Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pencil Me In

It is "Back to School" time, my friend at work mentioned.  She asked me if I'd make a pencil case for her daughter.

One Pencil

Two Pencils

All Pencils


 The pencil points are on one side of the bag but the pencils continue to wrap around the bag.

Wrap Around Pencils

After I had pieced the pencils, I used the guidance from my Craftsy class by Joan Hawley to complete this pencil bag.

Did you see the grab tab?

Honestly, piecing the pesky pencils took way longer than actually putting together the bag - interfacing, lining, zipper and all.

Loving it!!!

I received many oohs and aahs from my co-workers. I have not received any more requests for making pencil cases.  That is just perfect because I need to furiously work towards completing my August OMG.

Unless there are other distractions.
That brings me to the Honey Pot Bee - Blended Scraps Block.

These are the fabrics I chose to make the block. Ideally, they should go from lightest tot he darkest. Ideally, the darkness should increase gradually from on to the other.


If you are thinking - she is agonizing over this, you are absolutely correct.
Look at the lightest fabric on the right (picture above).  In my opinion it needs to be lighter. But anything lighter would look beige or cream and it still needs to read as yellow, just lighter.

So I chose to use the fabric from the wrong side. I am sure someone else has already done that before me, but I still feel triumphant. What do you think?

See picture below.

Yellows and Beige-Browns
I admit, I am copying Molli's block, but then I am a follower. That is what followers do!!!

Cut up
OMG!!! I am in love with this block. This Blended Scraps saga is not over.  Watch this space.


For now, I must get back to the August OMG. I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties.

What has been distracting you?  Please tell me I am not alone.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Chaos and Order

Clay's quilt was well-received. He promptly put it on his bed, took a picture and sent it to me with a thank you note. I was so gratified!!!

Clay's Quilt

And then, the next day, I received a separate card from his wife plus a gorgeous silver necklace that she made for me.

Jewelry + Me = Happiness

My expression says it all.


So, what else is going on, you may ask.

There were 31 snowball blocks in Clay's quilt. This means there are 31 times 4 = 124 HSTs, tempting me to make something with them.

Bonus HSTs

Working on Clay's quilt, I realized that I have very little purple in my stash. Had to correct that problem.


In doing so, a couple of other fabrics just jumped into my cart.

What is a girl to do? I lovingly adopted them all.

I was so focused on achieving the July OMG, that the Honey Pot bee blocks had fallen behind. Now, I jumped into it with gusto.

Cute Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms

The mushroom block was super-fun and so cute. I made two of those.  I also made the tree blocks from a few months ago.

Christmas Trees

This lattice block was a little more complicated. But it still turned out fine.

Urban Woven

There are four more bee blocks to make and one is paper-pieced. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.


I do have a goal for August but I do not want to share pictures as yet.  It is a twin-bed size quilt for a boy. Here is the backing and the binding. The blocks are in the process.

Backing & Binding for August OMG

And speaking of wide backing, I bought another one, since Connecting Threads is having a sale on wide backings - 25% off.

Wide Backing from Connecting Threads

As you can see I have plenty of chaos to sort through, projects to organize, fabrics to choose, and a post (or two) to write.

If order comes from chaos, then I am half way there.

So what shall I focus on? The boy quilt, the leftover HSTs, the bee blocks or something else.  What represents chaos for you? Do let me know. I will be connecting with all my linky parties.

This blogpost contains affiliate links