Monday, January 16, 2017

We made a Baby!!!

We all made babies - from play dough.

Play Dough Babies

It was one of the fun games at the baby shower on Saturday.

The Invitation

The mom-to-be chose the winners.

The Parents-to-be

Harry and Sally (not their real names) got married in July 2014 at the gurudwara (Sikh temple) in Washington DC, followed by the Quaker wedding ceremony in a church. Harry is a Sikh and Sally is a Quaker. And they made such a lovely couple. 

Wedding in the Gurudwara
Paul and I were fortunate to attend the ceremony. And I had so much fun - dressing up for the occasion, dancing in the baraat (wedding procession), enjoying the sumptuous food and wishing all the best to the couple.
When they announced that they were going to have a baby, I immediately dived into my stash to pick out fabrics to make a baby quilt. The theme was animals and a special request from the baby's aunt (my friend Manveen) - to incorporate Snoopy. Snoopy was the favorite cartoon character of the father-to-be.

For Harry & Sally's baby

Step 1 - Choose Fabrics

I wanted to make sure that the quilt was gender-neutral, since Harry and Sally chose to not find out the sex of the baby. The colorful turtle fabric was an obvious choice, just as the tossed owls and the fire-breathing dragons. The cat fabric is rather dull and grey and not my usual style. But I chose to incorporate it because of Flower - Harry and Sally's beloved cat who passed away a few years ago.

Owls and Turtles

Monkeys are my favorite. Swinging from the branches - they sure know how to have fun.  Can you find the giraffe?

I heart monkeys

Birds and Bees too.  The sole light purple square came from the scraps leftover from an outfit of Harry's mom.  I like to think that includes grandma's blessings in the baby quilt.

Birds and the Bees

Step 2 - Choose the pattern

Since the fabric was the major attraction, I did not want to cut the squares smaller than five inches.
Therefore, I chose a simple 9-patch layout with bright green sashing.

Smiling Fish, Lounging Puppies

I made nine 9-batch blocks. Some with colorful hearts on a black background and others with a cream background with the birds/red haired girl. Since Sally has red hair, it seems to work.

Green sashing

Step 3 - Piece

This part does require some playing around on the design wall, making sure that two similar squares are not adjacent to each other.  More importantly, there should be enough contrast between adjacent squares.

Yoga Cats

Yoga cats, orange puppies and bright colors make my day.  The yellow fabric with animal frames was gift from my quilty buddy - Sylvia.

Bright Turtles

Step 4 - Layer, Quilt, Bind and Enjoy

I used the same green for sashing and binding.

A finish!!!

The backing is this adorable Snoopy fabric. 

Charlie Brown with Snoopy

I had been looking for Snoopy fabric and it came to me when I least expected it. I found it in Georgia (visiting Paul's parents), the day after Thanksgiving when I chose to go for some Black Friday shopping. And there it was :-D happily waiting for me.

No, I did not forget to label it.


So the final step is to enjoy the compliments, take pictures of happy parents and pose for pictures with dear friends.

Harry & Sally

Love the smiles!!!

So glad they loved it!

This is my first finish of 2017 and I am very happy with it.

with Manveen 

Manveen was the gracious hostess, as usual. We had a great time and we wish Harry and Sally all the very best of luck as they welcome the new bundle of joy into their lives.

Thank you for inviting us!!!

So, we did not make that kind of a baby.  But I am glad someone did - and that gave me a reason to make another baby quilt!!!

I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties and as usual, I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Very cute quilt. Finding the Snoopy fabric was amazing. Glad the parents to be loved the quilt.

  2. Sweet quilt! I love the variety of fabrics, and the Snoopy backing is perfect. Gender neutral also means a second baby will also be able to enjoy it. Your little babies at the beginning of the post are too cute. (I'll pass that idea along to family members who are planning baby showers.)

  3. The quilt is stunning and so cheerful! I love all the special thought in selecting the fabric. I know it was very much appreciated. I almost cried reading your post describing the special patch for their cat Flower, and a scrap of the grandmothers clothes. I'm sure it will be a cherished gift for many years to come.

  4. A cute playful quilt and the snoopy fabric on the back was a great choice. I had to chuckle at the title 'we made a baby'.

  5. I love all those little nine patch blocks. This is such a great baby quilt, so many little things to look at and all those bright beautiful colors. I don't think a more perfect backing fabric could have found you. Because it does kind of sound like it found you instead of you finding it :)

  6. What cute fabrics and what a lucky baby! You can't go wrong with Snoopy on the back, and what a great thing for a baby to look at. I especially love that you included a patch for Grandma. So sweet. Congratulations to Harry and Sally!

  7. the baby quilt is adorable. I enjoyed your post and photos

  8. Perfect! Any quilt is special, but with the extra thought you put into the fabric selection this will be even more so. Your friends seems thrilled :)

  9. You got me with that blog post title!! Such a fun quilt :) It's going to be cherished.

  10. Love the quilt and the whole story around it! As a new quilter, I noticed the FMQ on the quilt. Do you use a long arm?
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Preeti, that is the cutest baby quilt. I know the baby will enjoy scratching away at those happy pictures.

  12. Great quilt Preeti... YOu do them so well:) Happy for the couple. When is the Baby due.. I LOVE making baby things and would love to send something along to you for them... if you wish you can send a note at M* forum... Hugs, GrammaBabs

  13. So much love in this quilt ! Very nice work !

  14. I love this quilt! I love the colors and the fabric patterns. Finding that Snoopy fabric was a real stroke of luck. A definite win-win for you, parents and baby-to-be. - Sylvia H, who is using another computer today.

  15. It's such a fun quilt Preeti. I love the cats and dogs on skateboards....and I love how you made us wait for the snoopy fabric till the end.

  16. That is so funny! Play Dough babies! Congrats on getting your first finish finished! It's fun seeing the little characters and the parents to be look very pleased with the results!

  17. I love how you celebrate so many occasions with a quilt. This one is absolutely adorable. I think the yoga cats are my favorite.

  18. The wedding photos are gorgeous! What a beautiful bride, and I'm sure an even more beautiful mommy. She is already glowing! Love the scrappiness of your gifted quilt! There is just so much to look at, So much to love!

  19. you are just the cutest! I am so proud to call you a friend. Happy wishes to the couple too! LeeAnna

  20. Oh I love the story behind this quilt - made me smile! And a great use of lots of different fabrics, as that will entertain the little one for hours. Thank you so much for sharing on Midweek Makers!

  21. Sorry but those babies are kinda creepy...Not so the adorable quilt! Great story, as always behind a quilt--you and I know all about this phenomenon. ;-)

  22. A sweet baby quilt and an excellent post. I love that you pointed out all the special details. Well done!

  23. What a fun, happy quilt! It is wonderful! As the baby grows, it will be a perfect I Spy quilt! Love that Snoopy fabric! ;)

  24. What a lovely collection of fabrics - that child is going to love your quilt for a long time.

  25. Very cute and sweet. Love all those fun animal prints. I'd say you nailed the aunt's requests. Congrats on your first finish of 2017.

  26. What a fun baby quilt. The fabrics you choose are great, and that Snoopy print on the back is awesome.

  27. What a fun thing to do at a baby shower. And the quilt is precious. Snoopy looks quite happy gracing the back of a special quilt.

  28. There are lots of fun prints in that special baby quilt! Looks like you had a wonderful time at the shower, and the new mom-to-be looks so happy.

  29. That's a great baby quilt, Preeti! The child will enjoy playing I Spy as she or he gets older. I need to get moving on a couple of baby quilts myself for friends who are expecting non-Playdough babies this Spring!

  30. A beautiful bright and happy baby quilt. Thanks for sharing it with Oh Scrap!

  31. I kept looking and looking for the Snoopy fabric. What a great idea to showcase it on the back. Perfect. So much thought goes into you ur projects. I like all of the meaning you place in your color choices, fabrics, patterns, designs. It makes the quilt that much more special and also makes your posts like a story. 😊

  32. What a nice baby quilt! You do the best work, and put so much thought into each one you make! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful Quilts!