Sunday, June 8, 2014

My first commission...

Lily's friend's son's wife was expecting a baby girl. The parents-to-be made the announcement with a beautiful photograph. Lily asked me if
1. If I could make her a quilt for the baby shower in June - Yes, of course. I would be happy to do that.
2. If I could incorporate the announcement picture in the quilt - Hmmm, I have never done that. Let me research a bit.

Oh, the colors of the nursery are teal, grey and lilac.
What??? Teal and grey are boyish colors, I thought. But then, I like teal and aqua. And isn't it time we moved away from the strict stereotypes? Yes it is.

Here are the colors I chose for the quilt.
Teal and Aqua

I also discovered Spoonflower. If you are a quilter then you may have already heard about them. If not, I urge you to look them up. You can design and print your own fabric. And there are fabrics created by other designers that will make you swoon. Pricey, yes. But, if you want something specific printed on fabric, Spoonflower is the place to go!!!  Spoonflower transferred/printed the announcement picture to a small swatch of fabric. I added borders to that picture and was ready to incorporate into the quilt.

I suggested to Lily that instead of placing the picture in the center of the quilt, move it to the top left or top right corner of the quilt. That way when the baby is sleeping or playing on the quilt, it can give the appearance that the parents are watching over her. Placing it in the middle would just cover it. Lily agreed.

Backing (Print) and Binding (Lilac)
For privacy reasons, and because I promised Lily (not her real name) I will not share pictures of the finished quilt or the announcement picture. Lily thinks everyone reads my blog ;-D
Well, someday, everyone will. A girl can hope :-)

I showed Lily the first few blocks I made. She loved them. Yes, she was beaming and then she hugged me. As I was putting away the blocks and picking up my bag to leave, she said  - Can I get another hug???

Another hug - Yes, as many as you like. Such a wonderful feeling, that my work can bring someone so much joy...

Yesterday, I gave the completed quilt to Lily. I knew she would be happy. But all the oohs and aahs and hugs and appreciation that this quilt received put me over the moon. Here is the icing on the cake - Lily said "I love this quilt and I love you"

Only if, I could get a fraction of that appreciation in my day job, my life would be complete. I may write a report that is well-received. But the best response would be - "good work" or "nice report".

I like my job and I am not complaining. It is just the stark contrast between the feedback I get from making my living (my job) and the appreciation I get from pursuing my passion (quilting) that is astounding. I cannot pay my mortgage by making quilts. And therefore I will continue with my day job for another 22 years, or so. 22 years and I am looking forward to retiring.
So that I can quilt full-time...

If money was not an object, what would you do?


  1. Retire and quilt and learn some other crafting to see if I would enjoy some other areas like a little bit of painting. I started quilting because I was so intrigued by it and new this was something I could do in retirement. I did not want to get lazy, i wanted to have a plan. Oh to have a life where money is no worries.

  2. Preeti. I forgot to say your quilt sounds beautiful. I am sorry we cannot see it, but its good to hear it was so joyfully received. You do such beautiful work, it is no surprise. That quilt will most surely be loved.

  3. If money was not an object:
    I would sell, pack up and move to the other side of the country - cause we love the other side of the feels like home.... There I'd have a small-ish, well designed house built with a spacious sewing room...... and cut, arrange, sew, sandwich, trim, bind, wash, dry...........quilts.........repeat!!!!