Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Whispering Window

It is tax season. Gathering the documents, filling out the forms, checking and rechecking, and finally filing the return killed two precious weekends. No sewing, no quilting, and absolutely no blogging happened.

Original Scraps

Taxes are now done and that is a relief. I am back to quilting and blogging while I wait for the refund!!!It is a tiny amount but it is that unexpected aspect of it that makes it so yummy.
Yes, that is why I do the taxes - so that I can claim the refund. Paul agrees. If I do the taxes, I get to keep the refund!!!

Thinking of the refund as the scraps left over after you've made the quilt, takes out some of the sting associated with taxes. Scraps, like the refund, are a little bit like that unexpected bonus.


A few months ago, I received some scrappy goodness from a quilter friend. I picked out a few of those scraps, added white yardage and arranged the rectangles into a window-pane shape. I wanted all four panes to be different to create some visual interest!


Top Left
Top Right

Bottom Left
Bottom Right

The batting is Warm & Natural. For Backing, I used a pretty purple striped fabric with pops of yellow, red and green that just matched perfectly.

Quilted with my walking foot - straight lines in the white part and slightly curvy in the window portion. I think it conveys the effect of rain falling on the windowpane - rainwater running into rivulets on the glass. The variegated blue thread came from Connecting Threads and I love it.


Rain on the Pane...

Variegated Blue Thread :-)

Quilting Detail

The binding is a lighter/brighter shade of purple. Stitched to the quilt back, brought to the front and stitched in place using my favorite squiggly stitch.
The finished quilt measures 40" by 42". And here is the label...

Few more pictures
Back with Label

Sunny & Rippled

Slanted Angle - just because...

Whispering Window

This quilt was not on my to-do list. I saw the scraps, I asked for them and just played with them. See the result? Well, I am very happy with this little gem of a quilt.  I guess amazing and magical things can happen when we dare to go off the script and live spontaneously.

Do you agree?


  1. Such a sweet finish! I especially love the parallel curved lines in the window section. I also like working on projects that are not scheduled. That is why I stopped doing monthly goals. I am already a finisher, but want to work on whatever I feel like.

  2. I do agree! I love this quilt's colors! The layout of the window panes is a very pretty mix and I very much like how they are not the same. The quilting does add so much to it this time. A really wonderful quilt!

  3. Isn't it fun to work "off-script"? I love the effect of the rain on the window panes that you created with curvy lines.

    I have a good guess as to how you might spend that tax refund!

  4. Isn't it fun to work "off-script"? I love the effect of the rain on the window panes that you created with curvy lines.

    I have a good guess as to how you might spend that tax refund!

  5. Great use of scraps - sometimes you just have to go with the flow. I like your curvy/straight quilting lines, simple but effective. I also really like how you set your label on the diagonal across the bottom corner - haven't seen it done like that before.

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun with those scraps. Your Whispering Windows is such a lovely finish. The quilting really makes it special!

  7. Love your analogy about scraps being like a tax refund! Preeti, Whispering Window is beautiful! The quilting you did is perfect!

  8. Lovely little finish. Good for you for going "off script" as you say to be spontaneous.

  9. the quilting is perfect! Simple and effective, movement is like swaying willow branches through your window panes. You are poetic in your approach Preeti, and it's fun to read about your thoughts as well as see beautiful work. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  10. Preeti, this quilt turned out amazing! I feel your tax pain. . . We have an accountant do ours but I still have to get all the numbers together and procrastinate to the very end every year! :)