Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Everything, Everywhere, All in One Month

Paul's mom, Krissy passed away on Sunday, February 5, 2024.  

Picture from Paul's graduation in 2007

We went to Georgia for her memorial service. It was a solemn occasion but I could not be sad for long since I was being enveloped in so many hugs from all the relatives and cousins, some I had never met before and some I think I had met once that Christmas.

Lots of Hugs

Paul kept it together and he looked so handsome. 

Love you so much!

Paul spoke at the service mentioning how his mom was a rebel and rarely followed rules. Krissy was feisty and resourceful. Although she did not finish school, she was smart enough to read a library book on accounting and apply for a job. That she lied on her application was but a small technicality. Taking care of two boys as a single and working mom, she did not have a lot of options.

At the church

We drove home and settled into our routines, making sure that we check on Paul's dad more often than ever before. Paul is doing fine, I think.

I was scheduled to present at the Waterford Quilt Guild on Valentine's Day. In the frenzy of preparation (trying to compress 11 years of quilting journey into one 90-minute presentation), I realized that I did not get a card for Paul. 

Me: Did you get me a card for Valentine's Day?
Paul: I will.
Me: But you don't have it yet?
Paul: Correct.
Me: Is it acceptable if we don't exchange cards this year?
Paul (suspiciously): Why?

I told him the truth. 

Paul: I will accept that you don't have a card.
Me: PHEW!!!
Paul: But you can write me a Haiku.
Me: A Haiku?
Paul: Yes.
Me: I can do that.

Across seventeen Valentines
My cold heart and my cold feet
Warmed by your loving touch

Then it was Quiltcon time. I was (still am) frantically working on two quilts for publication and I considered canceling this trip but I had already paid for hotel accommodations in Raleigh and convinced myself that it would be a welcome break with friends and loads of inspiration. 

Quiltcon 2024 in Raleigh

Mari and I drove together. I met Leah and saw Emily. We got together for dinner on Friday evening. We three Island Batik ambassadors chatted about forthcoming projects, ideas and fabrics.

With Leah and Emily

On Saturday morning, we met Jennifer and posed with our ByAnnie bags. ByAnnie is an industry partner with Island Batik and we love her patterns.

Jennifer and Emily

We love our ByAnnie Bags

I saw Vasudha (forgot to take pictures) and chatted about design and deadlines.  Yes, I took several quilt pictures but you can find most of them on Instagram, winners and rejects and everything in between. I did not have a finished quilt, so there wasn't a photoshoot. But Raleigh offers some picturesque backdrops that would be ideal for quilty pictures.

The Capital in Raleigh

The Acorn

Somewhere in the middle of it all, I managed to complete my RSC blocks for February, thanks to receiving some reds from Connie. Although I have a lot of Island Batik reds, I needed just a few more to make eight blocks.

Island Batik reds

Connie sent some :-)

Making Hexies

I will be sharing with Angela's Linky Party, this Saturday.  We will be in March by then!!!  Holy Cow and Thank Goodness!

Red Blocks for RSC February

And four more

I hope I can catch my breath in March. Two new quilt patterns are coming. Yes, there will be giveaways too, so watch this space.

On March 6, 2024, I will be releasing a new pattern - Rainbow Parade, along with a mini blog hop. My dear quilter friends, Cathy, Bonnie, Frederique and Diptee, generously tested the pattern and will be sharing their versions. 

How do I stay sane
Through deadlines, trips, blocks and more
Miracle truly

I hope you will forgive me my Haiku phase, or blame it on Paul. 

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.


  1. My condolences on the loss of your MIL. She sounds like she was a strong person. I'm excited to see your new pattern next week. Wow - what fun that Quiltcon must have been. It's always interesting to see the faces of the people behind some of the blogs and patterns I enjoy.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that your MIL passed away. I am glad Paul has you to walk with him through that. What fun to see the photos of you and friends at QuiltCon! All those smiles!

  3. So very sorry to hear of your MIL's passing. Give Paul a hug from me. It was fun to see my Island Batik friends at QuiltCon. Looks like you had fun! Love your RSC blocks. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  4. sad that your mother in law passed away but good you went to Quilt Con I'm sure it was needed after stress of a death. Nice to get with your friends.

  5. I'm very sorry to hear about your MIL. Sending Paul, you, and everyone who cared for her my love and condolences. I'm glad you took the time to go to QuiltCon (I'm sorry to have missed saying hello in person!); it sounds like you had a lot of great connections and conversations.

  6. No one would judge you if you just took to your bed! Your Paul is so lucky to have you as support, the loss of a Mother is a singular pain.
    Take care.

  7. quiltcon...never heard of anything except comicon LOL You were busy. I wish I was a good enough quilter to be a batik ambassador.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about Paul's mom, Preeti. She sounds like an amazing person. Glad you did get to go to Quilt Con and meet up with friends. You did have quite a month!

  9. QuiltCon was great! Sorry I didn't see your face in the crowds! Sorry about your MIL.

  10. You have had so much going on Preeti! I am sorry to hear about Paul's mother and send my condolences to both of you.
    Thank you for the fun pictures of your experience at QuiltCon!! May you have much smoother days in March!

  11. So very sorry about the death of Krissy. Such sweet pictures to remember a woman who did her own way. The pics of you at quilt con are fabulous - so many smiles - makes me happy.

  12. You are such a powerful woman with powerful thoughts! Thank you for such kind words. So nice to finally meet you. I really enjoy seeing your beautiful creations

  13. What a whirlwind your February was, Preeti! I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Looking forward to your upcoming pattern releases. I'm sad that I was at QuiltCon a day early and missed being in ones of your photos from the event. Looks like you had a lovely time!

  14. I'm sorry for your and Paul's loss, Preeti. Your MIL sounds as though she was a wonderful woman. Glad you took time to go to QuiltCon -- I so missed being there and I've enjoyed all the photos people have posted.

  15. Hi Preeti
    Charlotta here. For some reason I cannot sign in as anything other than anonymous 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m so sorry about the death of Paul’s mother. In the pix she doesn’t look very old at all. But I’m happy that it’s given me a chance finally to see what Paul looks like other than behind a quilt. Especially since he’s been so important in my meeting you. LOL
    I’m also very happy that you didn’t cancel your trip to QuiltCon because I really enjoyed running into you there. It was one of the highlights of my time in Raleigh. I’m only sorry we didn’t make a picture together, but I never think of doing that because I’m terrible at selfies.
    I hope to see you again somewhere and meanwhile I’ll continue to enjoy seeing what you make and reading about your adventures with your sweet Paul. Hugs, Charlotta

  16. I'm so sorry about Paul's mom. Hugs to you both. Your trip to QuiltCon looks like loads of fun (from photos here and over on Insta). Maybe one of these years ill brave it and go? Most of my quilty friends aren't modern quilters (or appreciate them), and a few aren't as mobile as a trip like that would require, but at least I got to see lots of the quilts in photos.

  17. So many emotions in one month! You seem to have weathered them well. I hope your quilts got finished and that you have recovered from Quiltcon! <3

  18. So sorry for the loss of your MIL. Looks like you had a wonderful time at QuiltCon and got to meet up with lots of sewing buddies. Good luck with all your upcoming deadlines!

  19. I'm very sad for your loss, losing someone so close is tough. I love your words about Paul's Mom, and I'm glad that you were both so well looked after.
    The hectic life is good, and quilting helps you heal faster, I love our Annie's bag, and these moments with friends are precious! Pretty RSC blocks, and I'm so very happy to be part of your work as a tester. I hope I'm up to the task!
    Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs

  20. I am so sorry about Pauls loss - hug him for me.
    And wow - you have been everywhere man - haha! Looks like you had an amazing time at QuiltCon - and how lovely to meet so many people!!

  21. So sorry for your and especially Paul's loss. Sending you both lots of love and strength. Glad you could nonetheless enjoy QuiltCon. May it help in these tough times. xo

  22. What a time for you. I enjoyed your visit to Quilt Con. Paul's mom must have been a formidable lady. Thanks for sharing about her life. And, no forgiveness needed for the haiku. I think it is eloquent. Hope March is a bit easier... my quilt is ready for pictures.... hopefully the weather will assist me.

  23. Oh my! Life can be so bittersweet simultaneously. Such a heartwarming post about the love of family and friendship. It touched my heart.

  24. Hi Preeti, I'm so sorry for the loss of Paul's mom - I hope Paul is well. Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks. Good luck with all of your quilts - you can do it :-)

  25. So very sorry to hear about Paul's mom. It sounds like she was such an awesome person. Looking forward to seeing your new pattern! Thanks for sharing with Monday Musings!

  26. So sorry to hear about the loss of Paul's mom. It sounds like she was amazing. And then Quilt Con, time to heal and reconnect. Nice.