Monday, September 17, 2018


Meet Aurora. She is my entry to this year's Bloggers Quilt Festival.

Aurora - Finished at 80" by 96"

The story of this quilt follows below.

We work in the same company but in two different offices. Her bridal shower was at 3:00 PM. 

I was busy trying to wrap up work for a meeting on Monday. I got there just after 5:00 PM.
The party was over and people had returned to their cubes.  Some had already left for the weekend. There was still some leftover cake in the office kitchen.
I congratulated the bride-to-be and gave her the little gift I had put together - something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Me: When is the wedding?
Bride to be (BTB): In two weeks.
Me: Wow!!!
BTB: It is all happening so quickly.
Me: I understand.
BTB: We feel so rushed.
Me: You know, Paul and I got married in a hurry. His parents were visiting for his graduation and we decided to save them a trip. We were married by the justice of peace at Paul's friend's house. With just eight guests, it was a very small ceremony.
BTB: Oh so you understand.
Me: Don't worry about the wedding. The marriage is more important. 
BTB: Would you like to come to the wedding?
Me (speechless for a moment): We'd be honored.
BTB: I will send you the invitation. Make sure you get some cake on the way out.
Me: We will be there.
BTB: Make sure you get some cake on the way out.
Me: Oh yes. In fact, I am taking a piece for Paul as well.

10" squares

Back at home, I told Paul about the wedding invitation.
Me: I want to make a quilt.  
Paul: Do you have enough time to make a wedding quilt? 
Me: Not sure.
Paul: You can give one of the many quilts that you already have.
Me: I have only one queen-size quilt - Esmeralda. I cannot part with her. 
Paul: Why not give one of the other quilts?
Me: Fire Pit is twin size. Most everything else is lap size. Cannot give a lap size quilt to newly weds.
Paul (eyes twinkling): So you want to give them a baby-maker? 
Me: Yes.
Paul: What if you start but cannot finish it in time for the wedding?
Me: In that case, I will give it to her when I finish it.

(Paul was making reference to the movie Proposal, wherein Betty White gives the quilt, she calls baby-maker, to the couple played by Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

Selecting fabrics

Work in Progress


I had a Kate Spain Layer Cake - Latitude.  But I did not like all the squares in the layer cake.  So I cut up some fat quarters.
I chose turquoise, blue, green, orange and pink, trying to match the colors in the layer cake but picking out brighter fabrics.

The fact that Monday was a holiday, resulting in a long weekend, was an absolute godsend.
My nose to the machine (cutting mat, ruler, cutter) I ignored everything (and everyone) else.

Numbered Blocks

I numbered every block. I was scared that any mistake would cost me dearly.

Finished Flimsy

The flimsy was finished. I took it out for a few pictures.

Looking good

Big Blocks

I chose Carrie Bloomston's newspaper print for the backing. I used black strips for binding. The black would match the piecing, frame the quilt and would be speedy too. 

Basting the beast

The large blocks ensured a speedy finish.  The quilting of a queen size quilt is a whole another matter. As I quilted long wavy lines using my walking foot, I had began to think of a name. Little did I know that I had started speaking aloud.

Walking foot quilting

Me: I love how the bright batiks glow against the black solids but cannot call it Midnight Garden. Already taken.


Wide backing by Windham Fabrics
Paul: Call it Afterglow.
Me: What???
Paul: It is a wedding quilt. Afterglow is fitting.
Me: You sound snappy. Are you feeling neglected?
Paul: Maybe. I could use some afterglow myself.

Black Binding


Brightness = Happiness

I had been ignoring him.  I must spend some quality time with Paul.


Me: What is that phenomenon called when the night sky lights up?
Paul: Meteor Shower?
Me: No. You have to go to one of those Scandinavian countries to see it.
Paul: Northern Lights?
Me: Yes, I think. Doesn't it have a more scientific name?
Paul: Aurora Borealis.
Me: AURORA. Yes, that it is.

You are my sunshine
The wedding was beautiful. The bride glowed and the groom was handsome and confident. No nervousness, just excitement and smiles.

At the wedding

I am glad that Paul and I could be there for the celebration.  We wish them all the love and happiness.

Love & Happiness to the new couple

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I'd love to hear from you, as always.


  1. Beautiful quilt! I'm sure the happy couple will enjoy it for years.

  2. Hi Preeti! Oh, I love that movie - the Alaska scenes are just fabulous, and I wish I could live in that house for a bit. Your quilt is just a fabulous finish to share today and on the quilt festival. I'll bet the newlyweds are just thrilled with your thoughtfulness and creativity. The backing fabric is one of my favorites. Just beautiful. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Another most excellent post - I love the way you share your processes (physical and mental). Perfect quilt for the newlyweds.

  4. What a wonderful quilt and a wonderful story. I, too, have performed this sort of short-deadline quilting and know how everything else can be so easily neglected. But the feeling of accomplishment and the joy of having that quilt to give on time is worth it. At least in my book...the hubby may have other thoughts...

  5. You are a good storyteller and I always like reading your process with your quilts. Naming a quilt isn’t my skill, but sure is yours. It’s beautiful.

  6. It is another lovely quilt. You were very clever to use the window pane idea with the 10" squares! I am sure the newlyweds will cherish this gift.

  7. What a sweet story! And a beautiful quilt. How many 9-patches total did you make? That was a great idea on how to make an attractive quilt in a short time.

  8. What a nice design! Thanks for the story -- and more thanks for the link to the BQ Festival! I have entered. :)

  9. What a pretty quilt, and what a lucky couple. I am sure they were completely surprised and thrilled by your generosity.

  10. AND I should have written, beautiful quilt!

  11. OMG that is a wonderful quilt! I'm sure they will love it. I so enjoy your humor in your blog.

  12. Gorgeous quilt! You have a wonderful way of telling a story, I loved reading your post.

  13. Beautiful quilt and such a good story. I'm impressed you got the quilt done so quickly!

  14. What a great story of the quilt and the couple! I feel as if I were there with you as you were making the quilt. My husband and I knew each other 3 months before he asked me to marry him. We got married one month later with mostly family there and I have a small family. One brother lives in town and didn't even come to the wedding. The ladies who put the reception together at the church didn't go receptions for so few a guests. They asked my mother if I would mind if they came and sat in the back of the church during the ceremony because they would be so obvious. I never saw them. That marriage last 23 1/2 years. We've been divorced 20 years. In the past three weeks, he had two seizures, messed up his pelvis horribly and had two have two major surgeries to repair the pelvis and redo the hip replacement that had alredy been done. Our son told me that his dad said I could come see him anytime. I spent a lot of time the three weeks that he was in the hospital with him. I didn't want to have any regrets. Now he is in rehab and is hinting for me to come see him again. So, I don't know what our relationship is. I knew that we would always have intense feelings for each other. I still don't know why he divorced me. I've grown greatly in that time, too. Blessings to you and the new couple, too.

  15. What a terrific story! Afterglow is the perfect name for it -- I love the rich jewel tones in your piece. Your husband is a hoot!!! :)

  16. love the mondrian look and the jewel tones.It is a striking quilt

  17. Great story of a great quilt. I love that you got it done so quickly. Beautiful. I bet the BTB was very surprised at the quilty gift.

  18. As always, you write the most interesting blog posts, you have a very interesting fabric stash, you pick striking patterns, and you quilt with so much love. This is a gorgeous quilt. I love the front and back.

  19. Beautifully done, Preeti! Your quilt is lovely and the newlyweds are very lucky to have you as a friend!!! Thanks for sharing your story and the quilt's evolution.

  20. I saw your post in my inbox and thought, Oh good! Preeti's blog! I can't wait to read it." and I wasn't disappointed. I love your stories behind your quilts. I know you blessed this couple beyond measure, not only be sharing in their day but with this lovely quilt. You and Paul look so cute together (he's a keeper for sure). But Preeti -- you can come to northern Minnesota and see Northern Lights OR you could go visit Sandra because I'll bet she's had them too! :-D

  21. Aurora is the city I live in now. I used to watch the Aurora Borealis in Canada. We would start yelling when they started, and all drag our lawn chairs out to watch the show. Neighbors together in beauty. Wrapped up in warm coats or blankets, watching the sky dance. Beautiful memory.

  22. Such a simple pattern makes such a beautiful quilt! Love the quilt and the story!

  23. Wow! a queen size quilt in 2 weeks, and it's beautiful! My hat's off to you! What a cool story!

  24. I remember the reference to baby-maker! What a fun story you shared! I learned something new...D9P with layercake and lattice is so clever! Beautifully done!

  25. Another wonderful post, delightful to read. Quilts with a story are my favorite! This one is a beauty! Well done!

  26. The quilt it gorgeous, and the story... so much fun! Almost as much fun as is predicted by the quilt's name. We'll all be waiting to hear if it really is a baby maker.

  27. Very pretty! And wow, you did that one fast. Hope the happy couple really enjoy it.

  28. Very pretty! Such a happy quilt, perfect for newlyweds. Love the backing, too. You know you don't have to go to Scandinavia to see the northern lights, right? Make a trip to Maine or Minnesota sometime in February. Plus, you and Paul always have the most interesting conversations!

  29. What a great quilt! Love that it has a Rumi quote on the back. Excellent!

  30. Beautifil quilt, you got it done so quickly. Hope hubby is happier now 😆😆

  31. Unbelievable! such a beautiful quilt in such a short time. I am sure the bride and groom will cherish forever. I am always encouraged by those of you who tackle that quilting on a domestic machine. I must keep trying.

  32. Preeti, "your" quilt is so beautiful. What a wonderful gift. Love the idea with the black strips in between. Pulls it together nicely. Lovely modern look. Congrats on yet another great finish! :) xo

  33. “Disappearing” quilts always fascinate me. They also confuse me, so I’ve never tried one. I keep studying them to figure out what the beginning was. So I really appreciate how you’ve shown each step and explained the dimensions. The black lattice adds so much definition to the design, and I really like how the pattern worked with the extra large blocks. Your stories (as there are at least two here) are, as always, so sweet. And I love how you arrived at the name Aurora. When I was a kid my mom had a beaded necklace that had iridescent colors. She called them her Aurora Borealis beads. The colors were just as in your quilt. Best wishes for the happy couple and your continuing romance with Paul.

  34. can never go wrong with batiks...the more the merrier...really lovely!

  35. Throughly enjoyed the journey with you here, made me smile often and the colours Ohhhhhhh yes the colours are glorious. Cheers Glenda

  36. Neat quilt! Loved the dialogue between you and your husband, too! :)

  37. Wow Preeti the quilt you made for the happy couple is stunning,what beautiful work you do ,well done xx

  38. Beautiful quilt and such a thoughtful gift. They are sure to love this. I am making a wedding quilt using the same pattern but my squares are 6.5" and it's all wine themed. right now the fabrics are all packed in a project bag awaiting their turn.

  39. You are an amazing quilt magician, conjuring up an entire Queen size quilt from start to finish in only two weeks! I have to agonize for at least two weeks before I can bring myself to cut into the fabric! Aurora is beautiful, perfect name, and as usual your eye for color and value sends a simple pattern over the top and makes the finished quilt so very special. Using jelly roll strips for a quick binding is genius. And I had forgotten all about the magical "baby maker" quilt in that movie! Oh my word -- you need to put a warning with that link. Pretty sure coffee shot out of my nose onto my computer keyboard, I laughed so hard!!

  40. Wow, what a great gift. Very pretty

  41. I love it!!! And the babymaker reference - I made my husband watch that with me - and he laughed over that! It is a beautiful Quilt Preeti - and you are so good to your friends!!

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  43. Wonderful story! I love that you added in the black; it provides a lovely contrast and the whole quilt is beautiful - very clever work!

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  45. Best wishes to the bride and groom. And congratulations on making such a great quilt for their wedding. I hope it will always remind them of this joyous day.

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  47. I have made a D9P with ten inch blocks before. But I love how yours turned out even more. This is gorgeous and glows. You are so generous. (And speedy).

  48. I love your quilt and I know the bride and groom did too. What a generous person you are!

  49. you are both looking well! I love how a quilt can be a baby maker. I have never heard of that. Mind you, I my days of baby maker quilts are over!

  50. Such a pretty quilt! Preeti you are probably the most generous quilter I know. The bride and groom will love this quilt. I really enjoyed the story and cannot quite believe how quickly you put this together. Just quilting it would take me that long. It is gorgeous. (I loved the baby maker reference. That was such a cute movie)