Saturday, December 6, 2014

Just like potato chips...

November went by in a flash. There were trips and Thanksgiving potluck at work. I did so much and accomplished so little. Well, all I accomplished was little things. I did not finish any quilt in November but I have several small finishes to share.

These pillowcases are just like potato chips - you cannot eat make just one.
Remember Jenny's tutorial on making the tube pillowcase? Here is a link to the video tutorial.

I was going to see my sister for a weekend and decided to make pillowcases for the kids. I chose the navy blue Christmas themed fabric for my nephew, Divik and ultra bright floral fabric for my niece, Divya. Also made one for Kavya, their neighbor's kid. Hope Kavya liked her pillowcase. I have not heard a thing.

for Divik
for Divya

for Kavya
When I finished, I felt disappointed. No, not because I did not like the finished product. But because I wanted to make more. And I did... one for Ashni, a dear friend Manveen's daughter.
for Ashni (my favorite)
The kids loved their pillowcases and then I was asked to make cookies and repair a torn bag. I happily made the cookies. I agreed to repair the bag.

If you have not tried this pillowcase, I encourage you to give it a try. It is simple, fast and the results will have you wanting to make more.

On my trip back I met with Sylvia, my quilty friend in Pennsylvania. As usual, we did a show and tell, exchanged scraps and had a good time.

with Sylvia

Mug Rugs
Continuing the theme of potato chips (cannot stop at one), the mug rugs are a lot like potato chips too. I have been on a mug rug spree. I have made a few for my co-workers and friends. Here are some of my favorites.

Hard working MugRug!

I recently took the Craftsy Class - Walking Foot Techniques by Jacquie Gering. The mug rugs are the best places to try out those techniques. 
For Tamara - Small & Simple

Love this Poinsettia fabric on the back
for Leah - White on White Quilting Lines - Very Subtle

for Ted - Gentle Curves & Echo Quilting

for Carol - Echo Quilting with a bit of Oomph!!!

If Jacquie saw these, do you think she will like them? May be I should upload these pictures to my Craftsy project page.

Now, if only I had the patience to do such detailed quilting on a whole quilt...


  1. The pillow cases are adorable! How could the kids not fall in love with them? :)

    Oh my! Your quilting has been kicked up a notch my dear! I have been thinking about taking that class. . . You can do the same on a quilt - you definitely got it!! DO IT :D You'll be glad you did AND you are going to be shocked at how much patience you have!

  2. Did you know about ConKerr Cancer, a charity that distributes donated pillowcases to hospitalized kids? Check out their website. Love your stories & your inspirations.