Monday, April 9, 2018

Oh Boy!!!

Paul: Hey babe, do you have a quilt?
Me: Yes, I have several.

New Quilt for New Baby

Paul: I need a baby quilt.
Me: For?
Paul: Bella's (not her real name) baby boy
Me: When is the baby shower?
Paul: That was last month.

Blue, Green and Sparkle Grey

Me: So when is the baby due?
Paul: Baby boy Ryan (not his real name) was born on Easter. 
Me: And you are telling me now???
Paul: Just got the email.

Silence.  Sheepish Grin.

Scallop Quilting

Paul: I figured, you'd have a quilt on tap.
Me: Which may not be suitable for a baby, or for a boy.
And even if the baby does not mind hot pink butterflies and polka dots, I am sure his parents will definitely be averse to a girly quilt.

A happy finish

Me: Can you tell me anything about the colors?
Paul: Blue, Green and Gray
Me: Let me check. I have Jack. It is Blue and Green but it also has these beige/gold fabrics.
Paul: Let me see the back.

Paul: Yeah, this works.
I was not so sure. I wanted something more baby-appropriate, in the chosen colors - blue, green and gray.
I wanted to make a new quilt. But it had to be quick.

Alphabet Backing, Blue Binding

Me: Well, since the baby is already here, when are you going to give the quilt.
Paul: Oh, when she comes in next.
Me: That may not be for 3 months.
Paul: No, she will stop by to check on things every couple of weeks.

Baby Appropriate

Me: Let me make a new quilt for baby Ryan.
Paul: Oh ok.

Quick & Easy

Rolled up beauty
Animals and Alphabets make it cute
Paul: I got a card. Will you sign it.
Me: Sure.  I made a few burp cloths and put it in this basket to go along with the quilt.
Paul: Oh babe, you are the best.
Me: I know.  But it is so much better when you say it.

Burp Cloths


And here is a picture of the baby boy.

So Cheeky

Oh Boy!!! Wish I could kiss those cheeks.
Such a cute boy, I said.
Such a cute quilt, said Paul.
And we lived happily ever after (or till the next argument.)

What have you been making?  I'd love to hear from you.
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  1. So was this an argument? If so, it was the sweetest argument ever. Adorable quilt, adorable burp cloths, adorable basket. (And adorable card! Paul did his part, too.) All for an adorable baby!

  2. Your writing kept a smile on my face the whole time I was reading! Great post, lovely quilt and gifts, beautiful baby and your heart of gold made for a great read! Thank you for sharing!

  3. A very fun baby boy quilt and a very fun read. Congrats on a beautiful finish.

  4. Another beautiful quilt with a great story to go with it - lucky mum and baby.

  5. Love reading your blog and seeing all the Quilty goodness!

  6. Clearly Paul knows how to ask for something. And what a nice gift, with the basket and burp cloths and everything. Was this the first thing you've made on the new machine? It turned out great!

  7. What an excellent collaborative effort! Where did you find the basket pattern? So much better than a box. And I got a bonus idea - I can create TWO Jack's Basket quilts from one Jelly Roll Twist and use the extra blocks ib the backs. Thanks!!!

  8. You are a sweetie to jump right in and make a baby quilt specifically for Paul to give. Such a hardship to have to make another quilt, LOL

  9. As always, your post was delightful to read first thing in the morning! Really helps to set the pace and the mood for the day! Great job jumping in there and making a brand new quilt just for baby Ryan. It may be simple, but it’s beautiful!

  10. I'm quilting a rainbow scrap quilt for my daughter's third birthday. I started making it as an experiment, with no intended recipient, and since my daughter asks every time I'm sewing if I'm making something for her, I thought I would offer her the rainbow quilt, and she's really happy about it! :)

    My husband will be taking a quilt to one of his co-workers for their upcoming baby soon too!

  11. Hi Pretti,
    That was an argument?!! You were just given permission to a) go buy some new fabrics specifically for a baby boy quilt, and b) have some creative fun. That sounds like a win-win all the way around. Oh, and those cheeks - so very, very kissable. I'm glad to hear/see that baby is doing well, and that Paul lived through his quilt request. ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. An argument hmmm ours don't sound anything like that. lol I love the quilt!

  13. I think it was more a negotiation, maybe? At any rate, I think you both came away with a win! That baby quilt is so cute, and the burp cloths and basket make the gift even sweeter!

  14. I love the way you tell your stories! I feel like I'm sitting in the room with you! Adorable quilt and some sweet gifts to boot. Paul sure is lucky ;)

  15. I can't decide if I like the quilt or the story better ☺ Awesome conversation. And awesome quilt.

  16. Once again, I'm awed (but never surprised) by your writing, kindness, creativity and skill.

  17. If that is what you call an argument :) (Or you whitewashed it for blogland)... You are so sweet again. Such a generous soul! I thinkk the other quilt might have worked too, but I get your more baby like version. It fits very well! xo

  18. This is just hilarious! Something like this could happen in our house. And the quilt is just darling, too. :D

  19. You tell the best stories about your quilts! That looks like the perfect quilt for a baby boy - I love the colors you used and the backing, too.

  20. Sounds like some of the conversations that happen in my household! Love both your the quilts - lucky babies!

  21. What a darling baby quilt for a precious baby boy! I am so impressed by you ability to design and create something so perfect, so quickly! Also, big boys (husbands) can be so silly!

  22. I really like your stitch choice for the quilting. The quilt is beautiful. I sure it will be loved for a long time.

  23. This post is filled with sweetness. The quilt is lovely - that backing fabric is so cute! And that baby..... oh my gosh what a round, chubby face. :-)

  24. I think you were right to make a new quilt, although the one Paul liked is great too. I love that he wanted to see the back! I also love the monkeys and lions on the alphabet backing fabric of the new one!

  25. It's worthwhile when DH appreciates our work... and when the baby is so adorable. Lovely quilt just for him. Congratulations. You are the best.

  26. Lovely end result. This is a gorgeous gift.

  27. You totally make my day... I love how you just get it all together and that quilt is awesome ( just like you - but Paul beat us to the punch)

  28. I love reading your blog. Your quilt stories are the best. Such a great baby quilt and accompanying gifts. As always, a lovely post!

  29. Last quilt was a teacher quilt and the current quilt is for the baby of an architect. My son in law thinks the quilt should be of a famous building in Mexico city and so it begins. I have drawn the building to baby quilt scale, purchased 1o different fabrics for shaded and unshaded areas. Currently the pattern is taped to the dining room table which has glass inserts so I can trace the pattern to the fabrica few weeks and it will be a quilt.

  30. Not only do I love seeing the wonderful quilts you make but I do enjoy the Paul Stories and his amazing survival skills....or should I say your restraint.

  31. Such a sweet quilt. I love it and reading all you have to share.

  32. What a cute post! and a cute quilt!!! <3

  33. Perfect quilt and backing for a new baby boy! I agree about those cheeks, they are cute!