Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Glimpse of Sylvia

Paul's grandma, Sylvia passed away last month.  She lived next door from Paul's parents. I had met her only a few times - once every year since Paul and I have been married. We were not close. Then in 2012, when I discovered sewing/quilting and my mother-in-law (MIL) and Sylvia learned of my new passion, there was a dramatic change.

Vintage Fabrics
"Welcome to the family", my MIL exclaimed. The sewing family, she explained. Immediately, I gained access to the inner circle and was allowed to not only visit the fabric room, I was even allowed to pick fabric from their stash.

Simple Rail Fence Blocks

Sylvia gave me white fabric with red hearts, some red/silver yardage, some pieced strips, and an assortment of vintage scraps from her stash. I was giddy.

My favorite Floral print
Last Thanksgiving, Sylvia was sick and we did not see each other. When I heard of her passing, I felt the need to relive our short time together - the only way I could. I pulled out the pieced strips that I received from her stash. As I cut and pieced, I could not help think - So this is how a grandma's quilt feels - homely and comforting.

Berry Border

The border fabric is also from Sylvia. I just love this color - rich, dark, pink/violet/berry and gorgeous. I am glad it matches the binding so well.

Come snuggle with me!!!

Arranged into a simple rail fence, the blocks finished at 6", the border is 2" and the finished quilt is 40" by 46". I used Warm & Natural batting. Quilting is a simple stitch over the ditch and the dusty rose binding is pieced.

Dusty Rose Pieced Binding

The soft floral backing came from Debbie - a cousin of my father-in-law (FIL). When I met Debbie at Thanksgiving, we talked about sewing and quilting, and then she invited me into her sewing room. Then she generously cut out yardage from this beautiful bolt of floral fabric and gave it to me.

Backing - Inspired by a Painting?

By including Debbie's fabric with Sylvia's fabric, and giving a new lease of life to her fabrics I am hoping that this is more than just a quilt. It is a family's way of celebrating, remembering and cherishing Sylvia's life.

Backing & Binding match!!!

I will give this finished quilt to Paul's dad when I see him next. I hope he can feel Sylvia's love in her fabrics. I have decided to call it "A Glimpse of Sylvia"

A Glimpse of Sylvia

I hope I have done some measure of justice to Sylvia's fabrics and able to capture her memory.


  1. A very lovely gesture, Preeti. The quilt is snuggable and made with fond memories. Who could ask for more!

  2. Preeti, your story reminded me of my MIL, who too is now gone, but never forgotten! Wonderful story and sentiment and makes my heart smile, sometimes the simplest things carry the greatest wealth and value. Beautifully done on all counts.

  3. Such a touching story. Making things in remembrance of loved ones is so therapeutic. I have a few of my SIL's quilt tops I will finish for her boys when the time is right. And your family quilt turned out beautifully.

  4. what a beautiful memory quilt. Thanks for linking up. ;)

  5. I am so sorry for your loss, and Paul's. What a treasure to have been welcomed in by the women of the family via your favorite hobby and theirs. The vintage fabrics really do look and feel homey. I'm sure Paul's dad will feel honored and comforted every time he sees "A Glimpse of Sylvia." You are so thoughtful.

  6. Preeti,I think you did Sylvia's fabrics proud! What a wonderful memory quilt for your FIL!

  7. Preeti such a touching post in several ways. Meeting halfway in the quilting room. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  8. A very beautiful quilt and such a touching tribute to someone very special. I am sure Paul will cherish this fine gift!

  9. This one is the cup of tea, with china from the china cabinet, of your quilts. Very grandmotherly indeed! This may become an heirloom...

  10. What a wonderful way to remember someone important. I bet Sylvia would have loved it.

  11. Such a lovely quilt, and a wonderful tribute to Sylvia! Whoop whoop!!

  12. What a sweet quilt and story. Thank you for sharing.
    I'm so sorry to hear of her passing.