.

  9. Congratulations! Both quilts are beautiful. I've never tried the Sweat Pea Pod pattern. I hope you enjoy the spa.

  10. Congratulations on the festival placement. Both quilts turned out beautifully! Enjoy your spa day.

  11. Happy Anniversary. Congratulations on your placing in Bloggers Festival Preeti. I didn't realise you could look up the voting and just saw my quilt got second in the Applique section by one vote. Very happy. Good Luck at the festival-hope your sales go well.

  12. Yay! Congratulations on the placing, that's a wonderful result and hugely deserved because they are both beautiful quilts :)

  13. Congratulations on your Queen's Necklace! It's so beyond happy, beautiful and cheerful! Love that pattern! Further congratulations on your Sun City Quilt! It so reminds me of a village in Italy, but it could also be a New York neighborhood! So lovely! The quilting on both quilts is also lovely! I'm so happy for you! Hugs! :)

  14. Haha, guess what I did. I entered a quilt in the same category as Queen's Necklace and then voted for (ta da!) Queen's Necklace! I just felt that it deserved my vote.

    Sun City, well, that one was extra easy. Such a pretty log cabin quilt! I love it!

    Where might I find the pattern for the sweet pea pod bag? The granddaughters would be thrilled with them. (They are cute!)

    1. Thank you, Mary :-)
      You can find the pattern at Craftsy. I have added the link in the blogpost. However, I recommend the class by Joan Hawley. It is definitely worth the money!!!

  15. I loved both of those quilts! Congratulations on your 2nd place awards!

  16. Congratulations ! Oh, I am so tickled for you for those two wins ! I wasn't able to figure out how to vote this year, I guess that was a crazy week for me. But those quilts are gorgeous and there was no fortune involved in your do GOOD WORK !

  17. Congrats Preeti! What a great feeling to have both of your entries place!! Also, Happy Anniversary to you and Paul!

  18. Congrats on your two placements. I loved your Sun City and voted for it. Those blue colors for the new quilt will be lovely.

  19. Preeti, congrats on both quilts placing! That is exciting! A belated happy anniversary to you and Paul. That spa trip will sure come in handy after your super busy weekend ;)

  20. Yes, Congratulations Preeti! I hope you have enjoyed the spa! If not; best get on it!

  21. Congratulations on your quilts and anniversary! I hope all your baskets, pouches, and other projects do well. :)

  22. Congratulations!! Your quilts deserve the awards! I love the colors of the strips you are going to use in Erica's quilt. I can't wait to see it.

  23. Congrats on your quilts - that is so exciting!! I hope your festival was a sell-out for you. I have one coming up in November and have been sewing like a mad lady myself. :) Thanks for linking your beautiful quilts to MCM!

  24. Congratulations on those wins and on getting those cute Sweet Pea pods finished - might be another tutrial I need to follow up on! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  25. Well, I love both quilts and congratulations Preeti!! Those Pea Pods...are so dang cute!

  26. BIG congrats on two wins in the BQF! That is huge!! And you and Paul are too sweet! Happy October!

  27. Looks like you had as sunny and warm a weekend as we did in Ohio and also here (in our absence) in sunny southern Canada! If we went to Olive Garden together (and we will some day) I would let you have Tiramisu all to yourself. I would have cheesecake. Not as good as that in Boyd & Wurthmann in Ohio, but still, it's cheesecake! Love the finished pods pic and hope you did well at the fair!

  28. You and Paul are so funny together Preeti!
    That is a major cause for celebration to have done so splendidly in the BQF! Congratulations! Very well deserved!
    That fabric pull is incredible and I know you'll make a gorgeous quilt with it.

  29. Belated congratulations on your very well deserved success Preeti, I especially like Sun City. I love your fabric choices for Erica's quilt, i hope it's on target for your goal.