Sunday, November 13, 2022

"Creative" Christmas Stockings

 The Island Batik Ambassadors challenge for November 2022 is Creative Christmas Stockings.

Me: What is the purpose of Christmas stockings?
Paul: Not to keep your feet warm...
Me: Just a decorative item, then?
Paul: Mostly.
Me: You know how much I hate "decorative stuff". Just another dust collector, in my opinion.

Paul: Well, some people may actually use it for stuffing Christmas presents.
Me: Hmm... I thought about that.
Paul: And?
Me: Only small presents...
Paul (mischievously): Like dollar bills?
Me (realistically): And gift cards.
Paul: Yup, those can be placed inside a stocking.
Me: Small boxes of jewelry too.
Paul (having an aha moment): I see.
Me: I couldn't put your tool box in a stocking.
Paul (eyes as large as saucers): You are getting me a toolbox?
Me (mildly exasperated): No, Paul. I would get you a gift card so that you can buy tools of your choice. I have no idea what tools you want. Seriously!
Paul: Oh babe, you are the best.

Me: Besides a heavy item in the stocking would rip off the hook/loop/hanging ribbon.
Paul (eyes twinkling): Simply, place heavy items under the tree and place light items in the stocking.
Me: NO, NO, NO. That is too much stuff to buy and wrap and open and discard paper. 
Paul: So what do you suggest?

I told him my suggestion but he forbade me from putting it on the blog. 
That man is so easily scandalized ;-D 

Improv Piecing and Appliqué

Paul: This isn't a stocking.
Me: Excellent powers of observation, my love!
Paul (ignoring my jab): Weren't you required to make a stocking?
Me: I was required to make a "Creative" Stocking
Paul: This is creative, alright.
Me: And nods to the Stocking theme
Paul (incredulous): It is a zippered pouch
Me: It can still hold gift cards and small boxes of jewelry, can be hung over the fireplace in true Christmas tradition and can still be used long after the stockings are put away.
Paul: That is a win win win.
Me: I know, but it is so much better when you say it.
Paul: So who gets this one?
Me: I was thinking we could give it to Mom when we see her at Thanksgiving.
Paul: Cool. Wait, what about Dad?
Me: I made one for him too.

Paul: Oh nice.
Me: Which one do you like?
Paul: Generally, I like the blues but this one is busy. The brown one because it says JOY.
Me: I have a feeling that mom will want dad's.
Paul: We will let them fight over it.

Creative Christmas Stockings (Front)

Zippered Pouches (Back)

Paul: Wait, so you didn't keep any for us?
Me: I made us something even better.

Meet my Stocking Ornaments!

Front of the Stocking Ornaments

Angels on the Back!

A tutorial to make these cute stocking ornaments is coming! Here are all my Creative Christmas Stockings, partying together before the zippered pouches fly south for the winter.

Stockings on Parade!

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.

The supplies used in making these projects were generously provided by Island BatikHobbs BattingSchmetz Needles, and Aurifil Thread.

Granny Long Legs Digital Quilt Pattern - The giveaway winners are Deb(#13) and Diana K. (#43). Emails have been sent.  

The 25% sale ends in a few hours!


  1. You definitely got creative with the stockings! Love those rainbow ornaments, very cute.

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  6. I love the creativeness you showed in making your stockings. Making something that is useful is always a win. I also think they will be fought over.

  7. I love your creative stockings and look forward to your tutorial for the sweet ornaments.

    1. That was Kathleen McCormick...blogger hates me on safari!

  8. LOL!! You are SEW creative, Preeti! I can't imagine what size those stocking ornaments turned out.

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  10. Oh how cute! I love the idea of zippered stocking pouches. I suppose you know that Christmas stockings are supposed to have originated from way back when everyone wore woolen stockings and they got wet with snow, and were hung from fireplace mantles overnight so they would dry from the fire as it burned itself out overnight? And supposedly "Santa" left oranges and other treats in the children's drying socks on Christmas Eve. It's a weird, anachronistic tradition and the commercial "stockings" we decorate with today really don't look anything like socks at all. I have tried to phase out the stocking thing in my house but there was a MUTINY against me!! Now I am DYING to know, what was your scandalous idea that was too risqué for the blog post???

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