Sunday, December 14, 2014

My American Dream

November was a slow month for me. I had no quilt finish to share. It is because I was working on (distracted by) many small items. I was working on two quilts simultaneously. As a result, a lot happened but nothing got finished. Sounds like the holidays - running helter-skelter with many loose ends. But then miraculously it all comes together on Christmas Eve!!!

My American Dream

Magical December will have two finishes to make up for Lethargic November. I think it is appropriate - it is finishing (2014) in style or at least with a big ta-da!!! Here is the first finish of December. Meet My American Dream!!!

"My American Dream" started in July with the QST tutorial. I got some AAAHMAZING feedback from you guys!!! It also resulted in a few blocks.

4-patches and QSTs

4 QSTs at once!!!

More QSTs

And some more...

The idea was to use the leftover charm squares, remnants and scraps to develop the tutorial. I had no intentions for the finished blocks. Frankly, I did not think much of the blocks. They were just blah...
I decided to make a charity quilt. That is when the miracle happened...

QSTs pieced and quilted

I pieced the blocks trying to distribute the reds and whites all over, succeeding marginally. I added a light blue skinny border and a wider navy border.  The batting is Warm and Natural. I used a sheet for backing. Yes, it is 100% cotton. I quilted it simply using a wavy stitch - stitch over the ditch method. The blue binding came from leftover wide backing.

Paul, the Model
100% Cotton Sheet for Backing

Red, White & Blue, Some Purple too...

Forgive me for gushing, but I had no idea that all those blah blocks would come together and look so good. It is a very simple block, uses very ordinary fabrics and yet the finished look is so chic and so modern. I am going to have some serious separation anxiety as I part with this baby.

Lights up my Yard...
The quilt uses 54 QST blocks, arranged 6 by 9. The finished quilt measures 41" by 58".
Here is the label, because all quilts must be labelled.

This is my 15th finish of 2014 and I am very happy with it!!! Do you like the quilt name - My American Dream

I had a hard time naming this. I muddled over it so long that I decided to put the label sans the title. Here are some of my initial thoughts - "Independence Day", "Free & Brave", "Star Spangled", "Patriot's Crossing" all based on the quilt colors. I also considered "Crossing Over" and "Coming Together" based on the QST pattern. What would you name it and why? I would love to hear from you!!!


  1. Love it, Preeti. Bright and colorful. I like to look at all the different blocks within blocks that occur with this design. - Sylvia H

  2. Preeti, this quilt is definitely gush worthy!! Beautifully done! I have that tutorial on my list of things to do. . . darn list. Shouldn't it get shorter at some point? It just seems to grow and grow and grow... well you get the idea ;) I think My American Dream is a perfect name! Congratulations on a fabulous finish.

  3. Hi Preeti! Haven't seen you around the blogisphere for a while. Glad to know you are still sewing and finishing something
    I agree with my American Dream as an awesome title. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  4. Well, darn it. I left a comment a few days, or so I thought--a fairly long one about your title being apropos to the quilt. Oh well. You did a beautiful job and I can see how it'd be hard to part with it.