Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Gertie is Naughty

The Island Batik April Challenge is to make a Soft Toy.  

This challenge is generously sponsored by Pauline McArthur of Funky Friends Factory.

Since I had Island Batik (gecko is their logo) on my mind, I chose to make Gertie, the Gecko.  

The instructions are well-written. Video guidance for newbie toy makers is available at the Funky Friends Factory blog.

The pattern

I used bright yellow and bright blue from Island Batik Foundations. Schmetz 90/14 needle worked well. 

The Body

The hind legs

The Flat Gecko - Ready to Fill

One Paw at a time

Is she moulting?

I used Polyfill to stuff the toy. It was tricky to fill the curvy tail.  Made a quick run to the local sewing store to get yellow buttons. They are a bit larger than I wanted...but they will do.

As soon as I was done making the eyes, Gertie began exploring her new surroundings.  From the cutting mat, she leapt on to the design wall and then on to the couch.

The newborn Gertie

Climbing the design wall

On the Couch, with Paul

Of course, Paul was taking a nap, his favorite quilt (The Invisible Sun) close by.  But he was happy to pet Gertie and she seemed to be happy on his belly. I totally get it. If I was a gecko, I would be very happy there :-)

Aah to be Paul's pet :-)

But she did not stay there for too long. Last week, I had to attend a conference out of town. As I stepped out, I saw Gertie on the front path, dressed up in a snazzy yellow ribbon around her neck. 

All dressed up???

What are you up to missy, I asked. She looked at me with her big googly eyes, imploring me to take her with me.  When I ordered her to get back inside, she jumped on to the car's windshield. 

Gertie is ready to travel

I decided she needed an outing and so she came with me to the conference in Philadelphia. I stayed at the Marriott in downtown Philly. My room was on the 17th floor.

View - looking outside

View - looking inside

Gertie happily occupied the second bed in my room. But in the morning she was up bright and early. I found her on my keyboard - naughty as ever.

Well, good morning to you too!

For now, Gertie is exhausted from her travels and is taking a nap. Should she try any new antics, you can read about them here. 

I had a great time at the conference, meeting colleagues and learning about new developments in Passenger Rail.  The carpet at the Marriott was so beautiful that I took several pictures.

Gorgeous Chandeliers

Orange Peel?

Quilty Inspiration

Happy Me Selfie

April is pink, said Angela. As soon as I returned, I dived into pinks. 

Medium Pinks

Light Pinks

Dark Pinks

I am sure this will be fun, as soon as I can find some order out of this chaos.  Will be sharing with Angela's RSC 2022 Linky Party

I also completed a quilt. Unfortunately, I can show only so much. The pattern will be published in July 2022. But here is a sneak peek.

A new finish - sneak peek!!!

But I can show you the Island Batik Celestials 10" Square Pack I acquired recently.

What have you been up to? Did you go somewhere, make something or just acquired new stuff? Do share.

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar. 


  1. Gertie is adorable! You’d better keep an eye on her, because the gecko from Geico Insurance may well come calling. Btw, I *LOVE* your hair! xo

  2. Seeing Gertie on your keyboard really helped me understand her size a bit better. Looks like she was a good travel companion. Have fun with the pink!

  3. A cute and entertaining make! It looks like it was a god thing that Gertie was there to keep you out of mischief on your travels :-) Have fun with the pinks!

  4. Gertie is certainly mischievous! I think she knows how cute she is and that she can get away with it! :-)

  5. looks like Gertie sure got around! cute little thing. Did you get your haircut? looks good!!

  6. I am sure she had lots of fun on her outing with you. And I love your new haircut :) xo

  7. Gertie looks like the perfect travel companion! I hope to hear more adventures of Gertie and Preeti soon!

  8. I love reading of Gertie's exploits! She's very cute, and seems to be a great nap companion.

  9. Gertie is so cute - and adamant to travel with you!!!

  10. I think Gertie is adorable, and the perfect traveling companion! Hotel carpets are always good for quilting inspiration. Love seeing your beautiful pink scraps, too!

  11. Love Gertie! I hope she goes on many adventures!

  12. I'm in North Carolina, sitting on the deck. It's 78 degrees, but by Saturday it will be back in the 40's. Went to the Biltmore estate yesterday and two quilt stores today where I showed enormous restraint. Gertie is a cutie.

  13. That Gertie sure gets around and is adorable.

  14. I was in MD for Grandson #2's sprinkle. So glad to be home. In between catching up, I've had that needle flying again. Love Gertie! I actually have the hedgehog in my sights. Need to think about sewing her up!

  15. I was somewhere, on a little quilting retreat with my bee buddies. I love Gertie and so glad you were able to bring him to Philly. It will be fun to see what you are sneak previewing soon. Off to a little local show, no quilts, classes and vendors tomorrow so I am really behind on reading my blogs!

  16. What a cute stuffed animal you made! Gertie sure has character! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  17. Softies are tricky, IMHO! Gertie is amazing! I wonder what the room attendant at the hotel thought? Or did she hitchhike in your bag to the conference itself? Gertie is a cutie! We haven’t been anywhere, but had overnight company. So nearly as good! Just playing with pinks so far!

  18. That little stuffed toy is adorable, and the buttons were a cute addition. I've been to Minneapolis in the past month, and my hotel room view was pretty similar to yours from Philly.

  19. Looks like Gertie had lots of fun in the town of my birth. Can’t wait to see what you do with your lovely pinks!

  20. SEW glad to see that you and Gertie enjoyed the business trip! Kudos for diving into your PINK scraps upon your return, Preeti. Shame on you for making us wait for your latest pattern!

  21. Sweet and cute Gertie, following you where you go ;)) I'm sure she would have loved this wonderful carpet too. Lovely pink fabrics, have fun sewing RSC blocks!
    Thank you for sharing such joyful post, and linking up ;)

  22. Gertie is so cute and quite the busy little gecko!