Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pencil Me In

It is "Back to School" time, my friend at work mentioned.  She asked me if I'd make a pencil case for her daughter.

One Pencil

Two Pencils

All Pencils


 The pencil points are on one side of the bag but the pencils continue to wrap around the bag.

Wrap Around Pencils

After I had pieced the pencils, I used the guidance from my Craftsy class by Joan Hawley to complete this pencil bag.

Did you see the grab tab?

Honestly, piecing the pesky pencils took way longer than actually putting together the bag - interfacing, lining, zipper and all.

Loving it!!!

I received many oohs and aahs from my co-workers. I have not received any more requests for making pencil cases.  That is just perfect because I need to furiously work towards completing my August OMG.

Unless there are other distractions.
That brings me to the Honey Pot Bee - Blended Scraps Block.

These are the fabrics I chose to make the block. Ideally, they should go from lightest tot he darkest. Ideally, the darkness should increase gradually from on to the other.


If you are thinking - she is agonizing over this, you are absolutely correct.
Look at the lightest fabric on the right (picture above).  In my opinion it needs to be lighter. But anything lighter would look beige or cream and it still needs to read as yellow, just lighter.

So I chose to use the fabric from the wrong side. I am sure someone else has already done that before me, but I still feel triumphant. What do you think?

See picture below.

Yellows and Beige-Browns
I admit, I am copying Molli's block, but then I am a follower. That is what followers do!!!

Cut up
OMG!!! I am in love with this block. This Blended Scraps saga is not over.  Watch this space.


For now, I must get back to the August OMG. I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties.

What has been distracting you?  Please tell me I am not alone.

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  1. Great work, Preeti! Your seam matching is terrific.

  2. That is the coolest pencil case I have ever seen! I'm sure it will be well loved and used.

  3. The pencil case is perfect! I love how you wrapped them around to the other side. I'm sure she will be the envy of every kid in her class! Well done Preeti! As for being a follower...we all are to some extent! Unless we go crazy rouge once in a while!

  4. First of all, you are such fun! LOVE the pencil case. I'm impressed with how you just used the wrong side of the fabric to meet the goal. Smart. I like this block also. mary in Az

  5. You are definitely not alone! (Right now I am distracted by the linky parties.) I like how you wrapped those pencils around the bag, even if it was fiddly. Just wait until that girl shows off the bag at school. You may be inundated with requests. I like your blended block. I'm a fan of using the back side of fabric, especially in landscape quilts. It's getting a little harder to do, as so many modern prints seem to be solid on the back.

  6. The pencil pouch looks very sweet and will for sure be a treasure. And turning that fabric to the left side - inspired.

    BTW I have no idea how you get that much sewing done ?! Have fun with the next August goal xo

  7. What a lovely friend you are, the pencil case is great and the best thing is no one else will have one anywhere near similar, its unique. Lovely block too, I have used the back of a fabric, on an appliqué block for a twisted ribbon, perfect.

  8. I absolutely love the pencil case you made! It's so cute with the pencils wrapping around to the back. I love the combination of cute and useful!

  9. That pencil case is the CUTEST!! And as for following, hey! If it ain't broke, why fix it? If something already looks spectacular, why would you need to try and do it differently. I am a firm believer in following . . . unashamedly. :)

  10. I love you pencil case, so clever, and your scrappy block looks very promising.. I get distracted by so many things, from social media to a blackbird in the garden! You are not alone!

  11. Adorable pencil case, I want to see the backside. Did it have all erasers with those gold prints? Fun projects!

  12. Love that pencil case! Did you draft your own 'pencil' pattern?

    1. Draft is a fancy word. Scrawl/scribble was more like it :-)

  13. Hi Pretti,
    I can see why you got so many oohs and ahhs over the pencil bag - it is fabulous. Why aren't more people asking you for that?! I would. I love your block, too. The blended strips block looks perfect - cannot wait to see where you go with it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. Wow - Your friend had to be stunned at that pencil case - amazing!!

  15. This is one very cool pencil case, the colors are so perfect. I would have had a hard time letting this one go so kudos to you for making it for your friend and gifting it. I would want one for myself.

  16. Prettiest, honey, your pencil case is just perfect! You took her literally! Love it!

  17. I am so far behind in the honey bee, it is as if I never started. I do like your pencil case, lucky lucky pencil case owner.

  18. Yes, one very cool pencil case! And I love your blended scraps block, using the wrong side of the fabric works perfectly!

  19. Cool pencil case. I've read that you've paid for both sides of the fabric, so you might as well use it if it works.

  20. Love the pencil case! And I had that exact same fabric you used as lining - took me forever to find no thevright project for it, but I made a fantastic ch heating pad cover, zipper & all

  21. Brilliant! Pencil blocks on a pencil case! Love it!

  22. Love the pencil case! Yellow has about the narrowest range. Your solution was perfect. I did one and was lucky to,find a bright light yellow. Red has the same problem, becomes pink or maroon. The block is a winner for sure.

  23. Do I detect another DrEAMi! coming on? Oh Preeti I LOVE that pencil case! You did a beautiful job. :-) Did you do paper-piecing for those sharp points?!

  24. Such a cute pencil pouch. You did great making it. The yellows blend well too.

  25. I am with all of the others Preeti - fantastic work with the pencil case. That would be a really cute mini as well. I love your skill - the points are perfect.

    I have not yet used the back side of a fabric but have seen many quilters do this with success. I think Janine did something like this recently. Works quite well for you here.

  26. That is some pencil case. Excellent job!

  27. The pencil case is really cool! You did a beautiful job on that one. I like your yellow and browns, the color graduation really works. Good luck on your OMG. I'm behind on mine too, so you are not alone in that.

  28. What a darling little pencil case, Preeti! All those little pieces. No thanks. I love your color choices for the honey block.

    You're never alone, Preeti. I'm currently distracted by my dil's Silhouette Cameo which found a spot in my studio. Goodness knows how long it will be there, so I've decided to try to put it to use. Let's see how that goes!