Sunday, March 14, 2021

Island Batik March Challenge - Scrapbuster

The March 2021 Island Batik Challenge is to make a Scrapbuster Quilt.  

Being a new ambassador I do not have a lot of Island Batik fabrics.

Me: How do I make a scrapbuster without scraps?
Paul: You have no scraps?
Me: How do I make an Island Batik scrapbuster quilt without Island Batik scraps?
Paul: Did you not get a big box of fabric?
Me: Well, yes, I did. However, some of that fabric has been used in previous projects and some is earmarked for later projects. Whatever is left is a bit limiting.
Paul: So what did you do?
Me: I had to think outside the proverbial box. 
Paul: And what did that entail?
Me: I begged, borrowed and bartered.
Paul: Not steal? I am relieved.

I have a FINISH!!!

Meet "Beg, Borrow and Barter" - My response to the Island Batik Scrapbuster Challenge.  I bartered with Claudia, borrowed from Bernie and begged Emily to build the perfect scrappy stash of varied Island Batik fabrics to make this quilt.

Beauty in my Bed :-D

I had a specific pattern in mind but the size would depend upon the amount of scraps I could gather.




Thanks to my generous friends, I had enough to make a large quilt.  I used Hobbs Cotton Batting. It quilts beautifully.

I used Schmetz Microtex Needle 70/12 for piecing and Schmetz Needle 90/14 for quilting and binding.
"Beg, Borrow and Barter" finished at 72" by 84".  

In the Breeze :-)

It is so bright that the fire hydrant pales in comparison :-p

I love Island Batik

Island Batik has such rich and saturated colors - they are a joy to work with.  I am in love with this bright and spicy finish. The binding is Yolk.

Speaking of binding, it is amazing how much my binding has improved after 150+ quilts :-D

Binding Detail

Scrappy Yumminess

Ready to Snuggle

A joyful celebration!

Color = Happiness :-)

One last look!

Once a quilt is completed, it is time to tidy up. Put away the fabric scraps. Put away the batting bits. Find the errant pins under the sewing machine. Sweep the floor. Vacuum the carpet (or ask Paul to do it) etc. You know - the usual...unless there is a squirrel lurking in there somewhere.  

Chasing Squirrels

Oh Design Wall - what would I do without you?

As I was putting away the scraps, I noticed some odd shaped triangles of a very pretty fabric. What if?
And I forgot about cleaning and started playing. 

What else was I supposed to do when it was bitterly cold and frozen outside?

Playing with Scraps

I had already completed my challenge quilt so there was no need to make another.  But but but that bright fabric was so tantalizing to just set aside. So here we are...

Zany Triangles

These triangles are zany, Paul proclaimed.  I rest my case.
"Zany Triangles" finished at 39" by 42".  

So much fun!!!

As much as I love "Beg, Borrow & Barter" I am tickled by "Zany Triangles" because it was just so much fun to play with random scraps and a totally unexpected finish!!!  It is my Dreami (drop everything and make it) for March 2021.

Quilting Detail

I quilted gently waving lines using my walking foot. It took me just one afternoon to complete the quilting and I am loving the texture. 

Texture :-D

Paul: So you did not have enough scraps and you made two scrappy quilts?
Me: I am magical...
Paul (huge eye roll): Uh Huh
Me: It is the magic of the scraps...they multiplied :-D

Oh but wait there is more.  Even the scraps have leftovers, which I dutifully turned into a boxed bottom zippered pouch.

Zippered Pouch

Neon Zipper, Purple Tab

Bursting with Color!!!

Disclosure: The fabrics and needles used in making this project were generously supplied by the following companies:

Paul: It is cold outside.  
Me: OK, I will stay indoors and play with fabric.
Paul: It is very windy outside. 
Me: I know. I will stay home and sew.
Paul: It is rainy outside. 
Me: I should stay home and quilt.
Paul: Babe, it is a beautiful day outside.  
Me: Oh perfect, you can help me with quilt pictures.
Paul: BRAT!!!

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?  I'd love to hear.  I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties and Sandra's Dreami. See full list on the sidebar. 


  1. I love your Beg, Borrow and Barter quilt and the story behind it! Friends are the best! Lovely colors, lovely binding ;)
    Thank you for teaching me a new English word, "zany" means "loufoque" in French and I love this quilt name too!
    Pretty pouch, you are magical indeed ;))

  2. I think the first scrap quilt is very "you". In pattern style, quilting and also in the community aspect of "begging, borrowing and bartering". And it is a great, fun quilt! But I think "Zany Triangles" is such a fun, modern approach - I will give this one my top 1 ;) xo

    PS: Weather here is currently really annoying. Grey, very windy and almost always rainy. Bähhh. So hoping the sun will come back soon!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to answer your question: it's this time of the year where the weather is a little bit disturbed, we call it "giboulées" (\ʒi.bu.le\): it's raining, the next minute the sun is shinning, ten minutes later snow is falling, and then start again and repeat!

  4. The first quilt is awesome and can't help but love the name! Zany is pure fun! There is an added excitement when using scraps or leftovers, especially when the end results come out like this one did!

  5. I love that you called friends to help with the scrappy quilt challenge! (Though I will admit, my first thought was "scrappy so early in the ambassador cycle?") But this just shows how generous quilters are - I would have shared, too, if I had any of the scraps you needed! The quilts, though, are really the stars. The zany triangles really do not seem to be made from scraps at all, but a planned project and I love that, since I struggle with things needing to be matchy-matchy. And a bonus pouch is awesome! Weather here? Well one day it is sunny and 70, the next it might snow. Spring is always a mixed bag, but I can tell you we all (hubby, cats and myself) ALL enjoy the sunny, warmer days this time of year!

  6. I love your quilts, and your story. So fun.

  7. Love, love, LOVE your quilt magic, Preeti!!! Did you ever say what pattern you used for that first quilt? I'm glad you took the time to play with those scraps. SEW many wonderful projects!

  8. Two fun scrappy quilts from one pile. Not much better, other than you finished both all the way to the binding.

  9. It is always a delight to read your blog, and see your lovely scrap quilts! I love how you used up your scraps right away. Much better than filing them away and cleaning!

  10. Wonderful scrappy projects, but Beg, Borrow and Barter is really beautiful. Love that layout especially. Great job!

  11. WOW! You are crazy or enjoying your sewing and avoiding the March weather. Our weather here is not much different than yours....generally a bit colder, but the sun is out longer and soon it really will be spring and wool can be abandoned.

  12. Hahaha - I love that the sunny days are for quilt photos! The triangle Dreami came out great and I love your Main Scrappy Project of Borrowed and Bartered Bits, too!

  13. Hi Preeti! You are definitely an overachiever. It's so sweet that your friends helped you out with IB stash . . . but truly, what would you do if you were asked?! You'd do the exact same thing. Those triangles are fabulous! Beg and Borrow looks fab on your bed but Zany Triangles - there is just something eye catching and sparkly about it. It's YOU. Love it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. Beg, Borrow, and Barter is a wonderful quilt, Preeti! I like the block design, and you made it bed-sized, too - wowie! Your triangle quilt and pouch made from the scraps of your scrappy quilt are a great bonus, too. We are having a blizzard here in Colorado - 20+ inches of snow have fallen today. Hope it will move on soon!

  15. Love both quilts, especially the Zany Triangles - such fun! I like all the different angles and sizes. And you made them all fit together! And I wish my bindings looked like yours. I've made a lot of quilts but my bindings always ripple and wave. Not sure what I'm doing wrong! You will have to give me a tutorial!

  16. Scraps are contagious! I love all of your projects but especially the Zany one. Great job Preeti!

    Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  17. You, and Paul, should be proud and tickled with both! I love Island Batiks also, and your blog as well!

  18. Wow! I show 3 blocks - and you show 3 completed projects. LOL! I love Beg, Borrow, or Steal! Zany Triangles is so much fun. And your pouch is really cute!



  19. Zany is the best! Most scrappy for the challenge! Since it was made from scraps it think it is the winner.

  20. 3 quilts! Wowza! I have IB scraps - wish I would've known, I'd have sent them to you!

  21. The quilts are beautiful. Question for you - ALL I have to do is make 150 quilts to get to that stage where my sewn on binding is as lovely as yours?

  22. Love your quilts! They are really scrappy!!!!

  23. it is beautiful! yes being a new ambassador you would not have a lot of scraps and when you have to use it for certain projects in the future you can't just start to cut pieces off of everyone that you have. You managed though and it and the others that you show turned out great!!

  24. All three projects are FABULOUS! And, once again thanks for the chuckle.... Paul (as presented by you) a hoot!

  25. Not only are quilty friends creative but they love to share as well. Beg, Borrow and Barter is lovely, but Zany Triangles is fantastic. I have to stop reading blogs. I keep getting too many new ideas. Weather here is sunny, but cold and yesterday very windy.

  26. You are so inventive! What a fun way to come up with the scraps you needed. I’m still scratching my head a bit over how one borrows scraps, though. I think maybe I know, but could you explain? I love how far those scraps went, with all those lovely projects. Our weather is a mixed bag right now (maybe scrappy.) We’ve had some beautiful springlike days that melted all the snow, then sunny but chilly (got to go on a hike with some of our Grands!), today was cold and gray with predictions of snow, but next week maybe high 60s. So typical Michigan for this time of year.

  27. Two stunning quilts Preeti, you are so clever! Love the zipper pouch too, great ideas for scraps. Good to hear you were able to beg borrow and barter!! I had a giggle over your conversations with Paul. Today it is about 19deg C sunny with a little breeze, the trees are starting to get their autumn colour and there are several boats out fishing. Very pleasant day here.

  28. Oh my! I love Beg, Borrow and Barter! What an elegant and simple pattern that just stones with those bright colors! You are so creative to use the leftovers for another quilt and the leftover leftovers (hehe) for a pouch. That is an awesome pouch, too!!

  29. You are so productive! And all three projects are just beautiful. I love the design on both of the quilts and the bag, too! What is the weather like here? Probably a lot like your weather today. It's cold with rain and ice. You are a little north of me, so maybe you have snow. A good day for quilting.

  30. The first scrap quilt is adorable but your triangles are fantastic. I need to try that myself. What fun to figure how to fit them together. Congrats.

  31. Amazing, Preeti!!! Especially since I know that you don't have a ton of scraps!!! TWO quilts! lovely!!! And your little zipper pouch is SEW cute!
    Happy Quilting! :-)

  32. Three great scrap projects!! I love that design for your first quilt. And the background fabric. And the binding fabric. Those zany triangles!!!💗💗💗

  33. I love the bright colors of your scrappy quilts, especially the first one. The colors really pop against that lovely background. I've heard of scraps multiplying but you're right this is magic!
    Beautiful sunshine, 70ish degrees and a light breeze. Louisiana weather at its finest!

  34. What beautiful projects! I love Beg, Borrow, Barter! Lots of bright beautiful color! Looks like you had a lot of fun with triangles and what a fun pouch--love the neon zipper!

  35. Beautiful quilts - but I think my favorite is - you didn't have enough scraps, and now you made two quilts... Yep!! you are magic!

  36. love the zany triangles! I come to your blog regularly for your quilts - and your conversations with Paul.

  37. Well done on being creative to get the fabric you needed. All three projects turned out great. Well done.

  38. Lovely quilt! And your bonus projects are too cute. Yep, scraps do keep multiplying. I had scraps I could have sent if I'd known...oh well. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss and welcome!

  39. LOVE this simple design! Gorgeous quilt. Glad you were able to come up with enough fabrics to make it sparkle.

  40. Love your quilts and your little bag! Is there a pattern for your first quilt using the two different squares/rectangles? Where can I buy the pattern? If not, can you please give me the sizes of your pieces? Thank you so much!

  41. Isn't it amazing how "scrap" quilts are so special? Like dinner made from leftovers - never able to repeat exactly. You can never repeat serendipity! Love your binding! I do it that way too as I only make picnic/floor/dog quilts that will have rough use. All gorgeous! Thanks for sharing

  42. I was surprised to read you asked for scraps when Island Batik sends SO MUCH fabric but you churned out two beauties and another pretty pouch. :-) Thanks for linking up with DrEAMi!

  43. Two terrific quilts! I love how 'Zany' came to be. And, I am remembering that some day soon, you will help me with my zipper problem so I can make some cute bags too!

  44. Beautiful and I am always happy to share scraps. There is always more than enough!!!