Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Captivated by Love

Sometimes there comes a project which will completely captivate you. Such was this project.

I had four quilts (Esmeralda, Parikrama, Shadow of Light and Animal House) to get show-ready - hand stitch the sleeves, labels, pillowcases and all. And I put that aside. Such was this project.

First Fabric Strips

When the on/off switch on my dear darling Janome broke last week, I dusted off the very basic, no frills, no walking foot, Kenmore machine and powered through. Such was this project.

Basic Kenmore

And today I am happy to share with you my finishes.  Let's meet Mira, Sia, Bella, Becca, Jaya, and Mohan.

Mira - Measures 24" square.
One of the many projects on my must-try-someday list is the Scrappy Trip Around the World. So, when Bernie announced this lovely project, I knew immediately that at least one quilt would serve as a practice for scrappy trip around the world blocks.

First Block - Trip Around the World


Mira taught me that an exact 1/4" seam is sacred for this block. Not a scant 1/4", not a generous 1/4", but absolutely exact 1/4". Mira was the perfect opportunity to practice and I love how she turned out. For backing I chose this princess/castle fabric.

Mira's Backing (I forgot the label)

The name Mira is meaningful in various cultures. In Indian culture, Mira is the name of a devotee to Lord Krishna.

Happy & Lovely

Sia - measures 20.5" square
Scraps left over from Mira turned into Sia. Four simple rail fence blocks, sashing and a skinny border.
 For the backing I chose this adorable and plump farm animals fabric.

Sia's Backing

Two strips - 2.5" by WOF are sufficient for binding this doll quilt.

Sia is the name of Goddess Sita, wife of Lord Rama.

I showed Mira and Sia to my friend Cynthia.
Cynthia: Mira is beautiful.
Me: I have been meaning to try that block for a while now. I am so glad I did.
Cynthia - And I love the simplicity of Sia.  
Me: What do you mean?
Cynthia - I would have overthought it.
Me: Hmmm. But I am not sure of the princess backing for Mira.
Cynthia: Why?
Me: It may not be relatable to the kid.
Cynthia: Now you are overthinking it.
Point taken :-)

Let's meet the twins - Becca and Bella.  I had Chinese coin strips leftover from a long time ago.

Thanks to this project, they became something meaningful.

Becca - Flower beds separated by grassy rows. Becca measures 19" by 21".
I have had this bird fabric for a while, about 12" of it. It did not seem to go with anything else. I cut it in half to make this pieced backing.

Becca's Birdie Backing

Bella - Bella resembles Becca because of the flower beds. But instead of grassy rows, she has bees and a leafy green border. Bella measures 19.5" by 20".

And here is the fun backing - plump animals, from the farm.

Backing & Label

A pink/grey houndstooth biding completes the quilt.

So cute!!!

Jaya - Jaya is made up of scrappy 4-patch blocks.  I am not sure when or why I made these blocks. But I am glad they were there.


This little quilt came together so quickly because I already had the 4-patch blocks. A leafy green border completed the top.

4-patch blocks - revived

I wanted an orange binding and this backing with turtles, giraffes, elephants and birds matched perfectly.

Cute Backing 
 Jaya means victory, but is also the name of a goddess.  Love the sunny and cheerful Jaya.


Amy mentioned that she does a boy doll about every third one. Fortunately, there were plenty of blue green 4-patch blocks. That brings us to Mohan.

Mohan - The word Mohan means attractive or captivating but is also one of the many names of Lord Krishna.

I love that the quilt Mohan is bright with a boyish charm.  A muted purple border completed the top.
For backing I chose this owl fabric - it is definitely boyish, I think.

Owl Backing for Mohan
 A teal/aqua backing matches both sides perfectly.

The universe works in mysterious ways. Can you see the pattern?

  • Mira led to Sia.
  • Becca and Bella came from the same leftover flower beds strips.
  • Jaya and Mohan are both made scrappy 4-patch blocks.

I was only going to make two, but two became four and four became six. Who am I to set goals if the quilts are just going to make themselves?

This became my Drop Everything and Make it project. I will be linking with Sandra's Dreami Party, and all my favorite linky parties. Won't you Share the Love?

My Janome may take more than a couple of weeks to be fully functional again.  Till then, I will be hand sewing the quilt labels and the sleeves to make the quilts show ready.  That will keep me grounded :-(

On the upside, three quilter friends (including Cynthia and Mari) have offered their spare machines to me so that I can continue sewing.  So much love - my cup runneth over.

On the down side, I am lusting for the new fabric collection from Connecting Threads. Speaking of things/ideas that captivate me, take a look at Captiva? It is crisp and modern and completely drool-worthy.

Captiva by Connecting Threads

Should I give in?

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  1. Of course you should give in! It's valentines day and if you are in love...go for it! Love all you doll quilts and you are certainly sharing the love!! Great job and I hope your machine is operable very soon!

  2. Preeti, I love every one of those adorable quilts. The backs are as interesting as the quilt tops. I love the way you've named your quilts and their stories.
    On the Captiva fabric - go for it. I was looking at that very image yesterday. I needed a bunch of coordinating fat quarters for a project I have in mind and for some reason the million other fat quarters I already have don't seem to work :-)

  3. Preeti!!!! The love running through this post is awesome. Thank you so much - these are, each and every one, perfect! Hope your machine comes home soon. You are a very kind soul. :-)

  4. I love each and everyone of these and I'm inspired to make mini's-soon. Thanks for sharing with all of us. mary in Az

  5. I smiled through this whole post! First of all, you are a great writer...I love your thought process. Second, these are beautiful. I’m already matching clothes in my head.
    I’m curious. You named your quotes. I think that is so interesting because it is like naming a work of art. And it makes it so much more personal and intimate. When I make the halls I think about the little person, or big person, who will be receiving it. I imagine that that’s what you have done with your quilts also.
    Thank you so much for this.

  6. Your quilts are so fun and bright! I enjoyed reading about them, too. They are going to be well-loved by some special children!

  7. Those are wonderful little quilt Preeti! I can see how two went to four went to six - they look addicting! And yes, give in on that lovely new fabric line - I would if I had a spot to store it!

  8. A plethora of wonderful quillty goodness Preeti, I love them all. and several wonderful children will be very happy at receiving them with their dolls too. You always have such wonderful fabrics, and these are just perfect.

  9. Preeti, These really are just perfection!! Such thoughtful, whimsical and fun backing fabrics and the pieced tops.are simply and beautifully done. What amazing little doll quilts. You nailed it!! Amy will flip over these generous and lovely donations!!!

  10. Given that you just used fabrics from your stash for such a wonderful comfort project, of course you should indulge yourself and enhance your stash with Captiva.

  11. These are so great, Preeti! The tops are terrific and the backing are extra nice. I love the bird backing. These are sure to be loved by the little ones who receive them. And of course you should get some of that fabric. How else will you make more quilts? :)

  12. Not only should you go for the fabric you love, but keep an eye out later in case the leftovers go on sale, and you can scoop them up as a bonus! You make so many quilts, and use fabric so enthusiastically, you have to maintain a varied stash, right?

  13. Preeti, they are perfect! I have a couple in the works, but they are on hold while I travel around Texas visiting friends for a couple of weeks. You have motivated me to finish them up immediately upon my return! I can always count on you for inspiration!

  14. What great little quilts. I love the backings you chose. I hope to make a couple this weekend.

  15. So many cute little quilts; they will make some little ones very, very happy! And yes, you should absolutely give in :-) because you will make something fabulous out of that fabric!

  16. Such a great story teller you are! These doll quilts are so FUN. You have a lot of fun kid fabrics in your stash!

  17. Did you have a "no new fabric" resolution? Than maybe not... otherwise listen to your heart... and maybe the bank account ;)) The triangle doodle and seeds are great. The other ones... Well, we do have totally different styles, don't we!? xo Melanie

    PS: What a great charity project you choose. Might be fun to make some...

  18. Such bright and fun doll quilts! And the names are perfct!! Well done! I know you will be glad to get your machine back!

  19. How very sweet of you to make 6 little quilts! Yes you should cave and buy the CT fabric-then I won't have to, I can just see it through your eyes, hehe.

  20. These are absolutely adorable. A great use for leftovers and trials. They will make some seeet kids happy.

  21. If you are anything like me you will give in. Thanks for sharing all these lovely little doll quilts. They are each unique and lovely.

  22. First of all, I hope you gave in. Second, Get Well Wishes to your sewing machine so you can get back to your regular sewing routine. The quilts are adorable, and I love how you named each one and gave it a backstory. Your backs are always delightful and just perfect for these particular quilts. I'm fascinated by how everyone participating in this project went to their stash and gave new life to fabrics and blocks. All those bits were just waiting for a time like this. I know there will be 6 very happy kiddos (and dolls)!

  23. You did a wonderful job on the doll quilts. Each one unique and special. I hope you gave in and ordered the Captiva fabric. It is calling to me also.

  24. Gosh, you have been busy. What a lovely collection you have created. I think it is lovely when one leads to another.
    Great result!

  25. Oh, you have been busy! First Savannah the fire/mudslide relief quilt and now these beautiful little doll quilts. Surely you need to replenish your stash, you have used up so much for others. Such was this project. :)

  26. Wow - I just went to two sites serendipitously at Sarah's and both are for Share the Love - 8 quilts already - wow. They're darling. Bless you.

  27. Your little quilts are adorable. You have such a big heart :)

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  28. Yes you should give in! (IMHO) :) Those doll quilts are going to be so loved. I love projects that seem to make themselves. Great job!

  29. All your mini's turned out beautifully! I really like the princess backing and the owls are so cute. Connecting Threads has so many fun fabric lines right now. I'm trying hard to resist temptation. But Captiva is a really fun line, no one would blame you if you gave in to temptation (well Paul might I suppose).

  30. I am making doll quilts also for A Doll Like Me, thru Bernie's post. I LOVE yours and your backing fabrics are to die for! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Well, who knows where my comment went but I got a bizarre internal error after I hit 'publish' and of course, it was gone when I hit refresh... I love the happy colours (but then you always use colour so wonderfully) in all six of these quilts, and love that you could try out the Trip Around the World (I made one to celebrate 2000 which had nearly that many patches in it). The backings are great; and you've reminded me I have backing appropriate for a boy quilt to do yet too! Thank you for having this major DREAMi and for linking it up!