Saturday, September 6, 2014

Paul's Quilt - Week Two (Weekend Trip)

The quilt block measures 10.5". The finished block will be 10". There are 48 blocks - 24 royal blue and 24 navy blue. The quilt layout will be 6 blocks by 8 blocks to yield a quilt of 60" by 80" minus the borders.

I made 24 blocks and squared them too!!! I even stitched together the half-columns (4 blocks out of 8; the quilt is 6 blocks wide by 8 blocks tall). Here is what my design walls looks like.

How long did it take to make the blocks?
Well...Hmmm. After all the fabric had been cut, carefully arranged for chain piecing, the machine oiled and needle changed, iron hot and ready to took about one hour to make 6 blocks. Squaring them up was extra.

So all I need is 8 hours to make the blocks and some more to square them up. Right?

Because this is when I must go on my long weekend trip to Pennsylvania. I was so torn.
Shall I cancel my trip to work on the quilt?
Or take  the trip to meet a new quilting friend?

I chose the trip :-)

In PA I met Sylvia, a quilting buddy from the M* Forum. Sylvia chose the restaurant for our rendezvous - Plaza Azteca. Fine choice, I must say!!!
With Sylvia at Plaza Azteca in Wyomissing, PA

We had a blast talking quilty stuff, sharing our WIPs, exchanging fabrics and even fabric shopping, in spite of being on a fabric diet!!! I diet only when I am in my home state of Virginia. No dieting on vacation :-p

That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Back home and back to Paul's quilt, I continue making and squaring blocks. 24 more to go...


  1. Wow! It looks great so far! Love the blue batiks! (Makes me want to go shopping for some myself...oi vey! My quilting budget is already exhausted for this year)

    How is it going with the partial seams? Are they a big pain?

  2. Preeti, this quilt is going to be magnificent! LOVE the colors :) Have you heard "When is it going to be done?" yet? I think my husband asks that question just to get a reaction out of me :) Good choice to go for the weekend instead of finishing the quilt, it will be there when you get back and it looks like you had a great time!

  3. As always so beautifully narrated story.
    you play with words preeti.
    love you.

  4. The quilt is really handsome. I won't say "pretty," Preeti, because it's for your man! The contrast of golds and greys makes those blues really dreamy. How fun to meet a fellow quilter, huh? As well we know! And to NOT diet on vacation--food, fabric, or fun--gets my vote every time .

  5. The quilt is looking good! I like that you went with the inset seams. It looks really good like that. Also, the colors are great. What color are you going to use to quilt it?

  6. I think a nice rust color would make a nice quilting color. Have you tried the Mettler Silk finish in cotton 50 wt? Makes great single line quilting...unless you are ready to PLUNGE into FMQ...then I certainly recommend Isacord!