Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bye Angel, Hello Axel

Three days ago, I was reading one of my older blogposts, when I noticed a comment from Amy Gerlich.  I clicked on her blog to see her latest project.
I did what felt right. Then, I wanted to do something more, but was unsure. I sent an email to Amy.
I did not hear back. I reassured myself - she must be busy. Shoo away dark thoughts, I admonished myself.

This morning, my mom called me to give me the news. My dear friend Angel passed away this morning. She lost the battle to rheumatoid arthritis and associated complications.
I had called her on Sunday but she did not pick up the phone. May be she was in pain. That hurts.
I cannot drop everything and go to India. That hurts.
I wish I can hug her mom, but I cannot.  That hurts.
I wish I could see our common friends, hold them, and cry my heart out. I cannot and that hurts.
I know she is not in pain anymore. But it still hurts.

I came to work an hour late. The day was a blur. Paul called to check how I was doing.
Being at work helps, I replied.

Then I checked my email. And there was the response from Amy.
I was waiting for Amy's permission before I did anything more. I could have received this response any other day, any other time. But I received it today (this afternoon) when I needed it the most. Thank you, Universe.
I can stop hurting now - Bye Angel. I can start helping now - Hello Axel.

Axel is Amy's little boy who is just over three months old. Axel is a special needs baby and had surgery at three days old, and another at ten days old. Axel has Dandy walker and hydrocephalus among other disabilities. He will need her care 24-7, as he will have weekly doctor appointments for a long time.

Here is the link to Axel's GoFundMe page

I have made a small donation. I urge you to make a donation too. Just $10, more if you can. If 300 people give $10 each, we would meet the goal.
And if you can share this information on your blog or facebook or IG, I'd love it.


  1. I will definitely go and visit her GoFundMe page - and I'm so sorry about your friend Angel. My heart hurts for you.

  2. Oh, Preeti honey, I’m sorry for your loss. And I’m proud of you for redirecting your energy in such a positive way!

  3. So very sorry for your loss.

  4. Preeti, I'm sorry for your loss. Losing a good friend is such a difficult time, but your not being able to go home to India must be especially difficult.
    You're that special person who can turn hurt into a positive, universal message reminding us that helping others is the best way to overcome heartache.

  5. Preeti, I'm so sorry for your loss, and that you can't be home in India during this time. Thank you for sharing about little Axel. What a caring thing to do!

  6. Preeti, I am so so sorry to hear about your Angel! Being so far away must be very difficult. Send your love on wings and I know they Will feel it. ♡
    Thank you so much for your support for our Axel! God does work in the most mysterious of ways and I'm glad I (or Axel) could help you in your grief.
    I'm praying for strength for you my friend. ♡

  7. I didn't comment on this post when I first read it. I thought about it all day. Talked to my husband about it. Google searched yet again the complications of RA. My husband has RA and has had since 1976. Between the disease the medication side effects he has had MANY additional health issues. I'm sorry you lost your friend at such a young age. I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to communicate with her one last time. Be assured that she knows your thoughts and how much you loved her.
    xx, Carol

  8. I am so sorry for your loss! I read the "old" post about her and she sounds like an amazing friend and woman. - Followed your wish and gave to the fundraiser. Felt like it "fit" with her spirit and I hope it will help you remember all the good within the grief. Hugs! xo

  9. I can't imagine the pain you are feeling at the loss of your dear friend. You are doing a very good thing by helping Axel!!

  10. I'm so sorry that you lost your friend, Preeti. Hugs and prayers. Losing friends is an indescribable kind of pain. I'm glad, though, that you have turned some of that pain into helping someone else deal with their hardship.