Friday, November 18, 2016

Swirl a Twirl (Free Pattern/Tutorial)

Good News. I won!!!

Thanks to Molli Sparkles who hosted the fabulous international giveaway and Intrepid Thread who sponsored the fat quarter bundle.

There are not 6 or 12 but 24 fat quarters in the full spectrum colors!!! I am so lucky.

The package came very quickly and neatly wrapped.  I recommend you check out Intrepid Thread. Yes, they have fabric (some of it is on clearance), thread, buttons, ribbons, patterns and zippers too.

I impatiently opened the package to caress the beauties!

I know some of you are thinking - you won, that is great.  How is that good news for me?

Well, I have good news for you too.  I have a finish to share and a free tutorial.
Meet Swirl a Twirl.

A simple yet pretty pattern that you can put together in one day.  Let's get started.

Swirl a Twirl (Finished quilt 40.5” by 40.5”). All seams are ¼”
Fabric Requirements 
  • Main - 8 assorted fabrics, 6” by WOF
  • Background fabric – 30” (or 11 jelly roll strips)

Cutting Instructions
  • Main Fabrics - Subcut each 6” strip into 6” sections, four per fabric. We need 32 squares of 6” side. 
  • Background - Cut the background fabric into 2.5” strips. We need 11 strips. Jellyroll strips can be used.
  • Subcut each 2.5” strip into three 6” sections (need 32) and three 8” sections (need 32).

Block Assembly
  1. Stitch the background strips to the main fabric squares, (6” strip first, followed by the 8” strip) making an L-shape. See picture below.

  2. Once you have constructed all four L-shaped blocks from one fabric, square them to 8”.

  3. STARCH and iron.
  4. Cut on the diagonal (through the background corner) as shown in the picture. Repeat for the remaining three blocks.

  5. You will get two types of blocks – a left block and a right (mirror image) block. Separate left blocks into a stack and the right blocks into a second stack. See picture below.
  6.  Take one stack and arrange them as shown below.

  7. Sew in pairs. Iron towards the background fabric.

  8. To sew the final block together, pin the two halves together, to nest seams. Start sewing from near the center, just above the pin, to the end. Cut thread. 

  9. Turn the block over and finish the seam beginning from the middle (slight overlap with stitches) to the end of the block. Cut threads.

  10. Iron and trim to 10 ½”
  11. Repeat with the other stack.
  12. Make all the blocks, using one fabric at a time. You will have 16 blocks.

Quilt Assembly
  1. Arrange blocks into four rows by four columns.

  2. Piece into rows and then piece the rows together.
  3. Layer and quilt.  Square the quilted sandwich.
  4. Bind and enjoy.

And if you make this pattern, please let me know. I'd love to see your interpretation of Swirl a Twirl.

Here are a few more pictures of Swirl a Twirl.
I chose this pretty paisley backing. The colors - pink and coral match the front beautifully.

Quilted it simply with a decorative stitch that looks like Cs. 

A green binding makes the quilt pop and matches the backing too. Yay!!!

No, I did not forget the label

The finished quilt is about 40 inches square - perfect for a baby. And if you brought this as a baby shower gift, you will be the instant favorite guest.

Do you like the pattern?  Do you have questions? Ask away and I'll respond in the comments.
I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties.

Have a great Thanksgiving and be safe.


  1. Very cute and easy design. Visiting from Whoop Whoop!

  2. Preeti, thanks for the great tutorial I need to put it on my list of quilts to do. Congratulations on the beautiful bundle win.

  3. I love it! I see a Swirl a Twirl in my future.

  4. Thank you for bringing this to us! I love the pink and orange! It amazes this "old lady" how the most unlikely combinations keep coming forward and surprising me:)) I love fabric and have a lifetime of it to use up. It's going well thanks to quick and cute patterns like this one... Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Pretti:)) GrammaBabs!! M*

  5. Preeti, congrats on winning such beautiful fabrics! I love your tutorial for Swirl a Twirl. The instructions are so easy to follow and it makes a wonderful little quilt. Hope you and Paul have a wonderful holiday next week.

  6. You are so good at simplifying blocks. Thanks for this great tutorial. Your quilt is darling as usual.

  7. That's a great little it!

  8. Nice pattern, nice colors, but I don't understand why you are sewing the final seam of the block (putting the 2 halves together)as a 2-step process

    1. 1. There is a likelihood that the triangle corner ends get jammed/bunched under the needle. You can avoid that by using a leader.
      2. Sewing from the middle out is something I prefer whenever the block/seam is larger than 10 inches. It has the effect of smoothing a fabric from the center to the outside.

  9. What a fun win! Congratulations!

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