Sunday, June 1, 2014

It was my first time...

...and it was a terrific experience.

I met Jennifer only last week and we bonded instantly.
It is my first and I am so excited, I told her.
She gave me a big smile and we decided that we would do it together.

On Saturday morning, I wore my pretty dress and arrived at her house at 9:30 and she took me to my very first Quilt Show!!!

Quilters Unlimited of Northern VirginiaVirginia is composed of 11 chapters including Annandale, Arlington, Burke, Centerville, Fairfax, Haymarket, McLean, Mt. Vernon, Reston, Springfield, and Vienna. The following pictures are a small sample of the quilts displayed at the 41st Annual Quilt Show of Quilters Unlimited.

This was the first quilt that made me take out my iPhone. The name of this quilt is Moon Glow. The bonus - I got to meet the quilter :-) 

This was one of the quilts from Reston Chapter's Challenge Quilt. The theme of the challenges was - "My mother always said...". 

The title/explanation that came with this quilt read - My mother used to say - Always wear clean underwear just in case of an accident. The quilter creatively shows an explosion of underwear at the scene of the crash.

The next two pictures are of the quilt that Jennifer made. She chose a difficult pattern with inset seams and then added complexity by placing it on point.

This chilli pattern had me smiling - how playful!!! Because you are so hot!!

Look at the quilt - colorful and playful. But don't miss the little guy who is hanging by a thread - literally!!!! 

This was one of my favorite quilts at the show

Why do I like this quilt so much? Because the pattern, the colors and the paisley fabric all work so well together and more importantly - It reminds me of India!!!

If the quilter was aiming at Perfection, consider this quilt as Mission Accomplished!!!

Fractured Rainbow - it is not just art. It is Patchwork Engineering.

This is the BEST specimen of quilting I have ever seen!!! Enough said.

Wheels of Time - Reminds me of Stone Carved Hindu Temples in India!!!

And then again, I am drawn to the simplicity of this one...

How can you create an intricate pattern with a simple block? It takes GENIUS!!! Another one of Jennifer's Quilts

Maypole Dance by Jennifer!!!

Rail Fence with a Simple Twist

Simple and Stunning. Why do I like simple designs so much?
They are the ones that encourage me and other new (younger) quilters to take up Quilting. Yes, it is simple so you can do it. It is beautiful so you want to make it.

And now we come to the Show-stopper of the Show. This is just my opinion. If I were the judge this quilt would win First Place.

Blue and White - Fractured Log Cabin.
This is the most amazing quilt I have ever seen. Because it is two colors and that is it. It does not rely on any exquisite piecing techniques. The quilting is pretty straightforward too. The only trick here is the color gradation and fabric placement. With just that, the quilter has created such a luminous quilt that it is a Shining Beacon for all Quilters!!!
Block Detail
 Simple Design, Two Colors and the Most Extraordinary Quilt!!!

How can you make fabric look like it is lit from within? This is how...

As this show comes to an end, I want to share just two more of my favorites.
Trucks - So simple Piecing, addition of applique circles and the result is cute and clever!!!

This is the kind of quilts that I want to make - that bring a smile to your face!!!

And lastly, this quilt composed entirely of HSTs. So much thought and work has gone into this. Every triangle in every block was placed with intention and purpose!!! It is not that I don't want to make something so spectacular. I just don't think, I can. It is much too involved and that is why I bow down to the quilter in awe and admiration for their labor of love!!!

Color Wheel in HSTs

Quilting Detail
 Look at the quilting detail - I am speechless.

So how was your first experience of the Quilt Show, I was asked. What can I say when I feel speechless!!! I came back enriched and humbled at the same time. It was like being in the presence of something that is almost Spiritual - I felt so infinitesimally small and yet I felt like I was a part of the Universe.

I have marked my calendar. Same time, same place, next year.


  1. Preeti, I felt the EXACT same way a few months ago when I went to AQS! It is the first year it has ever been in Phoenix. I walked around with my mouth hanging open :O and I might have squealed on one occasion when I saw one of my favorite blogger's quilts!

  2. Ciao eccomi qui! Bellissimi! Grazie a presto Francesca.

  3. I am gaga over so many of these! I could comment on every single one. The talent, the precision, the creatively, the perseverence, the beauty! It transcends words, and to render me short of words is quite the accomplishment. Iwould love to go with you next year.