Monday, April 10, 2023

Vicky and the Zips

The Island Batik challenge for April is Crazy Quilts with Aurifil Threads.  

The Zippered Pouches - in progress

The challenge is to show off the thread from the Color Builder set in a Crazy Quilt! Try out different block combinations and layouts and experiment with decorative stitches and embroidery to highlight the tread you received.

I received the Frangipani Color Builder from Aurifil Threads.

To ensure that these threads/embroidery/stitches showed well on the fabric, I decided to use Island Batik solids.  Since I also wanted to make a modern interpretation of Crazy Quilts, the solids were a perfect choice.

I also tested various decorative stitches on a piece of scrap fabric. I kept a list of stitches that would look good, the ones to avoid and what modifications to make, if any.

I was at a loss for a name so I asked Mari, what should I name my Crazy Quilt. Mari suggested that I name the quilt, Victoria, because Crazy Quilts are from the Victorian era. Since my crazy quilt is a modern version, I have named her Vicky. Let's meet Vicky.

Vicky likes to play outdoors

Vicky likes to embellish

Although I started with the three threads in the Frangipani Color Builder set, I soon added in other threads in colors like Orange and Purple, all Aurifil, of course.

Binding with Zigzag Stitch

A black binding on a black background with a black thread is blinding. So I used a zigzag stitch to secure it in place. That way I don't have to strain my eyes to make sure that the needle hits the fabric in the 1/32" width.  This is a relief for my eyes and goes so much faster. 

Labelled - Vicky is mine

I used Island Batik Solid Light Gray for backing.  Used Hobbs Thermore batting. Quilted with my walking foot.  Can you see the zig-zag stitching on the label? I used 80/12 Schmetz Microtex Needle for both piecing and quilting.

Vicky is bright

Vicki is ready to party :-)

Vicky finished at 38" square and I am very happy with her but...
But there is more.  Meet the Zips.

Two Zippered Pouches

They are the Zips :-)

So what do you think of Vicky and the Zips? I think they rock. But I am dying to know your thoughts.


The winners of the Celebrate etc. charm pack giveaway are #25 and #33. That is TerryK and MissPat. Emails have been sent. 

In RSC news, I have completed my Purple blocks for April. Here they are.

Reddish Purple

True Purple

Bluish Purple

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties (see full list on the sidebar), including Angela's RSC Linky.


  1. Hmm. Have you been watching Daisy and the Six? :-) Vicky and the Zips - I love the name and the quilt and the zips definitely rock! I'm going to remember that tip about the zig zag with dark binding - thanks!

  2. Are Vicky and the Zips anything like Benny and the Jets? :) It turned out lovely, bright, and happy, just like its creator. And the zipper pouches are a really nice way to use up the scraps, too. How do you get your binding so flat??

  3. Vicky is so bright and happy, and I really love the zips. I would have struggled with this challenge with only a straight stitch machine (but I digress). I like how the zig zag stitch to hold down the binding looks on the back and ties it all in with the other embroidery elements.

  4. I love the combo of improv and crazy quilt-who knew a crazy quilt could look so modern? You've given me all sorts of ideas, just when out door home improvement season starts!

  5. Vicky and the Zips are SEW cheerful and you PURPLE blocks for the RSC turned out great, too!

  6. Interesting modern take on a crazy quilt. I like the different sewing machine stitches you put on the fabrics. To think our ancestors did these stitches by hand, most have taken them forever to make a crazy quilt. The zips are nice and colorful, and look very useful.

  7. Vicky is gorgeous!!! I love her - and her crazy stitches!!!

  8. I'm thinking Vicky & the Zips are friends with Fancy Nancy (children's books). I would have been intimidated! On a drab day, Vicky is just what I needed.

  9. You ROCK! Can I put a tail and ears on her? I see dogs everywhere! Did you need to loosen the thread tension? This is a wonderful quilt! Thanks

  10. Hi Preeti! Vicky and the Zips sound like a new fun band that we should all listen to. I have to agree with you - black binding on black fabric with black thread is blinding. These old eyes have issues with that. You resolved the issue so nicely with the zig zag stitch. It works perfectly for sewing down your binding and label. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Great idea and excecution in making the crazy quilt design more modern! xo

  12. Love Vicky! Your threads are really showing off! And of course you have a couple of matching pouches. The Zips are perfect.

  13. Thoroughly modern Vicky is perfect. Love the fun stitches and the addition of the colored thread. That binding stitch looks perfect, will keep that in mind for a fun look. The zips are adorable and this grouping is just plain fun!

  14. I love the way you have made crazy quilting so modern! The improv piecing and the decorative stitches work together beautifully. Your RSC blocks are great too!

  15. Love your modern response to the challenge! So creative. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  16. Vicky is bold and bright! You definitely hit your goals with that project. Your purple RSC blocks are really fun. Purple is such a fun color to stitch with.

  17. These are adorable, Preeti!! Vicky and the Zips is a great name for them! And now that reminds of Elton John's Benny and the Jets! LOL LOL I do love your modern design for Vicky!

  18. I love your modern interpretation of crazy quilting! Actually as I'm thinking of it now, Victorian crazy quilters were actually the first "improv piecers" and way ahead of their time. I love how your crazy quilted section is floating against all of that black background space, too. Side note: when I worked at Victoria's Secret many many years ago, my coworkers and I jokingly called our workplace "Tricky Vicky's" and that's what I thought of when I saw your name for your quilt.

  19. Love Vicky and Zips. You did a great job of modernizing the crazy quilt! Your color choices are always so good!

  20. Vicky and the Zips do rock! I love the fun bright crazy blocks and all the embellishments that you added. And you can never go wrong with zipper pouches! I've never been interested in crazy quilting, but Vicky and the Zips are making me rethink that!

  21. They definitely do rock!! Vicky is such a beauty, and I'm going to steal your idea about the black binding stitches ;) I wasn't disappointed, you did made pouches with the leftovers ;))
    Thank you so much for sharing and linking up!

  22. Vicky is definitely way more fun than Victoria! I’m like several other readers, I began to sing Bennie and the Jets. Gotta love Sir Elton. I’m surely dating myself, but you have turned the old classic up a notch and made a modern Crazy Wild Vicky! Love the zips!

  23. Vicky made me drool all over my keyboard! What a beauty!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  24. I love the modern spin that you put on crazy quilting and your zips - who doesn't need an extra zip or too. Very nice!