Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paul's Quilt - Week One (Happy Interruption)

Quilt-Making in Theory - Pick a Pattern, Buy the Fabrics, Cut the Fabric, Make the Blocks, More Blocks, Many more Blocks, Piece, Border, Batting, Backing, Quilting, Binding, Label

Paul's Quilt - First Block

Quilt-Making in Reality - Buy the Fabrics, Fight over the Pattern, Cut the Fabric, Make the Blocks, Interruption, Make More Blocks, Distraction, More Blocks, Weekend Trip, More Blocks, Frustration, More Blocks, Boredom...Give yourself a pep talk "Finish it already"...

Once again, Paul and I had a conversation. It went like this:

Me: I have been invited to a birthday. Will you come with me?
Paul: No, babe. I got stuff to do. You should go.
Me: I am not sure.
Paul: Why not?
Me: I don't know them well. And I have not figured out a present either.

That is a lie. A quilt works for every purpose.

Paul: Whose birthday is it?
Me: One year old girl.
Paul: Aww. Why can't you give her one of your quilts?
Me:  I could. But I need to make one. And quickly. The birthday is next week.
Paul: Well then, make a quick quilt.
Me: How can I make anything else? I am still working on the blocks of your quilt.
Paul: Fine, make a quick baby quilt and then come back to my quilt.
Me: Thank you!!! You know I did not want to stop your quilt and work on anything else (mischievous grin)
Paul: Uh Huh. Brat!!!

When Paul calls me a brat, then I know I have achieved my purpose in life!!!

Was I manipulative?
Absolutely Yes.

Did I mind working on the bright happy colors in the middle of the dark blues and blacks?
Absolutely Not.

The Birthday Baby Quilt
I did have to go to a birthday. I chose to make a bright, colorful D9P. Here are the pictures.
Bright Happy Colors

Disappearing Nine Patch

Backing - Birds, Buntings and Alphabet Blocks :-)

Used a Wide Decorative Stitch to Secure the Binding to Quilt Front

Rich Red & Gold Binding adds a Royal Touch!!!

The quilt finished at 42" square. Quilted it about 6.5" apart on my Janome. Since I used Warm & Natural Batting, I can quilt up to 10" apart. Yay!!! This is my 12th quilt in 2014. I hope the baby and her parents like the quilt.

I have several reasons to love this quilt - the bright happy colors, the welcome break it provided from the dark blues/blacks, the super cute backing, and the red and gold binding is really the best part. What do you like the most about this quilt?


  1. Your quilts are always so nice and I can believe how fast you were!

  2. You work so fast! Wow!

    Your "brat" comment was priceless.

    What i like best about this quilt is the circular fabric that gives it a sense of motion. Active, happy quilt for an active happy little one-year-old!

  3. I do not how you do it. Beautiful quilts. You have done so many already this year. Love the binding on the little ones quilt. Keep on quilting.