Sunday, June 5, 2022

May and June

May's car is parked in June's driveway.

It is May's mess that has led to June's stress. I am not thrilled about it but the sad truth is this - unless we move May's car out of June's driveway, June cannot go anywhere or do anything. 

Angela said that May RSC colors were Sage and Forest Green. With all that was happening in May (international travel, recovering from international travel, catching up with work due to travel, Covid, recovering from Covid, nursing Paul as he recovered from Covid, the Positivity QAL set up and launch, not to mention the devastating news), there was absolutely NO way May could look at Forest Green. 

You know how she feels about Forest Green

But we must. Choosing to add light/bright (happy) greens to sage/forest (bitter) greens was the only way to move ahead. 

All the greens - springy and stinky

And here we are. Nine Improv blocks completed!

May's RSC blocks completed!

All the greens are done. May's car is out of June's driveway. Logjam cleared. 

Phew!!! Done

May is taking a rest and June is heaving a sigh of relief. Although June's work list is very long, we can at least begin now.

Paul: So what is happening in June?
Me: I am so glad you asked.

The Island Batik Challenge and Blog Hop featuring the New York Beauty begins June 6.  Check the link for a gorgeous giveaway.

I will be sharing my completed quilt on June 21, 2022. I got the collection Winter Sky, designed by Kathy Engle, coming soon to a store near you.

I must make some progress on my Positivity 2022 Quilt. So far I have picked out the fabrics. Not started cutting yet. 

Whimsical Wings - an older collection from Island Batik

Green and Purple

I will be using a white background. 

Angela has announced that June is dark blue for RSC. I have picked out my fabrics. Hope we can prevent another spillover.

Dark Blue Scraps for June RSC

I have completed a quilt. That post is next.

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties, including Angela's. See full list on the sidebar. 

Did May misbehave with you too? Do tell. If not, what do you expect from June? She will be hot (unless you live in Australia, where she is supercool), but no seriously, what does your June look like?


  1. I'm sorry to hear you and Paul caught COVID. I hope you are both recovered and feeling much better. Sounds like you have a busy but fun June planned.

  2. Your green improv blocks are beautiful, Preeti! I like all the greens mixed together. Looking forward to seeing your NY Beauty in those pretty blues! Hope you and Paul are both over the Covid crud - I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

  3. Oh dear, Covid! So pleased you are both recovered and I do hope it didn't hit you too hard. I believe it can affect each person quite differently, some get much more severe reactions than others.

  4. so sorry to hear you both got covid and I'm pretty sure you have said you are vaccinated and boosted so I hope it was mild cases for both you and Paul. I will certainly follow the NYB it is on my list again to make one day - have made one years ago

  5. May sure did deal you an unfairly stacked deck. I hope your bout with covid was mild, but know even that can knock you for a loop way longer than anyone would wish for. (Oh how I miss the 3-day cold coronaviruses!) I hope June treats you better - you sure look poised to do a lot of quilty "damage" and here's to hoping all goes to plan.

  6. Oh my, that was a lot! We both got covid, too, right after I came home from hospital/rehab. NO fun! Your greens look fabulous and I loved the two IB collections you will be working with. Lets hope June takes control. April is parked in June's doorway at my house and keeping me from doing any sewing. I can't wait and really hope to get back to the sewing studio after a new walking boot for my broken ankle. I decided to skip the RSC months I didn't get to and move on from there!

  7. Yep, May was a super busy month. I think the first half of June is going to continue that busy-ness. I'm hoping for a reprieve during the second half. Love Winter Sky -- fresh and cool looking. Hope June is nicer to you!

  8. Bring on a new month with new challenges. I'm looking forward to seeing your IB NYB quilt too. Love that fabric you've used.

  9. Your solution to the green logjam is lovely. And I find that many of us are feeling the need to inject the dull and dark greens with a kiss of the bright and light springy greens.

  10. Ha, May was a total mess over here too. But... I have finally 80% stored away and get to enjoy my sewing machine again. Wohoo! I hope that I will get a lot of fun and necessary sewing done in June. Today start two weeks of stay at home vacation ;) PS: Hope you and Paul are back to normal! Squishy hug xo

  11. PS: The only green I have a lot of is lime green. So I can totally get your adding some lighter greens in. Great job I'd say ;)

  12. May was busy, busy, and June looks to be the same. I am saying 'no' to any and all requests for a while, just to catch up!

  13. Nice assortment of May blocks, Preeti!!! May was a tough month here, too. My May blocks moved into June, also. Then I got right to work on June blocks, while I was in the mode.

  14. Glad you are both recovering, but it would have been better if you hadn't caught it. I think my DH had it while we were in AZ, he tested negative but had all the symptons. Onto a better month for June. Your green blocks are very pretty all nestled together.

  15. I like the sentiments and metaphor, Preeti. I'm sorry you got Covid and glad you're better. The quilt block you made me lives on the refrigerator, where it makes me smile every day.

  16. That cruddy COVID sure does take a toll. Thankfully you, Paul, and my house have recovered ... never to come back I hope! My June looks busy with quilting a couple of quilt tops (hopefully) and keeping weeds under control in the gardens (again, hopefully). Have a great week!

  17. I chuckled as I read your comment on Mari's H2H summary post about your words being limited because you are not a native speaker. I think you always get your point across very well and often in very humorous
    language. Sorry you both caught Covid. I think we are all destined to get it sometime, hopefully a mild case, without nasty side effects.

  18. Glad you got the May car out of the way ;-) and yes - May derailed me too, but I'm almost back on track..... LOVE the fabrics you chose for Positivity!!! That will be amazing!! Rest up and relax!

  19. Hi,
    Beautiful green blocks. I'm making birdhouses for the RSC challenge. I've go June pinned, just have to sew it down. Have a great day!

  20. Lovely blocks! I appreciate the struggle of working with colors that are not your favorite, but you did it! Kudos. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  21. Great analogy of moving the car out of the driveway. Looks like you did far more than move it. You took it for spin.